12-12-12 - The Shift of All Ages

Most Beloved Heart,

And so it is that we commune once more to herald the moment we have been waiting for, for the last 26000 years.

It is important that we remain in the strongest bonding of our One Heart, to bring to fruition all that we have created in the last years, all that we have envisioned for our Beloved Earth Mother, Gaia.

The moment is upon us that what has been written in our divine Akashic records, shall come to pass, but not in the expected way.

The Gaia-Dawn Hearts have always known that the predictions of the End Times were not to be feared or believed to be real as we went about our tasks, creating our own reality of a gentle ascension of our planet into a Realm of Light. 

The Gaia-Dawn Family of Light has remained within the core heart, focusing on love and love alone, and has served as a beautiful Generator of light for the entire planet. The far reaching ripples of love have indeed silently pulsed forth to create the most incredible whologram of love around the entire planet.

As you begin this activation, please enter the silence of the moment. Relax into the very inner-sence of your being, The Heart draws you  deeper into the inner most heart recesses and soon the spinning pathways open to infinite inner doors into the New.

As you open inner doors with this activation, the heart becomes a continuum of light, spinning out through myriad pathways through dimensions that open into each other.

You have merged with the Core of your Heart. But now you shall move through once again, to the Core of the Core and discover the limitless, and expanding consciousness that you shall journey upon.

This time is so special as your combined heart love shall vibrate the specific musical and mathematical tones that will synchronize worldwide, so that this new frequency that you generate shall touch a vibrating membrane between the core of this heart that you have known and the next.

As you enter your heart consciousness, you have a sense of your heart turning crystalline seeming as if made of gossamer fibres of light that emit the lustre of the most profound light of the Divine.

As you sense this transformation, you also have a sense of your brain becoming crystalline and made of illuminated threads of light that seem to be emitting the radiance of the most profound light.

There is a magnificent crystalline heart brain  pulse that emanates from the very core of your being, touching the core of every cell in your being.  Your entire body becomes crystalline in form.

Your body begins to transform into greater light and sacred effulgence as the cells begin to raise in energy to match the frequency of your heart and brain.

The Original Sound resonates through your cells and as the numbers of ascension spin through you, the new geometries that you create with your crystal brain and heart shall spin in accelerated frequencies of light, drawing universes of special intelligence through you.

The initiation continues as you are downloading the energetic codes that form the precise combinations you need to assist the planet right now.




The Dimensional Door between this reality and the next is just a membrane with the core of your heart. As your combined light consciousness is activated, you create a new pattern, like a special mantra or a frequency signal that pulses it outwards and inwards with your breath. The pulse contains all the light encodements that you carry within your cells and it is the Gaiadawn Heart Signature of Light that shall open the final door.

As you are ready for the shift, you  observe the movement of your life force through you. Your life force slowly changes its movement through the linear pathways through your body to become spherical and soon they become pulsing vortexes of light in every cell of your body. 

Every heart experiences dimensional shifts as the completion of the old time realities shall overlap with the beginning of the new time realities. This overlapping causes not only the dying of the world of limitation but the birthing of the world of freedom. This overlapping seems to cause the tendency toward extreme struggle to balance with the expectation of the extreme glory of ascension and light so what we have here finally is the alternation of the two, in what appears to be moments of deep pain and moments of great joy, for most individuals who have committed to the light. 

It is time to let that go, Beloved Heart.

It is time to move into the Center of these overlapping circles of human experiences and find the peace within. The result will be a gentle and balanced shift into the New dimension of Love.

From Now until 21-12-2012 a unique window of change remains open and we can sense that the Earth is gently moving through into a New Consciousness.

Let us keep the focus within our core heart and allow the incoming New Light to put in place the necessary encodements and geometries that will facilitate the ultimate experience of a gentle movement into a New Realm of Light..




As we lovingly manifest that our beloved Gaia is safe and ascending with the races of the Earth, we become the first races of the New Earth, complete with a special intelligence and love that shall be an example of how we have chosen ascension and not death.

What shall end shall only be a world of  limitation and lack of love, causing the birthing of a world of freedom and unconditional love.

Silently observe the process of shifting with the planet into the New  Dimension of Love.

Silently Be-come the New Gaia-Dawn Hearts who shall witness the Dawning of Gaia, as the Tides of Change transmute the old paradigms into the New.

Silently Be.. The Gaia-Dawn Heart...