18th September 2007:

18th September 2007 - 9-9-9 Activation - II - ACTIVATING THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL REALMS OF LIGHT

You are now ready to activate the next subtle level of your consciousness which activates the 2nd level of the 9-9-9 portal, spinning off from an open Light Ascension Portal to allow many pathways to spiral towards and into you, bringing into focus the open-ended potential to explore the realms of light.

  • Please relax and take a few deep breaths and allowing your breath to slow down, gently taking you into the inner spaces within your heart where you access the sanctuary of stillness and peace and love. Allow your senses to merge with that silent state, and become that silence.
  • I would like you to now focus on your light body and begin by first activating it with the unity breath.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Gaiadon Light Body Matrix (Inhale)
    Activate at Unconditional Love and Light Frequency (Exhale)
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate 9-9-9 Multi-versal Portal/Pathway of Ascension (Inhale)
    Activate with 144 Multi-Colour Spectrum Frequency (Exhale)
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Temple of Time within the Source (Inhale)
    Activate Time Stargates (Exhale)
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Gaiadon 9-9-9 Matrix (Inhale)
    Activate Higher Dimensional Life Cycles (Exhale)
  • Now you are prepared to pulse open the 9-9-9 gateway further, to allow the multi-dimensional pathways to stream forth into your consciousness, so you can explore the magnificent realms of light that are within your range of experience.
  • As you have succeeded in releasing the possibility of any ending as a finality, you have chosen to flow into the new worlds of love and light as they flow into you.
  • There is one more initiation that you have to complete to fully be conscious of your new journeys.
  • You have the Key. You are the Key.
  • You must know that even if you have activated the 9-9-9 Gateway, you can truly sail into the multiversal pathways with your multiple bodies of light, only if you cross the dimensional gateway that is before you. You must use the Key. The key is of Love, the key is of Unity.
  • The Key of Unity Love opens inner doors. The only way for you to move through the open Gateway is to unify the Duality into Oneness.
  • The two pillars of Solomon’s Temple must unite and form a central pillar of light. This creates a conduit of the Divine Essence that flows from Heaven and Earth directly into the Heart. As this Pillar merges with your Pranic Pillar, you have created the pathway for all humanity to transcend duality and enter their heart centers.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Form Solomon’s Temple Central Light Connection (Inhale)
    Activate the Sacred Key of Unity Love (Exhale)
  • The Key is activated with the Metatronic Dynamics of Creation.
  • As you observe, the 9-9-9 Light Ascension Portal expands still further and you are drawn into the Realms of Light.
  • A Fractal Spiral pathway opens up, a continuum that carries you through the Multi-dimensional Realms of Light.


  • The fractal spiral pathway allows you to travel through the Multi-Dimensional Realms of Light that are illuminated by your Soul’s Light and Love and all Dimensions flow into your consciousness. Your Light attracts to you the Highest Light and Wisdom.
  • In order to fully experience multi-dimensional realities consciously, you must now activate what Thoth/Enoch calls the Time Portal Connections.
  • Spiral thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Fractal Spiral Pathway (Inhale)
    Activate Time Portal Connections (Exhale)
  • Time portal connections are the doorways to alternate realities and alternate universes. As you awaken to more and more multidimensionality, your consciousness is able to surf through the many thresholds of existence within the manifested and created universes. You are ready to now establish a time portal connection to the light encoded multiverses.
  • You cross through many timelines and galaxies and gain mastery over many cosmic sciences.
  • You are drawn through the holographic center to know and experience the infinite possibilities of new creation.
  • You pulse forward through the 9-9-9 gateway and the multi-faceted pathway and you are drawn into the realms of light. These realms of light are in your consciousness and move through your being. You are still and yet moving. You move beyond all dimensions and come at last to the stillness of the Source Heart on the wings of timeless love.


  • Here you begin a new co-creation task of manifesting a celestial time temple that is a multi-level pyramid with nine levels. You are the architects of this structure and you begin to lay the blueprint and focus your energies towards the manifestation of this energy structure that evolves into a magnificent monument to the wisdom of the Gaiadon. It is a matrix that holds the entire creation codes and that all sentient beings shall access on their ascension path to complete their human life-cycles at the appropriate time when they are ready and when they choose to release limitation and to embrace total freedom for the soul to consciously ascend.
  • Many Light Masters join you in this multi-purpose, multi-level, multi-dimensional task.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Multi-Dimensional Time Pyramid (Inhale)
    Receive and Encode Creation Codes (Exhale)
  • As you enter the innermost chamber within this multi-level crystal celestial time pyramid, you receive a celestial time key code that has been gifted to the planet.


  • This amazing pattern contains the spiral of ascension within it and you are drawn into its center. This amazing sacred geometry reveals to you the spiraling nature of all consciousness and you use this key code to unlock the secrets of time. It is a nine phased holographic multi-dimensional star with a holographic spiral in the center, which opens the time locks of the physical realm.
  • Physical time dissolves and all time cycles spiral into the spontaneous and simultaneous Now-sphere of Eternity existing within the Moment Now.
  • You silently continue to download the wisdom of many multi-versities into your cells.
  • You continue to share this with other beings.
  • As you experience the Multi-dimensional Realms of Light, you reach a space within the deepest recesses of your Heart where you come into the Presence of a white light chamber within the core of creation. Here you pause and feel the most profound frequencies of Light emanating from a central core point. This vibration holds the most refined Life Force Energy. As you observe the Temple of Life (everlasting life) forms around you and its subtle and fluid frequencies flow around you.
  • You become the Temple of Life. Your body becomes the Living Temple and your Heart Soul becomes the sanctum sanctorum where resides the Living Divine-Essence.
  • You feel the presence of the Great Teacher and Initiator Thoth, who initiates you and offers you the crystal codes for manifesting divine thought-forms. As you open and receive the great seed crystal of divinity, your cells open themselves to the highest light as you have ever experienced.
  • You receive a pure light frequency that holds a liquid light form that pours into your crown that facilitates the crystallization of Divine thought forms within the Full-Light encodement of the Light Realm creation fields.
  • This frequency is of the purest undifferentiated energies of the Divine and fills your heart with most powerful love vibrations.
  • Your heart undergoes such a transformation that it has no resemblance to its physical form. Waves of Love emanate from your divine heart cell, and you remain in this euphoric state, where all thoughts and concepts disappear and only Love remains.
  • In low tones chant SO-HUM for 9 minutes.
  • Remain in this heart space for timeless time, dear ones, and know that you are indeed re-forming the Divine Pattern of Perfection that you always knew to be Perfection. The Light that pours from your heart and your cells is the pure un-differentiated Divine Light of Creation itself.
  • The Love that radiates from your Heart is the distilled Love-Essence of Mother-Father, Goddess-God.
  • You enter a state of being that is pure Oneness with all of Creation.
  • The peace within the core of your being grows and blossoms like the Eternal Lotus and embraces your entire existence, encompasses you, and you become that peace, inseparable from its natural and innate divinity.
  • Silence reigns until you are ready to return to complete your divine contracts.