27th September 2007 - 9-9-9 - III

27th September 2007- 9-9-9 - III - Anchoring the New Paradigm of Love: New Beginnings:

This is the time of exciting and great shifts. You have prepared and set the energies of the 9-9-9 to anchor the super-refined frequencies of pure divine love and light. Your manifestation is to usher in the New Paradigm of Love and create this reality upon the planet.

The energies are at the peak now, with the combined frequencies of the 9-9-9 and the Full Moon. As you remain focused and committed, your deepest desire to serve Mother Gaia is now being fulfilled.

You are ready to fully co-create the New Paradigm of Love. Gaia is the New Paradigm of Love.

  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Gaiadon Light Body Matrix (Inhale)
    Activate at Unconditional Love and Light Frequency (Exhale)
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate 9-9-9 Multi-versal Portal/Pathway of Ascension (Inhale)
    Activate with 144 Multi-Colour Spectrum Frequency (Exhale)
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Temple of Time within the Source (Inhale)
    Activate Time Stargates (Exhale)
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Gaiadon 9-9-9 Matrix (Inhale)
    Activate Higher Dimensional Life Cycles (Exhale)
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Form Solomon’s Temple Central Light Connection (Inhale)
    Activate the Sacred Key of Unity Love (Exhale)
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Multi-level Time Pyramid (Inhale)
    Receive and Encode Creation Codes (Exhale)
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Fractal Spiral Pathway (Inhale)
    Activate Time Portal Connections (Exhale)
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Multi-Dimensional Time Pyramid (Inhale)
    Receive and Encode Creation Codes (Exhale)
  • As you silently receive many creation codes, the life matrix begins to spin from the single cell into the double cell, forming the Vesica Pisces. As you weave the blueprint for the new cycle, a Fractal Vesica Pisces Golden Mean matrix begins to unfold. This allows you to spin out of the 3rd into the 5th dimension, from the 5th into the 8th and from the 8th into the 9th dimension, and continue on to Source through the open ended spiral pathway.



 Thought intention with breath:

  • Activate Fractal Vesica Pisces Golden Mean Matrix (Inhale)
    Activate New Creation Blueprint (Exhale)
  • Now your task at hand is to activate the Earth’s latitudinal and longitudinal meridian grid.
  • You and other Light Souls now begin to weave a tapestry of light suffused with the purest Divine Light and Love around the living universes of creation. This serves as a protective interdimensional shield that transmutes all interfering energies that do not allow full, free and conscious evolution and ascension, transforming them into light. This woven field of light is a protective shield and responds only to thoughts of love.
  • It emits frequency signals in the form of light beams that transmute and dissolve all unserving energies into life force energy.
  • This light grid serves as a receiver and transmitter of Divine Wisdom.






  • Manifest fractal duplications of this light field around the planet and every being. Manifest one around yourself.
  • It forms a safe cocoon of love around the planet and yourself and your loved ones.
  • This is fueled by the Infinite Love of Gaia as she responds to your initiations, opening her heart to enfold you with her Love. From the deepest core of Her Being a new pulsing frequency emanates, that vibrates through this Light Grid, and this new vibration pulses through your cells: The Gaia-tronic Frequency of Love.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Planetary Light Grid of Love (Inhale)
    Activate Gaia-tronic Frequency of Love (Exhale)





  • As you focus on the energetic pathways of chi that moves along the planetary grid, an amazing multi-colored pyramid of light appears and places itself around the Northern hemisphere. Its energy moves all the way around the earth. Another counterpart pyramid of light appears inverted and places itself around the Southern hemisphere. The apex of each light pyramid extends all the way to the core of the galaxy.
  • Immediately a magnificent temple structure forms around the earth, transforming the light double pyramid into a Gaiadon Temple of Love. This is a multi-dimensional Earth Temple.
  • The Earth's Meridian Energy Grid aligns with the central chamber of this sacred sanctuary.
  • This amazing place is a haven for those awakening souls on their path of ascension and shall serve as a divine vehicle of ascension.
  • Star Dolphins swim in aetheric waters in and around and through this sacred Gaia-Temple.
  • You encode the golden ratio (9-9-9) into the structure.




  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate 9-9-9 Golden Mean Earth Meridian Grid (Inhale)
    Activate Gaia-Meridian Temple Grid of Light (Exhale)
  • You are drawn into the center of this amazing soular vehicle of ascension.
  • The celestial dolphins are swimming all around this structure, accompanying you and assisting you in their gentle, loving way.
  • The Gaia-Meridian Temple Grid of Light forms a light structure around the Earth and also forms a part of your field of light.
  • Now the ultimate task is to manifest in your consciousness and the consciousness of the entire human soul group, the Divine Plan that you have incarnated to achieve. Your soul purpose is this, has always been to participate at this time in the Grand Becoming of the Planet into a Fifth Dimensional Planet of Love and Light.
  • And so it is that you must at this moment merge your hearts into the Unity of the One Heart, and activate the One Heart of Love with the Unity Breath.
  • It is now-time to spiral out of the third dimension through the Golden Heart Spiral (9-9-9) into the New Dimension of Love.
  • You do not have to leave the third dimension behind. With your most profound heart light, you shall now manifest your world of pure fifth dimensional energies by simply transmuting material energy and transforming it into fifth dimensional energies. The completion of this cycle simply spirals into the unlimited potential of many new beginnings.
  • Spiral thought intention with love:
  • Activate the One Heart of Love (Inhale)
    Manifest The New Paradigm of Love (Exhale)
  • And so it is.
  • Focus on your heart. As the world around you changes in accordance to your inner perceptions, feel yourself entering a stillness. Feel yourself moving into a Heart space that you have never accessed before.
  • Know that you are closest to the Divine as you have ever been, and indeed, instantly you are One with the Divine.
  • You have already merged, you are already One with the Source. You are one with the aumni-present, aumnipotent Being that Is. Feel this. Become this Oneness.
  • Your heart pulsates with the purest love and light of the Divine Essence and you are in the presence of the Ultimate Light that is beyond all conception.
  • Remain in this silence. Remain in this unity space and free your mind from all concepts and ideas.
  • All sensations cease. All thoughts are superfluous.
  • Only a deep knowing, an illumination, an understanding remains. Only Love remains.