donRemembering Gita-Baba, our Gaiadon Sister in Light! don


Gita Baba, we honour you for your lovely spirit, for your child-like nature, full of innocence and joy, for your soul's beauty and brilliance, for the free being that you always have been, that has taken flight to the realms of light. We, the Gaiadon Hearts celebrate your grand journey and your home-coming. Your walk on this earth plane has touched our lives with a grace that can only be called divine and your expansion into your true form of light fills our hearts with love. You are a gift to all who have known and loved you. We feel your joy as you Dance with the Divine that you have merged with and we feel you closer than ever before. You are immortalized by the love you have filled our hearts with... We love you, Gita Baba...

donLovely Karen, Dancing Her Way into the Light! don


And so our sister Karen Emerson, who is the soft face of divine grace, always smiling, courageous and gentle, has joined the joyous light party now, knowing her journey continues beyond this dimension, rejoicing in the freedom of her soaring soul to return Home to her Divine Essence. Dear Karen, we cherish the moments we shared with you on this earth plane, and hold our one heart flame in unity, always loving you and honoring your life as one that simply radiated love and grace to all whose lives your heart touched.