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Please go within and take time to move into the quietness that draws you deeper into the Source of who you are.

Be taken to the sanctum of your heart soul that is your ultimate being.

Let the soft lustrous light of your soul begin to pulse in the love of being recognized as your Divine Self.

In this moment of knowing, there is a new energy that starts to come in from the core of your being and this energy takes the form of the new unfolding within the Gaiadon Heart.

The truth draws you into its core and you constantly are aware of being lifted into more sublime levels of upliftment.

There are many layers of your material and light body that continue to be illuminated as greater quantities of light pour into your being, from the core of your being. As the light pours from the inside out, your heart expands inwards and outwards, pulsing with the Light of All Light.

Continue this process of the profound light transforming every cell in your being,

As you continue, a greater illumination that is so subtle flows gently into your heart that is the new being that is being co-created within as the new Gaia-Dawn Heart. The Gaia-Dawn Heart is now prepared to receive and disperse light with every breath, with every pulse, with every heart-beat.

A fascinating revelation is upon us.

Each light master of the Gaia-Dawn Family of Light shall be assigned specific roles to fulfill the Divine contract of the Gaia-Dawn Family of Light that are to assist in increasing the light quotient of the planet and the human race, so that the new earth that is awakening is overseen by only beings of love and light.

This can be achieved by collecting the seeds of wisdom of the Gaia-Dawn Heart and preserving them for posterity. Apply the keys and codes in your daily life, and store the wisdom in your cells so they may be safe within your DNA vaults of intelligence.

The time has to come for you to assess the value of the initiations and encodements and to be the vehicles of these transmissions from Spirit, to all beings who are ready to receive them.

More initiations are offered to you even as you understand the power of who you have become.

The real work is to begin as we commit to the new adventure that awaits us.

There is a great momentum that is building up, and you can sense that the win-door of ascension is opening for the entire planet into the new dimension of love.


This Equinox gives you the initiations that open you up to this potential. As the greatest gift of mastery, you sit in silence as you receive the frequency pulses from the Heart of Source, lifting your heart into its new form and frequency.  Move into the intimate embrace of the Presence where you experience the true oneness of being.

The Earth is activated through your combined activations and the net light quotient is raised to the highest possible levels through these activations.

Be ready now to receive the new encodings of light that are the Gaia Equinox Light Frequencies of Love.

Receive the power of the Presence of the Divine in your entire being... and prepare for this moment that is unprecedented in Gaia's evolution. As you prepare for the Paradigm shift, you receive the encodements that shall facilitate a gentle transition into a higher state of being.


The Cycles of New Time are received into your cellular memory and you understand that the interlocking and overlapping circles are but the myriad manifestations of the thought mind in the perceptions of time lapses in terms of past, present and future. Your cells undergo a dimensional shift as you receive this awareness and instantly that which is To Be, Be-comes.







Even as you integrate the study of different spiral life evolutions within the known dimensions and the unknown, through the Gaiadon Heart teachings, the Spirals of New Creation begin to appear within your consciousness for you to receive as you shall use them during the shift to make it a gentle shift into the New Paradigm. Along with these new spiral forms are many sacred geo-light forms that are an interface between matter and light, flowing seamlessly through dimensional states, like liquid matter and light particles.

This Equinox marks the end of the old cycle and the New Cycle of Life begins. These two cycles are overlapping over the last 33 years, and the completion of the old cycle is co-inciding with the new cycle beginning to span out in the new dance of creation, life, sustenance and ascension. This is truly the most remarkable time of all ages when many stories have been told and many theories have been postulated and many traditions have been celebrated as they all come into oneness.


The non-linear geometries of Source Dimension continue to enter your consciousness and you absorb the patterns of life unfolding with the purity of the unborn, yet to be created world of new potential. Here-in lies the everlasting optimism and hope that our planet holds to become the planet of our dreams. We are her hope, we are her future now.




The Paradigm Shift is underway and this event is far greater than what any one of us has ever envisaged even in our dreams or visions or meditations, and yet sweeps quietly within the inner horizons taking many by surprise even as we know that this moment has come.

As you approach the shift of all shifts, this equinox gives you the greatest of opportunities to become the forerunners of the movement of Light. This light shall silently activate the light and the love within the hearts of all beings and soon we shall be free of the entrapments of all limitations within the third dimension.

You shall be given great responsibilities and also the gifts to manifest your thoughts as you choose to continue the path of service to Gaia.

It is here that the true implication of how it is to stand on the edge of creation and perceive the end and the beginning in the same instant is illuminated in your brain heart.

It is here that you truly understand the magnitude of what it is that you have been, what it is that you become, and what it is you are to be.

The love that now you are draws you into the boundless ocean of eternal being-ness.

As creation silently revolves around you, and within you, you are, Love.....