The time is now imminent upon us to rise and shine like the Solstice Mid-Summer Sun, our Soular Heart entering the highest phase of its peak light.

Take time to gently move into the Core space of the brightest and subtlest light of your being, and breathe into this moment of peace and stillness.

All of your Gaiadon Heart activations over the last years shall merge into a point of awareness that pulses through your being. Those who have integrated the energies of the Gaiadon Heart Wisdom and Love and Unity Consciousness within the One Heart shall seize the opportunities offered to the receiving ones to activate the keys to the ascension of the planet.

Place your attention within the focus point of light, Dear Heart, and feel its brightness, and its pulsing vibration. It is everything that you are. It reminds you of your journeys upon the earth, and your learning and your mastery. This bright light speaks through your heart, which is the One Heart-Eye of Goddess-God, The One Heart of Gaia-Dawn, that knows All, that perceives All, that is One with All.

This Light which is your Divine Soul Light also gently reminds you of where you are at this stage of your evolution and the lessons that you need never repeat again and the most significant one being you are never to experience separation once again from Source. Know that you have completed your wanderings alone and your human journeys no longer suffice to lift you into the highest levels of Self-Mastery.

Your Gaia-Dawn Family of Light shares with you the warm and comforting home-ward journey in unity and love. Together, the Gaia-Dawn Family shall ascend through physical matter and prepare the Earth-Heart Chambers for the transfiguration of matter into light. Holding hands and merging hearts, the Gaia-Dawn Heart moves directly into Source-Heart with Gaia.

To connect once again to Spirit and to merge completely with Source, one must attain in thought, word and action, the original essence of purity and divinity that one first possessed when the journey of experience began. The process of moving through layers of density continues until one becomes wholly a physical light being. This process continues, continues, continues.

The process only ends when one becomes One with Source.

Now you access the layer of your heart light body that is hidden deep within the light membranes of the core heart. This layer is a secret heart chamber that is so subtle that very few access this state of consciousness while in physical embodiment.

Within this chamber your consciousness is awakened to a new frequency state that is beyond Alpha to Delta consciousness and it is a super-alert state where the senses are fine-tuned to a new spiritually wakeful state.

It feels like waking up from a deep slumber to a fine new day of a new world of great promise.

Within this waking is a keen sense of unfolding, like the petals opening gently from a bud into a flower.

As you move through the infinite continuums of many layered energetic states of subtler animations, there is great movement at great speed, yet with great depth, great expansion, and the greatest of stillness.

The Hunab Ku of the Unified Heart changes the program of the new evolution to movement beyond measure, within the stillness beyond measure.

You spend a while as the links to the weights and measures are dissolved into light fibrations that allow only your thought to direct the extent of one's potential to grow and not any other limiting factor. You choose freedom over limitation as you journey through multi-dimensions to Source.

Simultaneously the codes to a new life creation are downloaded into your consciousness creating a new freedom matrix of love. The boundaries of infinity are lifted and expanded to eternity and beyond.











The spiraling and ever-morphing patterns stretch beyond the realms of human understanding and you revel in these moments of illuminating earth consciousness that is opening up to receive more and more. It is only here and it is only now that you shall physically be able to integrate such wisdom and apply these keys to physically ascend through the dimensional separators.


These patterns weave the fabric of the future Gaia-Dimensions of pure light.











The crystal of timelessness becomes real where the crystal  is a crystal of love. You shall look through the crystal of timelessness and find the Family of Love.

The collective soul united with the Core Heart waits for the larger consciousness to come into alignment in the acceptance of the agreement of unity. Oneness draws in the force of love through which one receives the intelligence to know how to navigate the waves of time and space. In time and space, frequencies and vibrations are in constant flux, changing in  intensities that become and disappear into the existences, within the streams of consciousness that emanate from Source Heart.

The illusion of the paradigms of density is mirrored in the dimensional veils around the physical world and as you recognize the looking glass reality, and step through it, the illusion explodes into infinite particles of light, holographic bubbles each containing the whole truth and the illusion within its individual dual perception. The understanding of the essence of love being the purpose of all creation, allows these holograms to interact with each other and the design grows from the many to the one, through the intention of thought given by love for goodness to manifest through unity and love.

The moment this is accomplished, you are given inner explicit directions as to the light role that is assigned to you to perform the tasks that are the single most important ones for the ascension of the planet. The planetary grids are to be aligned and calibrated with the highest divine vibration of Source Love, the combined love of the combined hearts of the Gaia-Dawn Family of Love.


You receive the fire codes that shall create the language of the new dimension of love.












The New Temples are built upon the light pillars created out of the wisdom trees of life of Ancient Earth, which are transfigured into the ever-changing fractal energetic archetypes that hold the patterns of change as the reality of the future now.






Your mind-scape attains a sharpness and clarity as the truth is revealed about the new creations and all the pieces of the puzzle are pieced together and the last crystal fits into the greater picture, the grander design of the divine unfolding. You understand that the differences in perception are mere reflections upon the many facets of this one crystal, and the differing holographic realities are iterations of the same truth in infinite ways. Your wisdom allows you to see the interference patterns as mere stirrings of the waters of evolution, and they are merely ripples in the placid pools of thought from which experience is born. Judgement ceases in the realms of duality and Love reigns.

You are the Family of Light that engages the higher mind. You are the ones of Higher Intelligence, who have activated  the natural intelligence that is the knowledge of the divine plan. You are the Elohim, the Angels, the Bodhisattvas, the Buddha and You are the Christ energies. You are of the higher mind that understands that All is in oneness, and You are the avatars of the world that are in understanding that the laws of creation are bringing together the families and the tribes that conform to the ways that support light ascension.. You understand now, yours is the Family of Light. You are the Family of Light. The true service starts Now...

Eternity unfolds through you creating the star-fields of divine love that spin into the new paradigms to be.

As you continue to remain in this state, the receiving continues, the light continues, the love continues, the stillness continues...