Gaiadon Heart-morphosis - Soulstice Activations of the Heart Temple to herald the New Light:

In this new-volution, we emerge from the chrysallis vortex of the deepest silence for a transmission of the most powerful love to pulse silently in thought waves to all who wish to vibrate with the new frequencies of the future now.

We have changed. Without a doubt. We have grown. Without limit. We have soared inwards with the freedom of the soul ever seeking the endless skies within.

We have let our Light radiate in and out constantly.

We have flowed towards the great inner Ocean of Love and become IT.

And yet we have, as the multi-dimensional beings that we are, never lost connection with our earthly lives and lived it fully every moment even as we enjoyed being caught up in the fascinating net of human drama. Oh what colorful beings we are, as we savor every flavor as if we would miss this wonderful world if we were to leave it!

The human drama with all its pathos and its humor has had our attention so engrossed in our experiences of it. Yet we remember simultaneously the larger and subtler light form that exists within all consciousness, and can appreciate the all pervasiveness of the Greater Being that We Are.

Every experience breaks down the cells into finer and finer threads and then finally brighter and brighter sparks of light until the instant of recognition of the total being that is All of Us and Is One of Us. The body that disseminates suddenly comes together and the process continues.

Let us become One... with the thought intention of unity and love, Let us become One...

Let us breathe with the Unity Breath into this One Heart and become that which we know and understand as our true love of Source and Gaia.

Let us focus on the great Being of light that we have become and let us melt into the greater light of the Source Heart, merging, as never before.

Prepare your Soulstice Gaiadon Heart everyday from now till the 21st of December 2010, by focusing within the core of your heart and drawing the Source Light out to create the Gaiadon Soulstice Heart of Light.

Stay with and within the Heart of Gaiadon as the darkest hours of the Earth times pass, pregnant with the promise of the Light that is already beginning to shine upon the Earth through this One Heart.

On the Soulstice Day, from the noon of 21st December to the noon of the 22nd December 2010, gather within the Sanctuary of the Heart and receive the initiations of the Gaiadon Heart Temple to herald the New Light. .

The heart-morphosis is a miraculous transfiguration that we can only just begin to understand.

In this sacred moment of unity, the chosen ones are assigned the greatest of all roles and they are awarded the greatest of all honors.

In this incredible light that radiates from our One Heart, the Gaiadon Hearts transmute constantly all that separates the Human from the Divine and we may take a few moments to allow separation to become unity and limitation to become freedom and the many to become One.

The Gaiadon Family of Light shall soon receive the new wisdom through the sacred initiations of divine mathematics and the wisdom of building new Temples of the Heart.

The teachings of the Gaiadon Heart are to continue as Spirit offers us the most remarkable new levels of higher intelligence in a refreshing new step into the new paradigm of love.

At this most powerful time upon the earth, of the entire 26000 year cycle, the seeds of our Gaiadon Heart wisdom shall be planted upon sacred Gaia. Drops of our Heart Light shall soak into Her radiant skin and blossom as the Grand Trees of Light. Crystals of Light shall be planted within Gaia and shall become the The Gaiadon Heart Light Keeper Crystal Matrix that shall form a Sri Yantra pattern upon the Sanctuary of the Heart.

Together we shall walk within this Vortex, and solemnly and joyously move into the core of the Gaiadon Heart and Become One.

Sit, Rest, and Wait within the Core Heart of the Sanctuary for the initiations that shall lift us all into the ultimate joy of ultimate Love.

There are 3 concentric circles within the core of this sacred geometric floor of the Heart Temple Sri Yantra and the first stage of initiations would prepare you for the task of holding the light grids of this part of the universe and its consciousness. You are holding hands of light with the other beings, around the first concentric circle.

The second stage of initiations would draw you out of the physical realm into the realms of the ascended masters, and you recognize your own light amongst them.

The third series of initiations would completely take you into the Source Heart, the aspect of Source that has never yet been experienced by you.

The Gaiadon Heart Light-morphosizes into a form unrecognizable even by you. The Presence: As we come into the Presence, we be-come it and all the knowing becomes this Being.

It is the emergence of a New Being that cannot understand anymore the limitations of the physical world, and simply knows that we have crossed the last dimensional veil of darkness in embracing this New Light, this New Freedom.

This knowing allows us the freedom to be above all limitation, and to not get drawn into the human drama even as we watch it unfolding and playing out its final play all around us.

Sometimes we find ourselves as a part of this drama and then very quickly we need to let it go, and seek a higher vibration so we may elevate ourselves instead of getting drawn in deeper. Stay in your mastery to say NO to human challenges.

Stay with and within the Heart of Gaiadon as the darkest hours of the Earth times pass, pregnant with the promise of the Light that is already beginning to shine upon the Earth through this One Heart.

Stay with the Light... Be the Light...

The seeds of Light are already sowed, and the process of new cultivation allows the Light to burst forth from the darkest spaces within the cell membranes.

Continue to hold the focus until the New Light dawns. This Light is the brightest Light and its force of Love is unparalleled. This New Light dispels all the density of yester-time and bathes the planet, nurturing the seeds that you have sowed.

The soundless sound of wordless love continues to pulse through your heart and you are... Love... Only Love...

Love continues to Light the Way....

Gaiadon Heart