Norway, ME U.S.A.

Gaiadon Master Facilitator Level 1A & 1B

Anne has spent this lifetime in search of the deepest and clearest connection with the realms of higher light vibration.  Seeking this connection for her own healing, as well as to educate, facilitate and empower her clients and students to recognize and honor this light within them. 

The Gaiadon Heart activations and classes release the connection to limitation, opening all who experience its magnificence to align with their deepest joy, unconditional love, and infinite potential.  The Gaiadon Heart is the perfect balance of energy system evolution and acceleration, while giving the energy form and grounding it through the connection to Mother Earth. Holding the energy for this work to manifest and move through me is one of the most divine, humbling and blessed experiences of my lifetime. An experience I joyfully share with those who choose it. With deep gratitude I align to my divine service teaching the Gaiadon Heart to facilitate the empowerment, the understanding, and the recognition that we each are a representation of Divine Love and Light in human form.

Anne is an empathic intuitive, utilizing her ability to connect as a clear psychic channel to communicate information that supports and facilitates consciousness shifts for her clients.  Anne works both as a clear and trance channel for many dimensional beings as well as for those who have transitioned from life into death. Anne owns a private practice, Crescent Healing, which incorporates her background as a social worker, the teachings of the Gaiadon Heart, her own channeled meditation classes, the Melchizedek Method, polarity and massage therapy, as well as distance or remote healings and readings. 

Anne has been blessed to attend the Maiadon events and Level 1A with Saranya and the Gaiadon Heart family in Fort Collins, CO, and The Light Vortex Event and Level 1B in Hood River, OR.

Residing in Western Maine with her husband and a variety of four legged light beings, Anne is available for individual distance healing/channeling sessions worldwide as well as to teach the Gaiadon Heart in her sacred healing space, throughout New England and beyond.

She can be reached at the following:   


Phone: 207-743-9159-office

Upcoming workshop dates:

Gaiadon Heart 1A ….February 1, 2, &8, 9th.

Maiadon…. March 7th and 8th

Gaiadon Heart 1A….April 11, 12, 18, &19th.

Gaiadon Heart 1B….May 11, 12 & 16th.