Graciela Bindi

Master Facilitator - Module 1 A & IB

Facilitator  - IIA, IIB

Since 1968 devoted to the study and unfolding of psychic skills, mediumship, contact channel and writing of Ascended Masters, angels and archangels  transmitting love and Light messages for humankind, assisting and supporting spiritual growth with deep love and service.

In the year 1978 I got involved and studied yoga and Greek plastics with breathing and meditation  - Reiki Master Usui - Karuna Reidi Master, teaching and working with compassion and unconditional love to all my pupils.

Melchizedek Method Facilitator . Alton Kamadon’s  sacred teachings, Levels  I, II, III, IV,V,  I attended to and became a Facilitator taking the last two levels with Alidah in the year 2004 Committed to share all knowledge.

Biosonic therapist with crystal and quartz bowls and  didgeridoos.

I intend to travel abroad and through all my country where my service to the Light and to the Unconditional Love may be required. .

If you wish to get in touch with me please send an e-mail to:  or

Tel. 0291 - 4541484

Castelli 918-  Bahia Blanca

Province  of  Buenos Aires


Proximo Seminario Formacion de Facilitadores

del 2 al 5 de Noviembre