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Blane in Australia /An ongoing journal/ A Vision Quest

First Take; (11-26-07 still in Australia). Okay, Gang , I decided I would share with you all what I've experienced on this journey to the best of my ability . Deciding to do this was rather difficult as what has transpired is not easily described, and such or any descriptions do not really lend a real view to the actuality of the situation..
..Blessings ..........Blane

 "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go"
- T.S. Eliot

Blane in Australia Part 1

It's Nov 28th today. I'm in Canberra, Australia with Andrew Rigg, his wife Eri and beautiful
family.. I suppose that I could say that, in my wildest imaginings before I left the USA, I could not have and didn't even come close to perceiving what would transpire within me on this Spiritual/Magickal Vision Quest I've embarked upon here in the Land of Oz.....

And quite frankly I am still in awe in regard to have what I have experienced and continue to experience here. Along with that I should say that what has happened to me defies any and all so-called rational explanation or articulation. Yet, I will however make a real attempt at doing so. But it should be noted at the onset that actual or true comprehension of the descriptions and events which have taken place, being quite abstract and subjective experiences, can only be ascertained through a personal and experiential retracing of some of the steps and taking the action necessary which I have done to arrive at a place of willingness and surrender within myself which has placed me at this stage and advent of superb possibility in this "Now Time".
Since I got here in Australia I have been introduced to two systems of spiritual development and ascension, if you will. The Gaiadon Heart Aumkabah Keys of Ascension, modules IA and IB, as well another paradigm smashing system called, Access Energy Transformation.

Before I left the States I had been going through a lot of processing and subsequent energy downloads. I surmised that this was all a taste of what was to come in a short time. I really didn't know anything about either of these systems, because as I said already, this stuff
has to be personally experienced by the individual aspirant. You can show someone a map of a territory, but its only a map, it is not the territory itself, nor is it the journey on which one goes in The Reality.

Ateh Gibor Leolam Gaia Adonai..........Blane

Blane in Australia Part 2
Well, Kids, for me it was the beginning of a life changing experience. Which, I might add, is always a good thing as long as you keep breathing (or if you dont, then its time apparently, for a new body and another shot at this deal called evolution).Because, after all, change and growth is what we're here for anyhow, isn't it. The development and awakening to the reality of becoming a fully conscious infinite Being, one with All and All in one as it were, always embracing the rich diversity of Life and the many faces of the One Life Force which wears many masks.

Arriving at Andrew's house I rested some that first day. He explained to me a few things about the "Access System" and proceeded to demonstrate (on me) it's effectiveness in destroying self-manufactured and unconscious obstacles which tend to tend to be problematic for folks in general and especially those on the Path of Awakening et-al.

Next we launched in The Gaiadon Heart system. All I can say (for now), is "Boy Howdy!"............

[ As a side-note to all this . It has always been my belief and contention, and I had the sense that, with all the reiki-esque systems and for that matter all any and all Paths of  Spiritual/Magickal approach, that its not so much that anything is transmitted to one as
it is a case that the conditionings, programs, densities, and so forth which inhibit our awareness of being who we really are, which is fully realized Infinite Beings.
This process allows us to "wake up!", and by degrees promotes in us the realization of who we really are, and the probability field of Cosmic Consciousness then begins to unfurl infinitely . Just to the extent that we do not resist change. That’s the deal, Folks, in my humble estimation. Also, further along the trek (a lot of processing has to be done first), we enter into the realm of receiving key spiritual, etheric, genetic, molecular, atomic and sub-atomic encoding's or encodements – downloads of sacred geometrical configurations, divine programs which facilitate rather than hinder being a Fully Conscious Humanoid Being. But the processing and clearings do continue, to be sure, the growth and expansion never stops, we never "arrive". How can an Infinite Being ever be limited by an end of the road event? Everything and nothing is sacred, everything is permitted. Be Infinite ....

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go" 
_T. S. Eliot

Blane in Australia Part 3

The trip in Australia was definitely a life changing experience. But we never stop growing and learning do we? After this journey I am even more convinced that I am only barely scratching the surface of the infinite reality which is unfolding before me. 

I'm just resting now and doing my best to digest and assimilate the gifts that were given to me there. Everything seems very different back here at home now, I attribute this to the change in perception which has taken place in me. Everyone is still who they are and everything appears to be going on as usual, however, to me nothing is the same, and I doubt that it ever will be. That's okay with me. To genuinely realize one's own infiniteness is a staggering experience, and quite humbling as well. Especially to the extent that no attachment or significance can be conceptually placed on the experience or stage of realization or it renders it all inert and just a memory that one can become trapped in. So I have to allow all of it to be utterly annihilated and clear any and all attachment to it so new information can flow into my consciousness. And that which promotes consciousness will remain and grow , and that which is designed to cause anti-consciousness or unconsciousness will have to flee. Very paradoxical this "reality" business.

With the "Access Energy Transformation" system I've found a method to keep me almost in a constant state of clearing all attachments to anything or anyone.

In regard to the Gaiadon Heart Modules IA and IB workshops, I will say that my studies and practices of the occult, theosophy, magick, shamanism, ecstatic Buddhism, and Vedic practices  etc, were all brought together and realized through the IA and IB modules in a way that was quite comprehensive and all encompassing, a synthesis of everything I've learned experienced and practiced throughout my life to this point. Now I feel like a small child again standing at the advent of a brand new beginning............... How does it get any better than that? It just does...

More on the adventures in Australia in my next writing .........Blessings ......Blane
"In the province of the mind what one believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits. These limits are to be found experimentally and experientially. When so found these limits turn out to be further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the mind there are no limits."

John Lilly