Master Facilitator: Gaiadon Heart Module IA, IB

Facilitator : Gaiadon Heart Module IIA, IIB, and IIIA

Fabiano 's credentials include :

Bachelor in Business Management - College
Holistic Therapist with:
4 years studies in Cosmictherapy Academy (1994-1998-Brazil)
Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master (1996-1998-Brazil)
Ascension Classes Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy (1998-1999-Brazil)
Magnified Healing Certificate Facilitator (1999-Brazil)
Light Healing 3rd Phase with Gisele King (2000-Brazil)
Geobiology Facilitator with Tessie Rinehart (1999-Brazil)
Flower of Life Brasil Workshop with Tessie Rinehart (1999-Brazil)
Xamanic Alchimy with Roland Barkley (Australian Xaman) (1999-2000-Brazil)
Multidimensional Transe Mastering in Exorcism for Terapists with Roland Barkley (2000-2001-Brazil)
Blue School with Caludete Melchizedek (2001-Argentine)
Earth & Sky Workshop with Drunvalo Melchizedek (2001-Argentine)
Melchizedek Method Level1&2 with Suely Argianas (2001-Brazil)
Melchizedek Method Level3 with Alton Kamadon (2001-Argentine)
Researcher and practitioner in spiritualist subjects since 1980.
Knowledgements, studies and practicings in Brazilian Umbanda, Brazilian Spiritism, Brazilian Gnose Movement, Ufology movement, Exorcism and implants removements practices, Crystals therapies practices and Xamanic practicies.

Fabiano has attended events such as :

Wesak Celebration in Mount Shasta-California (1998, 1999, 2000)
Lecturer in a Wesak Celebration in São Paulo/BR (2000)
Lecturer in a Wesak Celebration in Alto Paraíso/BR (2001)
Rapanui Mistic Initiations in Easter Island (1997 and 1999)
Many esoteric pilgrimages to underground places/centers as Aurora (Uruguay), Erks (Argentine), Mount Shasta (USA), Alto Paraíso (Brazil)

Fabiano also runs the Brazilian Office of the Gaiadon Heart and has done the Portuguese translations of all Modules. He organizes Gaiadon Heart Facilitator seminars in Brazil .

E-mail :

Phone Contact : + 55 51 9944-6302