Master Facilitator: Module IA, IB, II

Transpersonal Therapist dedicated to heal through the balance of the five elements´ and the archangels´ energies using the Method of Angelic Contact techniques.

She works in the awakening and expansion of the consciousness; Instructor in Metaphysical Psychology; Facilitator for the Program of Abundance; Educational and Investigator in the Science of Numerologist.

She is a Certified Practitioner/Facilitator of the Melchizedek Method for Level I, II and III.

S.C.P.´s Facilitator (Prosperity Consciousness System) inspired by her guides and spiritual teachers.

She is the representative of The Gaiadon Heart Office for Argentina , Bolivia , Chile , Uruguay and Paraguay

Graciela Leiva express her gratefulness to her teachers: Alton Kamadon (Australia); Sergio Chagas (Argentina); Sabina Pettitt (Canadá); Malu Gaxiola (Yucatan-Mexico); Padre Lauro Trevisan(Brasil) and to the Archangel Michael and Metatron, to the Teacher Jesus-Sananda, to the Big Beings of the Great Central Sun, to her galactic family and her spiritual family who lovingly receive the teachings that she shares.

She has done The Gaiadon Heart Modules with Saranya and is committed to spreading these amazing teachings to all those who are on the path of ascension. She organizes Saranya's Facilitator Seminars in South America and Mexico .

Blessing and infinite holograms of inconditional love.

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