Jennifer Waterman

Gaiadon Heart Master Facilitator


Jennifer H. Waterman

Sabattus, Maine  USA

(207) 576-1899



Master Facilitator 1A & 1B

            “Having spent this life seeking out the ‘cutting edge’ of energy and healing modalities, I believe that the Gaiadon Heart creates the fullness and ‘oneness’ of connection---bringing the light, love and joy through each of us and Mother Earth, in the highest integrity, love and truth.  To be the conduit for this magnificence is a humble experience, one that I wish to share with all those who seek it.  It is my divine purpose to teach with great laughter, joy and empowerment, to encourage awareness and understanding, and facilitate each loved one in becoming the full manifestation of his/her Divine blueprint.”
Jennifer is a wife and mother, currently operates her private practice in Gaiadon Heart energy work, as well as Polarity Therapy.  She is an intuitive and channel, utilizing her psychic abilities, as well as her 3rd dimensional experiences to create a unique and individualized experience with her loved ones and students.

Jennifer is available to do “distance” or “remote” sessions with loved ones, as well as teaching The Gaiadon Heart, or seeing people in her office.  She has taught numerous groups and classes, and would consider traveling to teach, as well.  She can be reached at the following:


(207) 576-1899

B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, with concentration in Health/Fitness Studies and Athletic Coaching.
Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).
Polarity Therapist (RPP).
RYSE Level 3 Practitioner.
Melchizedek Method Level 5.
Anatomy and Physiology Instructor, 2000-2002, Polarity Realization Institute (now known as SpaTech).


Upcoming Seminars:

Module IA: February 28th, 29th, March 7th & 8th 2008