Marva Easterly , M.A.

Gaiadon Heart Master Facilitator

Marva Easterly
8775 SW Maverick Terrace #508
Beaverton, OR 97008

Master Facilitator : Gaiadon Heart Module IA, IB, II & III

We are all spiritual beings of Love and Light having a physical experience.  We have the ability in this lifetime to integrate our spiritual and physical selves to become our I AM presence.  The Gaiadon Heart Aumkabah Keys of Ascension are the step by step process for doing so.  By opening to the Unconditional Love of the ONE HEART through guided meditations, initiations, and laughter we have the opportunity to become joy filled beings of Loving Light. 

I have been facilitating all levels of the Gaiadon Heart's Aumkabah Keys of Ascension  and it's precursor, the Melchizedek Method, for the past seven years.  Although trained in many different spiritual and healing modalities, I have been guided by Spirit to present only the Gaiadon Heart teachings.  Thus, I offer the Gaiadon Heart seminars on a regular basis in Portland , Oregon  and travel nationally and internationally, upon invitation, to do the same.  Please feel free to contact me for seminar details. 

Working with the energies of the Gaiadon Heart is my passion.  When not facilitating seminars or working with private clients, I travel to the world's sacred places with Saranya Zaveri and other Gaiadon Masters to help change the energies of Earth; to help restore Gaia to her original vibrations of divine love and light; to assist in the planetary ascension process.  I also organize seminars presented by Saranya in Portland and am fully committed to the Gaiadon Heart's Aumkabah Keys of Ascension.

I am a Universal Channel, Medium and Spiritual Counselor with a private practice for the past 12 years.   My goal is to help others achieve their own spiritual mastery and welcome your inquiries at






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