Radhika Kawlra Singh lives in New Delhi India. She holds an international licence for practising Hypnosis and a Certification to practice Hypnotherapy, from the oldest, the largest and the most reputed Hypnotic organisation in the world the National Guild of Hypnotists USA. She engages with the Spirit at the deepest level and integrates within her therapy a concise movement of higher consciousness. She has earned herself an enormously acquiescent reputation of working with people from all sections of society, young and old from over a decade now.

Radhika recognizes the impact that information coming to an individual has on his subconscious mind programming. She has extensively studied how it affects their mental processes and its physical manifestations on the body. She realises the significance of frequency and vibration of the energy coming from our feelings, thoughts, as well as from our words. The focus of her work is on the raising of consciousness through a balanced healing of the body, mind and soul.

Radhika holds a first class Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from ‘The University of Mumbai’. She is a Diabetes Motivational Coach, earned her certification from ‘The Diabetes Research Association of America, Inc. USA’. She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming which she studied at ‘The National Federation of Neurolinguistic Psychology’, USA. She is a Certified Sports Hypnotist, trained under world famous Olympian mental coach ‘Robert Reese’ and was a mental coach for a top Indian sportsman at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Among the Alternate education Credentials she earned a Master Certification from ‘The Reiki Foundation’ in New Delhi in 1998. She commenced training as a 15th step teacher from the ‘Institute of thought’ USA in 2003.She completed her ‘Gaiadon Heart Master ship program’ in New Delhi India in 2009.

Radhika drives the optimization of all her internal processes in Spirit, Mind and Body and is helping transform any negativity into a platform of Oneness. She works out of her healing space in Anand Niketan. To meet with her a prior appointment needs to be arranged.

Her telephone number is 91 98111 57255.

You can write her an email on & on