Cristina Orozco Romo

Gaiadon Heart Master Facilitator: Module IA

Gaiadon Heart Facilitator: IB, IIA, IIB

Cristina is a Chikung instructor of The Seven Lothus Chikung since 1993.

She is an Ontogonic Phsycotherapeut since 1995

She is a Shamanic healer

She practices Hebrew letters therapy and instruction.

Cristina has done Level III of the Melchizedek Method in Chicago, Level IV in L.A.; and Level V in Dallas with Alton Kamadon.

She has facilitated seminars in Mexico city and Manzanillo of Level I and II of the Melchizedek Method.

She has done Level 5.2, 5.3 in Kauai, with Saranya and continued with the Gaiadon Heart Levels up to Module IIB.

She has attended special events with the Gaiadon Heart Family at Bimini and at Swindon and the Equinox Event in Stonehenge and Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Well Fountain. She is also a Master Facilitator of Module IA.

Cristina generally teaches in Spanish and she can travel. Most of her instructions, she offers in Mexico city and Manzanillo.

Phone number:

Manzanillo: (for Mexico) 01-314-334-10-45

Mexico city : (for Mexico) 01-55-55-95-17-97


Address: Manzanillo:

Condominio El Faro, Ed.2, depto 0

Av. del Faro s/n

Fracc. La Audiencia

Manzanillo, Colima  C:P: 28800

Address: Mexico city:

San Bernabé 397

San Jerónimo Lidice

Magdalena Contreras


Mexico, D:F: