Sue Neufeld-Ellis

Sue Neufeld-Ellis has practiced as a spiritual, transpersonal facilitator for over 20 years. Her various studies, teachings and practices range in spiritual, religious and healing modalities in 14 countries, including lending meditation at the United Nations. Her 'near death' experience in the Himalayan Mountains also lends a unique understanding to the work, as well as being used by Spirit as a vessel for clairvoyant, clairaudiance, and clairsentience information.

Sue is a master facilitator of Gaiadon Heart module 1A & IB.  She is also a facilitator of modules IIA, IIB, IIIA & IIIB. She is also a licensed mental health counsellor, registered nurse, clinical hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master, lending herself to a full range of therapies.

Workshop subject matter varies, although topics include, but not limited to: pranic breath, awareness meditations, intensives, hologenic breathing and full prosperity and abundance.

Although she would be honored and willing to travel to other locations to facilitate workshops, Sue also teaches workshops around the Seattle, WA area. 

Contact Sue by phone: 360. 661-1467 or via e-mail: