Susie Dahl


Facilitator Gaiadon Heart

Master Facilitator: Module IA & IB

Facilitator: IIA, IIB & IIIA

Sedona , AZ

Contact 928 202 2959s


Professionally I have 30 years of management experience in restaurants, Clinics, hospitals and health care facilities. I have extensive processional cross cultural massage training in Swedish, Russian, East Indian Ayurvedic, and Japanese. I have sight and sensitivity in energy therapies.

I am a seeker. I use the mediums of art, travel and the human body to understand who I am. Each and every one of us is a God in miniature, a Buddha in making and a Christ in school.

The Gaiadon heart teachings provide the way and the means to intimately know who you are and why you are now living this life. Awakening this knowledge and passion gives you the personal freedom we all have been seeking. You will live a life of joy and happiness and wonder. I support these teachings and this soul group with all my Being.