Bruce and Teresa Scott
Gaiadon Heart Masters
Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City Metro)
Master Facilitators: Gaiadon Heart Module IA & IB, II & III

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 Teresa Scott is an Author, Teacher, and Founder of the ReGenesis Core Process and Quantum Coaching.  She is a Melchizedek & Gaiadon Heart Master Facilitator and an Interfaith Minister.  She believes ‘seeing’ is the doorway to restoration and utilizes her gifts to navigate the inner landscape de-mystifying the spiritual journey.  Bridging the Spiritual nature with the need for physical health, she is also a Certified Natural Health Professional and a Kundalini Yoga Instructor & believes that it is possible to bring inner healing that translates into outer healing of the person’s body, soul, and spirit - the transformation of one’s life…Re-Genesis.

Her background as a practitioner in diagnostic imaging for 20+ years with Radiology and Pre-Med Degrees serve as a solid foundation of practical & intuitive knowledge about HOW to move through all of the energetic changes that affect the physiology. With a background in Hospital administration, Marketing for an Imaging Center, and Regional Marketing Director, she has a very grounded, corporate, ‘real world’ ability to convey complex quantum theories & esoteric information in readily understandable and practical ways.

At a young age, Teresa had an angelic experience that resulted in fluent angelic language of light.  Later as an adult, during a personal journey of self-realization, seeking clarification about the future, her Language of Light was commissioned as a tool of Healing and ReGenesis, and the ReGenesis Core Process was birthed. (For more information )

Bruce Scott’s journey for the Divine has culminated in being a conduit for high vibration healing frequencies through touch, bringing others into healing, wholeness and balance. Bruce has spiritual training as a Reiki Master, a Black Belt in Tai Kwan Do, a Melchizedek Method Facilitator, and Gaiadon Heart Master Facilitator and is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor.  Balancing his full time business career and his spiritual pursuits, Bruce believes the current Business paradigm is ready to shift towards a healthy masculine who leads in partnership with others.

Bruce has been in business for 20+ years with Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Business Administration. His business career in sales and marketing includes Business Development and now Sales manager for an emerging growth company serving the agricultural market in grain management.

His personal and business travels have taken him to sacred sites around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, France, Scotland, Germany, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Canada, and the USA including Hawaii and Mt. Shasta and Egypt.

At the center of Bruce and Teresa’s life is their sacred union relationship with each other.   Teresa facilitates ReGenesis soul coaching sessions, Workshops, and Newsletters.  Together they facilitate ReGenesis healing sessions, Gaiadon Heart Initiations, Melchizedek Initiations, Sacred Site Journeys and Spiritual Workshops. Teresa and Bruce live and work in Overland Park, Kansas — within the Kansas City Metro.

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Phone: 913-387-4669