Valma Truu


Telephone: 08-9307 7761 ( Perth , Western Australia )

Valma Truu has been involved in the field of spiritual development for the last 24 years.

She is a dedicated and experienced facilitator of the Gaiadon Heart and has brought many new members into its fold with her gentle and joyful guidance.

She was born in Finland and migrated to Australia , raising a young family of 5 children in a new country.

A series of mental, emotional, and physical traumas led Valma to the point where she felt that nothing was working for her on the earthly plane. A near death experience culminated in her commencing a journey of self-healing and self-discovery.

Spiritual doors were opened for her as she undertook studies in Spiritual Healing, self-awareness and meditation, Myorthotics body-work, iridology, nutrition and Bowen Therapy. She eventually opened her own practice as a Counselor of the Preventative Medicine Movement, where she conducted counseling and healing sessions with private patients, and ran self development courses.

She also began an enduring association with Rev. Jim Booth and his wife Joyce of the Spiritualist Church , experiencing the world of psychic surgery with spirit doctors. Here, she also took part in spiritual healings and readings for aspirants.

In 1996, a new door was opened when she began studying the early courses of Alton Kamadon. She became one of the founding facilitators of the Melchizedek Method, the precursor of the Gaiadon Heart.

Today, she is a dedicated facilitator of all modules of the Gaiadon Heart, teaching Levels 1A, 11A, 11B, IIIA. She lives and teaches in Perth , Western Australia .

Valma welcomes new seekers to journey with her in sharing the beautiful experiences of the Gaiadon Heart meditations and light body activations.