Venera Sondergaard


Gaiadon Heart Module IA & IB & II: Master Facilitator

I started my spiritual way with pranic healing and arhatic yoga.

Master Choa Kok Sui helped me to connect with my Higher Self.

I took intuition courses with Tammie. Tammie, medium, grow up in Holland, taught me also Native American gate way healing. She helps me to connect and communicate with my Guides and Teachers.

I have been taking the Kamadon way which is now known as Gaiadon Heart, with Saranya all the modules from 1 till 5.4.module 2 in Dubai and Kauai and very happy for this. Saranya teach me to open my heart to love and open my mind.

I am happy to be accepted as a Gaiadon Heart Facilitator. This practice helps me to open my third eye with beautiful colour visions.

Now I am married and live in Denmark.

I would like to continue my spiritual development and help others to find their way by teaching what I have learned.

As we know The Divine Law, IT is in giving that we receive.

I will be happy if I can help you in anyway. I am also glad to step up as the European co-ordinator of The Gaiadon Heart and also to run the European Office, to assist facilitators with their requirements.

We have High Vibrations Centre in Denmark

You can contact me by email