XIOMARA MAYOR-PENDOLA, Astrologer, Acupuncture Physician and Certified Hypnotherapist.

Master Facilitator: Module IA & IB

Facilitator: Module IIA, IIB, IIIA

Since very early age she was always interested in searching spiritual and religious matters. Later on in life on 1984 she took that search more seriously when a very beloved friend got diagnosed with terminal cancer. She began to practice Raja Yoga and to investigate more deeply the subject of the reincarnation, becoming a certified hipnotherapist and later was also introduced to transpersonal psychology, Reiki, Flower essence therapies and Astrology.

Xiomara Mayor-Pendola also works with Holothropic Breath work, a technique created by a well-known psychiatrist Dr Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina. Later on she was also trained as a teacher and facilitator on Healing the Emotions by the very known acupuncturist and para-psychologist Chris Griscom who initiated and attended actress Shirley Maclaine in her past lives regression therapies, as described by herself in her book "Living in the Light". She has received training with Dutch doctor Roy Martina in his very well recognized system "Neuro Emotional Repatterning" (N.E.R.)

In 1995 she graduated from the Acupuncture Acupressure Institute as an Acupuncture Physician with knowledge that includes Shiatsu, Chinese herbs and homeopathic remedies. Later on she obtain her Doctorate degree in Philosophy and Metaphysics in the International Research University .

She has also studied and practices Espira ™ Method of Natural Healing since 1992, being certified by its founder Alianna Dianne Torrey, as a Teacher and REBIRTHER in the ESPIRA™ METHOD.

Mayor-Pendola is a Gaiadon Heart Master Facilitator of Module IA and a certified Facilitator of all Modules of Gaiadon Heart. She has also been trained in various modules of Dharmi. A system that combines the reading of hands and feet with reflexology knowledge to assess the personal and spiritual development of the person involved, Facilitating a series of integration therapies to awaken special attributes or qualities that exist in the subconscious mind that could help the individual repair old negative patterns stored at the unconscious and cellular levels.

Mrs. Mayor-Pendola has also been trained in three levels of the Akashic Record Reading system developed by Mary Parker of Texas , and 2 levels of Aura-Soma consultation combined with Samassatti Colorpuncture therapy.

Xiomara Mayor-Pendola is married with an Argentine entrepreneur and lives with him and their two children, Giancarlo Gabriel and Ximena Barbara in North Miami Beach , Florida where she teaches and keeps her private practice in alternatives therapies.

Xiomara organizes the Gaiadon Heart Seminars and Events presented by Saranya and also attends all the journeys to the sacred vortices presented by the Gaiadon Heart, to serve Gaia and the human race in their ascension journey.

Xiomara can be contacted by phone on (305) 223-3053 or 786-547-2882, via e-mail at , and her website can be viewed at



Module IA: September 7 th to 11 th 2006

Module IIB: October 13 th to 15 th 2006