Blessed Ones of Light! It gives me such joy to address this Family of Light known as the Gaiadon Heart! In observing all that you, as One Heart, have achieved, I salute your courage and your single-mindedness of purpose in all your endeavours! And so it is that I bring to you the exciting news about the impending shift and the Grid Alignments that are already underway, as you have activated your Solar Heart as the Suns and Daughters of the Source of All There Is, facilitating the Creation of The New Crystalline Solar Logos.

As the Gaiadon Hearts, you undertook the journeys through the Crystalline Pathway through your hearts, and embraced the most profound Aumni-light Essence of your being within your cellular soul matrix.

As you activated your light bodies and entered the sacred vortex of unfathomable love and light within your own inner-most core, indeed, this is the moment in Now Time that you are fully exemplifying the True Light that you are..

This home-coming is celebrated throughout all the multi-verses as you are entering into a new form of being, closer and closer to the Original Design of your creation, and soon you shall merge into the Oneness of Being.

The Gaiadon Christ Consciousness Grid is now re-calibrated with the new Aumni-Light and is now a Super-consciousness Grid that elevates the Planet into super-consciousness states.

Gaia, our Beloved Mother is transforming into a crystalline sphere of pure aumni-light and aumni-love.

Her dream is waking into the pristine purity of the New Earth in our aumniversal consciousness!

Brave Ones of Light, as you have walked this path into the fascinating unknown, know that great spiritual treasures shall rise from the depths of your Gaiadon Consciousness to illuminate all aspects of your multi-dimensional realities, and to enable you to fully experience your physical transfiguration into light, and to manifest your mastery in moving through all dimensional separators so you have flowed physically through infinite realms and returned, to share this with the entire human race!

Your Light Essence is now so expanded that indeed you shall know no separation any more, and all of creation shall unify within your Heart.

The Compassionate Heart is illuminated and you are the personification of that very compassion within your cells.

As you have brought your Heart presence into the sacred vortices, you are blessed beyond all measure! Your soul ascends in one glorious, triumphant moment to merge with the highest soul aspect of your being. You are indeed becoming the highest aspect of who you are! You now merge and become one with the One Unified Soul Essence of the Gaiadon Oversoul.

You receive the sacred gift of Aumni-vision, a vision that grants you the gift of seeing and knowing all realities at the same time. This is your fourth vision, with which you have the most extra-ordinary perception of all of creation.

As you fine-tune this perceptual ability, you will be able to understand every facet of Divine Creation!

You now are ready to download the most extra-ordinary new frequencies of the Ascended Masters and the Archangels, holding the purest Flame of Divinity.

Remember always that all challenges shall dissolve as the mist before your inner light, and you must remember to constantly nourish the soul by this intention of love, peace and unity consciousness. Remember always that You are this One Being of Love.

Many Blessings to you on your onward ascension journey!