Dear Gaiadon Bodhisattva,


It is time Now to step into the fullest aspect of your Divine Service.. You have come to fulfill the original plan and the moment is upon you now to fully embody the Light Body of Service to Gaia.
Spending time in contemplation, and deep meditation on creation and the process of evolution, the Ones that take the vows of assisting the planet in these times shall assume the Bodhisattvahood.
The Lion-hearted Bodhisattvas Now awaken….The Initiation continues…
Take the breath of love to move deeper into your core consciousness and become still…
Moving into the sacred temple chambers of deep silence you begin the contemplation of the Bodhisattva.
The cycles of all creation, are in motion and move through your conscious vision, and you observe the alpha to aumega movements in the quietness of your inner universe.
As you observe the rise and fall of time cycles, and the silent forces of great constellations and planets, carving the destiny of evolution, your soular heart begins to radiate in its supernal light.
Your realization is born from this contemplation and conscious awakening.
You take the Vows of the Living Bodhisattva Heart.
The First Vow:
Living beings are numberless, I vow to help them all to cross over the sea of suffering, the sea of birth and death.
According to the Principle of Impermanence, the existence of living beings is ever-changing. Some are born, some die. The absolute number at any given moment cannot be indentified, therefore it is regarded as being numberless.
The Second Vow:
Though afflictions are endless... afflictions such as difficult moods, aversion, greed, confusion... though these afflictions seem inexhaustible and endless, I vow to penetrate and to cut through them all.
The Third Vow:
Dharma doors are measureless, I vow to cultivate them all.
Through the third Great Vow the Buddha cultivates skills in countless approaches to the Path. The Buddha masters all the Dharma Doors, all the skilful means to enable beings each with their unique tendencies to give rise to insight into the true nature of things.
The Fourth Vow:
Though the Path is unsurpassed I vow to realize it:
Full enlightenment not only knows how to let go and be peaceful but is an Enlightenment that also knows how to perfectly respond to conditions in a way which is a true blessing for all beings.
A Bodhisattva Parable:
Three men were walking through the desert. They were lost and about to die from thirst and hunger. They come to a very high wall and the first one climbs up, shouts for joy and jumps over the wall never to return. The next man climbs up the wall and he too, exclaims in ecstasy, jumps off the wall and never comes back. Now the third man climbs up the wall. He gets to the top and sees a sort of Garden of Eden place with water and lots of fruit trees. He smiles, turns, goes back down the wall, returning to the desert to help others find their way to this paradise. He chooses to go back into the desert of the world and help others find their way.
The coming warmth of the morning sun softly caresses the flower's unopened petals. As the flower expands to absorb the sun's rays, the night's dew slowly dissipates.
The sun gives freely, neither asking for nor expecting a return. Knowing it is neither given nor taken, the flower blossoms without fear, gently adding it's own beauty and fragrance and sense of being to it's surroundings and to those fortunate enough to pass within it's presence.
Through this understanding and a selfless choice to serve, you become the one who shall indeed be the last to leave after assisting all sentient beings to move across the great void, fulfilling the greatest vow of the Bodhisattva..
One cannot be a teacher or a guru, one can only offer a glimpse of what is, or assist in showing the way: In the end, the truth resides in you…
Bodhisattva Love,