These amazing beings have devoted their lives in service to the Higher Light, and are committed to the selfless task of building the New Paradigm of Love on Beloved Gaia. This is a platform for them to speak and share their feelings and experiences and purpose in being the Pillars of the Gaiadon Sanctuary. Indeed let us honor these souls who have worked tirelessly to spread these amazing teachings upon this planet - How can we thank them enough? It is true, the Gaiadon Heart is pure Love, exemplified by these ones who hold the Light blazing in their hearts and of course they represent the Larger Gaiadon Family Heart whose Light is brighter than a thousand suns! - Saranya

Dearest Saranya and Gaiadon Family,
It was such a joy having you here in November to share 1B with the Australian contingent of our amazing family,  plus 2 beautiful beings from the US and one from Singapore.
Thank you Saranya, for your tireless efforts to carry the work and teachings to their richest levels…… and the visuals are truly incredible.  The whole experience of 1B was very expansive.
I really love it when we can gather in love and oneness and it is a great pleasure for me to be a part of the organizing and facilitation of The Gaiadon Heart teachings.  It is truly a joy when we all come together in the re-membering of who we are for we are One.  One incredible family of light,  and by co-ordinating the events it allows me to embrace you all in The One Heart.  I do this anyway, but being spiritual beings having a physical experience we/I do love the physical contact.  The hugs are amazing!
As a co-ordinator it also allows me the opportunity to have contact through the year with those who are facilitating the Gaiadon Heart teachings.  The Australian Office carries a supply of all the merchandise for all the GH Modules and it is always a joy to speak with the various people when they place an order.
I look forward to being a part of the next gathering in November of next year.  Yes, we are so keen we have already booked the venue and some accommodation rooms.  I know we are meant to live in the now but this felt so “right”.  The lovely ladies from Western Australia were the ones that started the ball rolling and first re-booked their apartment at the complex.  They did not want to risk it not being available, so when Saranya and I booked out on the last day I asked should we book now for 3B and so we did.  Past, Present and Future are all one anyway so we are always in the Now Time!
Once again, thank you beloved Saranya for your amazing journey and for the opportunity to be of service to our incredible family.
Love Unlimited, always……

Dear Saranya,

Here in the U.S. we've just finished celebrating the Thanksgiving Holidays... a formal time for reuniting with family and giving thanks. I am reminded of my many blessings and my heart soars. I am fortunate among women; I have two birth family and my spiritual family from around the world, the Gaiadon Hearts.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to serve the Gaiadon family. Being a US Coordinator takes a lot of time and commitment, but it is my way of serving Spirit and the greater family of light. Arranging for an international gathering requires great attention to detail months ahead of time, so that when you arrive to present your teachings, all goes smoothly. HA!

Being an Event Coordinator is really a part time job.I get to be in touch with the GH family love on a regular basis and it gives me great personal joy to see that events unfold according to plan... well, at least meals and transportation!!!

I love being a co-ordinator. It is a fun way for me to serve my Gaiadon Family, while dancing in the light and the love of the ONE HEART. I do love to organize parties! .....especially multidimensional gatherings.

But beyond the fun is the profound love I have for the Gaiadon Heart teachings and you, Saranya, for bringing this information to us. Simply put, the Aumkabah Keys of Ascension are the map of my journey home, the path to my personal and planetary ascension. The Gaiadon Heart teachings are the most profound on the planet, as far as I am concerned, and are all inclusive.

I look forward to the day when the name Gaiadon Heart is well known and the Gaiadon Heart family of light covers the globe. I believe that it is essential for these teaching to be spread as fast as possible, so that planetary ascension is assured. And for all these reasons I am willing to continue as a coordinator for as long as I am needed. You have committed your life to these teachings. Let those of us who can, assist you by organizing your events for the greater good of all. Working together for common purpose is joyous and so much fun! And I give thanks for the opportunity to do so.


Dear Saranya and Loving Hearts all around the world,

First of all I wish to share the huge joy when receiving news from you, feeling all of you so close to me; focused in similar goals, and when knowing all this;  the return home journey is lighter, joyous and happier!

I share with you the profound inner joy that I live in,  each day of my  existence since the very instant of  my awakening and service to the Divine Plan began and the gifts  and offerings I have received since that moment.  One of them has been to support and assist dear Saranya in her enormous task to receive, manifest, spread and anchor all these invaluable teachings, and a gift from heaven for all of us knowing that we are the most incredible miracle of the creation!

I feel deeply honoured to be of service to Gaia and to all Her children; being a Gaiadon Heart pillar, specifically in order that  all this energy and its techniques reach to all Spanish Speaking Beings, placing all the best from me in this objective that I really can, for the sake of sharing.

The Happiness, relief and enthusiasm showed by all beings receiving Gaiadon Heart are my honour and great gift to continue feeling deeply honoured by life, by the sky and by my cosmic and soul family.

I experience a marvellous sensation when closing a Gaiadon seminar; it is a sense of a great job done though the number of pupils could be two or three. The seed has been sown, the coding has been awakened.  And this is what makes this work grand. Infinite thanks once again to our dear sister Saranya, for sure our ancestral path companion and now that we are at this point of evolution, it is also a huge present to be together and to enjoy for all the time we have to work and accumulate along the multiple experiences lived together.

Cristalynah, the school I have created with the aim to activate the Light body, is servicing Gaiadon Heart as a point of unity for all Spanish Speaking Gaiadon Hearts, as a place where the"flock" gathers to share!

The work is hard and herculean sometimes,   but the joy and offerings are greater.
We live in the Light and divine love, awakened and so together we create first the basic pillar of construction of the enormous Gaiadon sanctuary  that embraces all the planeta and much more…………. Side by side, for ever.

I  Greet you from the unified Heart
In eternal service to the Light.
Graciela Leiva    


Dear Gaiadon Hearts, I would like to share my thoughts and words with everyone, because I do feel we need to express ourself also if we are happy.

Beloved Saranya, I want to thank you again and again for the amazing work you do and how you do with love, honor, respect, patience, passion and trust. I admire your courage to do all this huge work.

And I m happy to do whatever I can to help you to spread the truth and knowledge, which help us and others to be happier.

I  also would like to thank all other Gaiadon Hearts, who could come and participate in the workshop with us in Denmark in our center.

Thanks for making it happen. Thanks for helping increase frequency of Gaia and our place with your energy and love.

Special thanks to Viren, who is doing huge work to make it happen.

And of course Thanks to my beloved husband Dennis, who created such a wonderful center, where many souls can be fed with wisdom and love. Thanks for your love and support.

I feel very honored to be a co-ordinator of Gaiadon Heart.

Hope all of you have a good memory about the events.

Looking forward to see you soon or to meet you. 

With love,

Dearest Gaiadon Hearts, and Saranya,

The journey that we began as this Family of Light, is my heart's path to the Light. I am committed to the single vision of unity and love, and my soul's desire is that this group shall continue to grow together, and allow the Light to grow stronger and stronger, creating a towering and blazing One Flame of Heart Love that shall bring the New Age of Peace on this Planet. I am so full of joy to organize for the Gaiadon Heart and also to teach whoever is ready to receive this wisdom, and awaken their hearts to assist in the dawning of the New Light upon Beloved Gaia. My promise is to continue this service not only for the human race but also for the new Gaiadon Crystal Children, not only within the physical world but also through and beyond ascension, until every sentient being on earth has awakened and the New Gaia is created and even after...

Let the unity of the Gaiadon Hearts truly create this new reality.

Love in Unity,


Dearest Teacher, Sister, Friend:
Last is never considered least so even though I was not the first to start the wave of thankfulness and recognition I am of the same mind. Being the co-ordinator to the Gaiadon Events and making sure our group gets their supplies so they could go  on spreading the Gaiadon light seeds  has helped me realize a life long dream of mine to be of service to Spirit and humanity. Yes, I take my designation very seriously and that once a year occasion when I organize our gathering I bring forward my very best for it to be festive and glorious not because of me and my intervention but because the workshops are outstanding and our Gaiadon love takes care of the rest. Thanks for letting me come forth to be of service in such a great cause, thank you for your trust and most of all thank you for being who you are, Sister, Teacher Friend of all of us in the Gaiadon family.
My love and respect to you,

Dear Gaiadon Family
This year is drawing to a close and now is the time for reflection and preparation of the year ahead.   I think it has been a tough year for many of us but it is lovely to know that 2008 is the year when the Christ energy will be coming down and into each one of us.
I just feel the need to mention again  how those of us who attended Saranya’s new Level 1B in Eastbourne, working with the energy of the Harmonic Resonance Aumkabah, felt how truly amazing it is - and how different we felt afterwards – I am so looking forward to sharing this level and teaching it.
Saranya is currently working on preparing a new Combined Level II which will incorporate IIA and IIB.  Obviously it will be necessary to have experienced Level 1A and Level 1B prior to this.    If this is anything like IB it will be incredible.     
Now about me!   After a lot of thought I have made a decision to relinquish my role as European Co-ordinator.   I have been finding it difficult to devote sufficient time to my own spiritual path, and family, whilst fulfilling this role for the Gaiadon Heart.    I intend to carry on facilitating workshops and am planning a one day workshop for those people who wish to start facilitating Level 1A and this will be before I hand over at the end of January 2008.
If you have the time and are interested in taking up the position could you please get in touch with Saranya and/or myself.    Ian and I are off on holiday on 3 December and will not be back until 13 December so you will not get an immediate response from me but I can come back to you.
Anyone wishing to facilitate Level 1A in January, please let me know as I am needing to order some more Manuals from India and need to know how many.
May I wish everyone a Christmas full of love and joy and blessings.
With love in oneness