Dearest Ones of Soular Light,


I am your Soular Heart!

At this time of the winter solstice, please focus on the sacred time when quietness and meditation will gather the forces of light in great inward and outward waves of love.

Stay for a few moments simply focusing on your breath. Feel the peace and silence within your innermost being, immediately feel your heart responding. Know that the activation that you are about to do, shall nurture the most profound flame of divine love that you have ignited and kept blazing within your hearts, allowing its light to grow stronger and stronger, as it waits for the new day to dawn, as the soular rays burst upon the planet like the morning sun, this time, to last an eternity, for this is your co-creation of the new world of your dreams.

As you peacefully prepare for what is new and bright and shining and fresh, you feel your cells responding and beginning to open to receive many new frequencies that shall assist in the building of the new world.

A brilliant new holographic pathway opens up within your heart and becomes a bridge of love, and you move deeper into the core center of your heart which is the innermost sanctum of the Temple of the Source.

There is before you a massive clear quartz crystal that you recognize as an amazing Crystal from Orionis. As you seat yourself before this incredible crystal, you bask in its glow and are initiated into the mysteries of eternal life. Isis the Celestial Mother, presides over this initiation and you receive many flame-script light linguistics and sacred encodings that open up your fifth dimensional sight and you start to receive the liquid light of divinity that flows into your body from the core center of your heart, transforming each and every cell into liquid light. As you observe, 12 celestial sphinxes appear before you, and circle the area around you. All the sacred symbols engraved on the Sphinx are downloaded into you, and the 12 merge into one within your heart. The sacred records and scrolls safeguarded by the Sphinx are now revealed to you and the illumination in your heart and brain transports you further into a sacred cavern where you are guided to store the wisdom in energy packets, within your heart and cells, with the assistance of the celestial infinity ankh. The sacred power of the Divine Mother, Isis is awakened in your heart and the seeds of this love and power and wisdom shall remain in the quietness of your soul, to grow into the New Tree of Life under the guidance of the new world master-teacher/s.
You consecrate the massive and magnificent Light Crystal before you that is made of pure white quartz. This crystal represents the entire Human soul matrix of the human race.

You then proceed to carry out your sacred task of Celestial Transformation of Terrestrial Matrices. You construct with your thought intention, new light matrices and divine templates within the Heart Chamber, and infuse them with all the love and wisdom encodings that you have received up until now.  All these divine programs are placed within the Human Soul Crystal, and the crystal becomes lighter and lighter with your continued activations of love. As you dissolve the old thought templates, new divine frequencies are encoded into this Crystal.

The sacred crystalline energies are downloaded into the ethers around the Earth where with the help of the archangels and other light beings they will be integrated into the planetary aetheric and inter-dimensional matrices.

You now gently anchor this crystal within the heart of Mother Gaia and this is the perfect time to preserve the encodings within the heart chamber of Beloved Gaia which shall with the warmth of the rays of the rising sun/daughter soular heart, become the new Gaia-Chronicles.

You are the messengers of the New Truth. You are the New master-teachers. You are the co-creators of the New Dimension. Rejoice in this moment, the instant of dawning.

Precious Hearts, treasure always the secret wisdom and radiate this light from the deepest recesses of your heart out to this world, allowing all who bathe in the light of your soul to receive the most profound love, and to be-come the new awakened beings of light.

You are the Light of this World.

You announce who you are:

I am the Light of this world. I am the Light of this world. I am the Light of this world. I am… I am… I am… So…Hum… So…Hum…So…Hum