Beloved Gaiadon Hearts!

At this special time of the March Spring Equinox this year, this unique activation may be done individually or in groups so that the Gaiadon Hearts may weave this web of love and create the irresistible force-field of light that radiates the most profound sacred frequencies of pure divinity around the planet.

The Family shall gather physically in September this year, in India , to celebrate the Return of the Light and to anchor the most powerful Gaiadon Sanctuary Vortex on the Earth.

This Equinox is significant as it symbolizes a portal opening, and many new energies of Higher Light are pouring down upon the planet at this time.

It is a time to remain in quiet contemplation, introspection and receptivity.

It is asked that you hold the energy of pure unconditional love in your hearts, and allow your souls to merge with the highest aspect of who you are.

It is now that you shall activate a certain very subtle gateway of love that is within the Heart Core of Mother Gaia and also the within the Heart Core of Great Spirit.

Through this gateway appear the Mighty Elohim, as one Being of Light.

You fee l their subtle vibrations as you hold within your very cells, the very essence of this Elohimic Energy. You are lifted by this high vibration into the Elohim Realms and you receivethe Initiation of the Elohim that will activate the Perfection Matrix of Creation within your being.

As you prepare to receive this sacred initiation, beloved family, let us allow the merging of our hearts into the one Divine Gaiadon Heart!

Gaiadon Heart Love,


Beloved Gaiadon Souls of the Source Heart ,

We Are The Elohim!

Welcome to the Transparent Light Realm of the Elohim!

We speak to you from the Core of Creation and you can hear within your cells, the resounding silent sound of our telepathic communication that resonates now through you.

Once again, the Gaiadon Joy wells up from the One Heart as our One Voice is to be heard from the stillness of your Soul.

You are the ones who have raised your physical vibrations within your bodies to be able to receive the One Voice of the 12 Mighty Elohim!

At this time of the sacred equinox, let us merge together, uniting our hearts, and souls across great spaces and no-space, to create this new force-field of light upon the planet, so that the new gateway shall open within the human consciousness, to allow the Return of the Light.

So as you take slow, deep breaths, I would like you to go into that silent space within your hearts, that pulsates with the highest frequencies of pure Divine Love and Light.

As you become that silence, you begin to sense and feel the presence of the Elohim very strongly.

You also understand that at this heightened frequency, you have merged with the Elohim consciousness as otherwise you could not perceive or even sense these energies.

You are ready to receive the Initiation of the Elohim.

It is a time as no other. Right now, there is a great wave of light that is sweeping across the face of this planet, and the Ones that are sensitive to the nuances of this profound light are gathering the forces of light and love to completely Become All there Is.

Many frequencies of Divine Light are pouring through the Heart Portals of all mankind through the grid points of the Earth Holomatrix.

As you align yourselves with this great influx of Light, you know that there is a need to constantly nourish the light body and the heart with pure unconditional love and to re-inforce the Divine Purpose.

The Shift of all Ages is Now. At this time of the Equinox, there is a most amazing portal that will open up and all the Gaiadon Crystal Children shall connect through their hearts and create the Gateway of Light within their Hearts and assist in the anchoring of the Highest Divine Light within the Heart of Gaia. As you focus on the Now-Time, you can sense and feel that there is a great anticipation and joy as Gaia re-aligns her grid lines and ley lines with the celestial grid lines.

You hold the Christ-alenah Consciousness Grid energies in your hearts and you are the points of light within the Christ-alenah Grid, through which Higher Light pours through.

As the Gaiadon Crystal Children, you allow the currents of supra-galactic love and light to flow through your energy systems, and you allow yourselves to become the conduits of pure divine frequencies.

You are the cherished Diamonds in the crown of the Divine Goddess-God! We are here to achieve through you, the unification process of the individual consciousness into the One Light, working with the Principal Light forces on Earth, the Risen Christ-alenah within each one of you.

You activate your light body Aumkabah of the frequency that you have already attained.

Thought intention with breath:

                                              Gaiadon Light Body of Love Activate (Inhale)

                                              Activate at Goddess-God Divine Frequency (Exhale)

Our task is to manifest now the Perfection Matrix into the cellular records, so that every human on earth will shift into perfection mode and automatically begin to release limitation to embrace an unlimited state of being, and to allow perfection to be the natural state of existence.

Establishing the Elohim Consciousness on Earth means that you will activate your Light body and encode it with the Electronic Pattern of your Elohim Seed Consciousness. This Electronic frequency is purely of an Eighth Dimensional frequency, ensuring a limitless, unrestricted, free flow of Cosmic Light onto this planet, entering, raising up and freeing the fixed patterns of the third dimensional atomic world. This Divine Light (Let there be Light!) contains the Energy, Matter and Intelligence to bring all life into its full Divine Plan.

You are the Light Beings who shall create the necessary bridge of love, from the Realms of Light to the Kingdoms of the Earth, tangibly anchoring this Crystalline Electronic Perfection Pattern into the physical realm!

As you receive our subtle frequencies through your "I AM" Presence functioning through your embodied Christ Being, you can encode Humanity's consciousness with the Limitless Frequencies of Perfection patterns that are to transform the peoples of Earth during this Planetary Transformation.

You must activate every aspect of humanity within the physical realms with the Limitless Physical Perfection Patterns.

In preparation you embrace the Power of Goddess-God, guided by the Wisdom of Goddess-God, sent forth in the Love of Goddess-God and completely hold the core essence of such a divinity within your Heart!

The Consciousness of the Elohim is manifest through your "I AM" Presence and is radiated fully through your heart, in pulsations and radiations of pure Divine Light from your very being.  We, the Elohim hold in our energetic fields, all the Divine encodings, and now we understand that you are ready to bring the fullest Presence of Goddess-God into your form, into your body of light and your physical body cells.

Cherished Hearts, know that reading these words is an initiation into the most profound Elohim frequencies. You may actually begin to see and hear our Tone, our Vibration, our actual Frequency Ray that you immediately begin to radiate as your signature of Divinity through your fullest manifestation as the Divine Human, completely Becoming the Divine Incarnate. Know that this is the fulfillment of the Destiny of Gaia, and Adonai, together as one through you. This is your Declaration of the Presence of Goddess-God, as the Divine Plan is manifest! The Divine Arc re-turns all physicality, back to perfection, as the human energy spins back to Goddess-God.

We (You and the Elohim together) are the gateway to Co-creation with Mother-Father Goddess-God. We prepare the atomic force-field of the planet to accept any one or more of the Infinite Electronic Perfection patterns constantly projected from the Realms of the Divine.

You receive the Elohim Flame from the very center of which comes a constant pulsation of Pure Universal Cause that flows now unrestricted in, through and around the life-force on this sweet Earth. It is a pulsating blue-white frequency.

You begin to now pulse the Elohim Flame of Purity, Divinity and Innocence in your heart.

Thought intention with breath:

                                              Activate the Elohim Blue-White Flame (Inhale)

                                              Activate the Purity-Divinity-Innocence matrix (Exhale)

This Flame is received for the first time on this planet and you pulse its energies out to sweep the entire physical dimension with its pure Divine frequencies.

You prepare yourself to receive the sacred Elohim Matrix of Perfection, as you fully embody the Goddess-God Within you. Your declaration of your Innate Divinity, is to anchor the fullest Presence of Goddess-God within you.

The Perfection Matrix is a powerful Light Body Matrix, your aumkabah from which a new spiraling spherical sacred geometrical pattern emerges and continues to pulsate. This new waveform pattern is a divine spiral and it is non-linear. Your light body holds the Perfection Matrix with the constant pulsing of this amazing spiral wave pattern, which eliminates all that is not aligned to its perfect state and you ease into the natural state of perfection with ease and grace.

Again you sense a pulse shift in your body, and you shift in your frequencies, stepping up the energy in pulses, as your light body spins into the Perfection Matrix.

You succeed in the manifestation of the Pure Perfection Matrix.

Thought intention with breath:

                                              Pulse Shift 1 (Inhale) Aum

                                              Activate Elohim Matrix of Perfection (Exhale)

                                              Pulse Shift 2 (Inhale) Aum

                                              Activate Elohim Matrix of Perfection (Exhale)

                                              Pulse Shift 3 (Inhale) Aum

                                              Activate Elohim Matrix of Perfection (Exhale)

You shall hold positions of great authority and responsibility and shall participate in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan on this Planet.

You are now given many special initiations and empowerments as you step into roles of responsibility in the Elohim Councils of Light. As you hold and anchor certain grid points in the Inter-Galactic Planetary Holomatrix, you feel your energies stepping up. You shall hold positions of great authority and responsibility and shall participate in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan on this Planet.

Soul Infusion and DNA Illumination :

As you move through this harmonic time cycle, Earth's polar axis geometrically reorients in its evolutionary system - Earth's solar gravomagnetic field reorients in the unified field of galactic awareness. You are ready to receive a Soul Infusion of Supra-galactic Light that facilitates your subsequent return to unified-field awareness and this requires a proper neurological balance.

Thought intention with breath:

I receive Higher Light Soul Infusions (Inhale)

Activate Galactic DNA Illumination (Exhale)

And as the equinoxes do mean returning to a balanced state, you must align the human energy systems and attune them to the solunar cycle as a primary key to help establish this balance. When achieved, a triangular corridor opens (the tuning of the key) in your neurological system (between the Pineal, Hypothalamus, and Pituitary) that allows the descent of the soul through the body, into the DNA, into your physical molecular structure. This allows the other bio-energy centres (chakras) to function at a soul-level resonance. This also allows new types of hormonal secretions from the brain's control centre (the pituitary) that support a refined biological process. The soul-level activation of the DNA awakens your latent future (galactic) coding which in turn allows your transmutation into your refined bio-luminescent form.

As you become soul aware, you become unified beings fully grounded in your bodies rather than being fragmented into apparently separate spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects. In addition, you no longer experience a separation between the totality of your soul's experience (past lives) and your current lives--stretched out in time, embracing here and now awareness...

You find a space of deep and profound knowing and peace...a place found only within the deepest folds of your hearts.

The Urn of the Soul, the DNA, the human mould itself is transformed into a supra-being dominated by spiritual awareness / cosmic consciousness, rather than by limitation, a transformation caused by infusions of Higher Light, illumination made possible as Earth geometrically reorients in its Great Year into the divine undifferentiated center of the precessional cycle.

As Earth's electro-magnetic pole crosses a primary threshold right now, in the precessional cycle, She begins to retune and return to galactic awareness and the in-pouring light begins to avalanche - and all of life on Earth begins it's transmutation - from the inside-out.

In the Himalayan vision of East Indian philosophy, creation is sung into being. The Universe . . .  as a living Being . . . conceives of a Goddess who sings creation into manifestation.  All that is. . .  is the vibration of her song . . .  carried on her life breath, pregnant with her intelligence and will.

Your frequencies shift in pulses as you fully hold the Inter-Galactic Planetary Light Grid points within your body.

The Planet's Kundalini is activated. Her Heart-Womb is activated. At this special time of the equinoxes, the Earth's galactic chakras are awakened, and the life-force begins to flow in spherical radiations from her core heart center. This life-force pulsed from the core heart in synch with the first emanations, creating its own harmony, in the profound sound of silence. The Earth's resonance has its own harmonics, emanating from the harmonies of the inner life-force, the fire of creation.

You now search for the Creative Core of the Feminine and reactivate the Earth-music from her cells, which was buried and silenced deep within her cellular memory. You find the twin field, buried deep within her being.

This Harmony with her mirror twin, her soul mate, the Harmony of the Inner Spheres is the pulse of the Core and is the Life-force.

Gaia now expresses this inner unconscious driving force and seeks to create moments when Her Song is heard.

Like a musical score, this celestial unfoldment provides the currents that underlie and guide your participation in life's greater evolutionary symphony. Living in attunement to the natural astronomical cycles of life facilitates integration of the greater cosmic energies infusing into the Earth and yourselves - integration of the very Intelligence that is responsible for your spiritual awakening and that supports you to manifest your Divine Destiny.

The pulse of the crystalline child's heartbeat re-awakens the re-membering; the same pulse in the womb as the core of the planet. 

The reconnection of the Heart-Womb is a reminder of the Eternal connection to the Mother and why the body must awaken and connect the womb-heart.

We anoint you with the sweet essence of the Core Heart, and lift you into your new avatar.  Gaia stands with you and steps forward and you watch the sweet liberation of her body into light. Gaia Sings her sweet song of Remembrance.

You follow, and you melt into this liquefaction of your physicality into the Pure Light.

Become One and sing the Melody of remembrance for the joy of Becoming!

Let your cells vibrate the Music of the Spheres. Let Gaia resonate with the Harmony of the Spheres. The Eternal music continues.

Your body cells begin to vibrate silently with such a strong energy, that it seems as if you are actually spinning out of polarity, out of density, out of limitation, out of all that is physical into an expanded light consciousness.

Remain in this euphoric state for as long as you are guided, remain in sacred communion for 13 minutes to the gentle intoning of the Gaiadon Aum.

We rejoice in this amazing moment of re-union!

We are One, We are the Elohim!

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