Beloved Gaiadon Hearts,
Spirit has brought through a very powerful initiation that can be done by those who are ready, to integrate and balance our duality and also to neutralize our cause and effect programs as well as to clear all original thought forms so we may return to the Gaiadon Zero-Point, and emerge from the Chrysalis so that the caterpillar can fly as it must. A new Divine Soul Matrix is activated and the transition is complete into the New Life Path. It is only through your soul's request that this very powerful initiation can be received. Yes, it is simple but extremely powerful, and one has to be ready to be open to this. It is a very sacred process of moving into your own Divine State, and I would like those who wish to receive this Initiation, to please contact me, so that I will personally send this out to you. It is of course given freely and with love, so you can share this with whoever is ready, by simply asking them if their souls are ready for this meta-morphosis.

Looking forward to hearing from all the Gaiadon Hearts,

Love beyond all Dimensions...


I post below the article: Journey to Wholeness: Integration of Duality, which you can read first.

Journey to Wholeness and Perfection: Integration of Duality.

Beloved Ones,

The message below is a direct result of what I personally and some of our friends have been experiencing and I felt that expressing what came to me was important enough to share.

1. Integration of Duality:
2. Expansion of Light in the Physical Body:

1. Integration of Duality:

We are right now experiencing a need to face the two aspects of our own inner polarity and in doing so, shall eventually arrive at the harmonious unification of the two energies that constitute the duality within. At this time on our spiritual path, many of the light-workers are experiencing a different kind of a transformation. It is not so much as things happen to us, as much as things are happening within us.

At times we feel completely joyous and loving and at other times, emotions and thought forms are surfacing that we sometimes do not understand. More like a spiritual yo-yo.

What a wonderful step in mastery in knowing that our experiences are our own creation, and that we are shifting at such an accelerated pace that there is no time / space for anyone else to be held responsible for what we are facing. We have come this far to realize that our own thought forms are responsible for everything, and in such a realization there is an amazing clarity in dealing with such a responsibility as allowing the shifts to take place without creating more effects to deal with.

Our body is a combination of a zillion thought forms. If we didn’t have thought forms, we would have no body and be no body. We would be light body.

In dealing with these thought forms and emotions, as Gaiadon Hearts, we have done a lot of work in clearing and transmuting layers and layers of these densities, and yet more come to the surface asking to be cleared. Much like an infinite onion.

If we were to focus on the resultant light that is emerging, rather than what we are clearing, we may actually enjoy the process.

We as human beings (note the being nature of the human, continuous, eternal, supremely conscious be-ing without beginning or end) have lived for so long in the duality that it is part of our nature to evolve towards the light and many times avoid or ignore the darkness and suppress it.

The first thing we have to realize here is that darkness and light are not really opposite – they are simply the dual aspects of the same divinity.
True Spiritual mastery means embracing both / all aspects of our self and acknowledging that we are much more than the sum total of these two energies that make up our divine self.

What is the way to step into that state where we totally merge both aspects of the Higher Light and embrace our true Divine Self?

We have completed lifetimes of living in the duality and we have indeed explored all those aspects quite thoroughly. We humans did a good job there.

Right now, our thoughts are very powerful.

I believe very strongly that we can integrate our polarities by simply allowing our duality to merge into a harmonious unity and enjoy the resultant divinity.

We create what we focus on.

The total understanding and a deeper and more powerful re-membrance will come with just focusing on the totality of who we are.

We need to focus on the Higher Light, which is Divinity. All aspects of this duality can be integrated by focusing on the Higher Light - Divine Light.

Love can heal, and self-love is really important.

Now is the time to transmute. The key word here is not releasing but transmuting. Imagine how much free energy we have at our disposal if we transmute all that energy into love, into joy, into peace, into abundance.

1. Expansion of Light in the Physical Body:

The second most important activity within is the expansion of Light in the physical body. The process of amplifying the light has already begun and in fact, many of us are automatically sensing that are our cells are changing, meta-morphosizing and becoming less and less physical and more and more light.

This also results in many physical sensations like expansion, lightness, and even sometimes levitation and de-materialization. All this is natural and not to be feared.

Finally our bodies are being freed from a third dimensional material form, so both of the above are natural and bound to happen.

As we constantly allow our own thought forms to be transmuted, we attract more and more light into the body. As we embrace more and more light, more and more thought forms are transmuted.

And in the end, all there is, is the pure light that we are…

Divine consciousness encodings to integrate Duality into Divinity and embrace the Higher Light of Divinity.

I accept and embrace all aspects of my being.

I acknowledge that I am both light and darkness (and shadow, if you will).

I value all my human experiences and draw the value of who I have been to expand into who I am.

I acknowledge my human play with duality and I now seek unity.

I allow all my former selves, emotions, thought-forms, entities, and aspects of my shadow self to harmonize with all my former selves that are of the light and love, so that these polarities within me may be balanced with each other and aligned to the higher light.

I now call upon all these aspects of my being to appear and I embrace them with love.

I transmute all pain, and trauma associated with my past life experiences as I am grateful for the love and joy that I have also gathered with my past life experiences.

I facilitate the integration of all aspects of my self, as I place them in a beautiful hologram of
love and allow the divine higher light to fill up this totality of myself.

I facilitate the transmutation of all unserving thought forms and emotions into the hgher love and higher light, which is divinity.

I embrace divinity. I am divine.

I choose divinity as my only experience, and accept it and demonstrate it through thought, word and action.

As I integrate duality into one-ness and embrace my own Divinity, I expand the Higher Light of Divinity through every cell of my being.

In embracing the Higher Light of Divinity, I joyfully allow the light and love within me to expand within all physical or material content of my body, transmuting my physicality into the same Higher Light.

I allow the disintegration of my body cells and their transmutation into this Higher Light, and also any fear of the process, as I understand that my ultimate illumination is to totally merge with the Divine.