* As you begin to enter the silence of the moment, I would like you to gently begin to breathe into your heart. Let your breath draw you gently into the deepest core of your heart and you let yourself into that inner sanctum that is your heart sanctuary.

* Immediately and softly, the Gaiadon Heart meditation chamber forms around you and the Gaiadon Heart vibrates with the celestial love of Gaia and Adonai, softly pulsating and emitting its love and radiance, into the inner and outer heart spaces within and around you.

* Prepare yourself, by calling in all the Ascended Beings of Light that you cherish in your consciousness, into this sacred space. They appear in a circle around you and start to move clockwise around you. You shift into a new frequency of love as you become one with them.

* At this special time of the equinox, we gather our light forces to understand that this is a time for celebration. It is a time of deep contemplation and communion with our beloved Earth Mother.

* This equinox is one of the most important times in the entire her-story of Gaia.

* It marks the end of the Fourth Night in the Mayan Cycle of the Equinoxes and also the beginning of the Fifth Day.

* The Soular Day has begun.

* Today is also the Earth Day, the Re-birthday of our beloved Gaia.

* All the paths of light shall converge on this day as all beings of love unite to celebrate grand Be-coming of this planet into her true form of light.

* t is a time of shifting as no other.

* As we deeply honour and cherish our beloved Earth Mother, we take this time to understand that our love for Gaia is to express itself at the greatest power it has ever known.

* Expressing our love for Gaia shall adorn Her with the most resplendent garment of love and light.

* Begin by aligning your heart with the Heart of Gaia, and manifest a most radiant Gaiadon Holomatrix of Love around yourself and the entire planet.

* You begin by activating your Gaiadon Aumkabah of Love with the Gaiadon Heart-Light frequencies of Light.

* Thought intention with breath:
Gaiadon Aumkabah of Love Activate (Inhale)
Activate at Gaiadon Heart-Light Frequency (Exhale)

* As you remain in silent contemplation for 3 minutes, chanting AUM in subtle tones, you begin to receive many sacred Gaiadon Love Codes.

* These codes are activated in your consciousness as they trigger the activation of a very powerful Gaiadon Light Vortex of Love.

* This Gaiadon Light Vortex of Love is anchored in the heart of Gaia and it pulses its energy from the core of your being out into the multi-verses.

* As the Vortex of Light is activated, at the same time you begin to see many dimensional Ascension Portals are being also opened up, within the sacred sites and vortices of this planet.

* Thought intention with breath:
Activate Gaiadon Light Vortex of Love (Inhale)
Activate Dimensional Ascension Portals (Exhale)

* You now begin to manifest the most magnificent Gaiadon Sanctuary Ascension Portal around you.

* As you focus upon it, it begins to blend its energy all around you.

* It reveals to you its true nature.

* There within this magnificent sanctuary you see a golden chamber filled with sacred light.

* You activate the Gaiadon Ascension Portal for all those who are ready.

* Thought intention with breath:
Activate Gaiadon Ascension Portal (Inhale/Exhale)

* As you enter into a deep state of communion with your own divine self, you sense a great spiraling energy pouring into your heart and into your cells.

* The spiral rises like a great column of light extending all the way up to Source and to the Heart of Mother Earth.

* The Gaiadon Ascension Portal expands and encompasses the whole planet, and the planet becomes the main central chamber of the Gaiadon Ascension Portal.

* Thought intention with breath:
Activate Ascension Spiral (Inhale)
Activate Earth Ascension Portal (Exhale)

* As you focus on keeping the ascension spiral open and activated for those who shall move through this continuum of light, into the fifth dimension, you also know that you need to create a grid of light around the planet.

* You complete the activation with a New Co-creation Consciousness Grid that will hold the energies of all that the Gaiadon Hearts are creating, as an amazing light grid that shall draw the Gaiadon Hearts into Unity and synchronized ascension.

* You immediately begin to open up magnificent light pathways, into eternity.

* Thought intention with breath:
Activate New Co-creation Consciousness Grid (Inhale)
Activate Multi-dimensional Pathways to Eternity (Exhale)

* Gently bring your focus back to the heart of Gaia and breathe with her and feel the unity breath awakening.

* Feel the gentle pulse of the Divine Mother, feel it like the heart beat of the new Gaia birthing into Her child state of Purity and Divinity.

* Today, the day of the equinox, the day when duality dissolves into unity, the day when the electromagnetic forces are balanced and the day when Earth dances her cosmic dance to help humanity balance the polarity, let us celebrate the joyous moment when the planet emerges from the chrysalis, her meta-morphosis into the freedom of her soul into light… It is also the day of the Re-birth of our Earth Mother into her joyous innocence and child consciousness of Crystalline Gaia.

* Chant So-Hum for 9 minutes.