Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful, and loving Christmas, and a NEW,

NOW Year in the New Galactic Gaiadon Year!


And so we prepare for the New Galactic Gaiadon Year!

My Dearest Gaiadon Family,

This transmission was received from Gaia-Adonai, and I was asked to share this with all as a special gift for this Christmas and the New Now Year, to be shared with as many beings as possible.

This practice seems very much like a very simple technique that has been practiced by many before, but there is a difference. Many do this technique only to experience the droplets of nectar that appear in the throat. The difference here is that you must focus on transforming your entire original eight cells and your entire spine into this liquid light! Your spine must be the focal point to transform into light if you expect to dissolve all your densities, heal yourself completely and also to transform your physicality into full light body!

We are reminded to do this practice for 3 minutes at least everyday, to prepare us for many sacred journeys that we are to undertake, in the coming year, that will elevate us to the pure God-dess Consciousness vibration!

Please also focus on getting physically, mentally and emotionally fit and prepared so that we can take our heightened vibrations, and our Gaiadon Hearts to sacred vortices! An hour of brisk walking everyday, and a proper nutritious diet of natural food, breathing exercises, a few minutes of meditation everyday, are recommended from this day onwards to prepare us for a summit experience!

Let us rise again and yet again, to allow the winds of change to embrace our new child consciousness and be the fresh new breath of God-dess that shall permeate every layer of human experience, lifting it to a Divine Experience!

It is soon, indeed, my beloved friends that this Family shall gather to share the most amazing seeds of wisdom, and sowing these seeds planted by our beloved Masters like Thoth and Enoch and Metatron, so they will be nurtured in the garden of our hearts and souls, and grow into eternal trees of wisdom!

Indeed the best way of honoring our teachers, is to allow their gifts to be preserved and expanded in the way that it will be freed from the risk of being totally lost by human ways of thinking!

As we are poised on this threshold of ascension, we are aware that great shifts are taking place, and it is the great wish of The Gaiadon Heart that we move from strength to strength, drawing on the ancient wisdom, appreciating the great gifts of our spiritual guides, cherishing the memory and love of our spiritual friends and teachers, and truly stepping into our mastery, by living the life of simple love and service to humankind, utilizing the wisdom given to us, by Spirit as the perfect messengers of this Divine Love, Power, and Wisdom,to the world. Truly, Spirit continues to guide us, as we progress along this amazing journey, taking great strides in our ascension path, at the same time, focusing on our responsibilities to return to the earth all the love and the gifts that we have received. Our promise to the One Heart is to continue to grow and evolve! And there cannot be any end to this amazing wisdom that continues to be received, as we assimilate our already encoded energies and continue, on, onward and upward!

May we all blossom into the One Gaiadon Heart that shall spread this fragrance of pure love in these coming exciting times, turning a new page in our life-stories, shedding light upon this planet!

In Eternal Ultra-Love and Ultra-Light



Greetings, Dearest Gaiadon Hearts!


At this pivotal time in the evolution of humankind, the need is to focus on the new energies that are sweeping the earth plane. As ones on the path of light, you are aware that indeed huge shifts are taking place all around you. As the physical planet is dissolving all the old energies, new frequencies of pure love and light are being activated. You are watching the unfolding of the most unprecedented wave of pure Divine Light flooding the hidden and unexposed dark corners of physicality both in your bodies and on the earth, bringing to the surface all that was created and stored away and not dealt with in your previous life-times.

You are all part of this integral process, dearest Ones. It is time for you to face your Truth and your Light and the Love that you really are.

In this moment of acceleration of energies, I would gently like to remind you of your life's mission and that is to focus on the spiritual gifts that you have been given, and to use them everyday, to lift you and the entire planet and the entire human race from density into light.

Please use the Violet Ray, the Platinum Ray, and the Zonalight Ray everyday to cleanse, clear and heal all your lower bodies, and transmute all discordant energies that surface.

Please use the Ultra-Light which is the most rarified and purest essence of the Divine Light, and of the Purest Light of God Consciousness that we are able to experience right now on Earth!

The Ultra-Light / Ultra-Love is so expansive that it permeates your entire light body and the whole planet and the whole of creation! Soon this Light and Love shall expand into an even more purified vibration that is so profound that it shall simply take you right into the Pure Light of Pure Consciousness!

You must simply allow your hearts to open and expand with the gift of pure love, and let all that is not of the light dissolve into love and light.

Dearest Children of the Light, be reminded of the One Commandment received on the Mount of Moses, Sinai by the Gaiadon Hearts! : "Be God!" Being God is to allow others to Be God! Being God is to awaken the God-Potential in every one, and this is our responsibility at this moment in eternity!

And now I would like to share with everyone, the supreme gift that has been given to the Gaiadon Heart Family, at the Fountain of Youth.



This is a very ancient sacred practice that is to be shared with all human-kind.

I would like you to please take a few deep breaths and relax. If you feel like closing your eyes, you may do so. Please focus on your pineal and pituitary glands in the center of your head, and place the tip of your tongue to your palate.

Slightly push your tongue back to a soft spot between your throat and the roof of your mouth. Gently breathe, and focus on the spot between your pineal and pituitary glands, until you feel a golden liquid light beginning to flow from that space, filling up your brain.

Feel the sweetness of this elixir of immortal life.

Feel your brain filling up with this wonderful golden light.

Allow this to overflow from your crown and then like a fountain, spout out from your crown, and then flow down through your body and your chakras, drenching every chakra with this liquid qolden light.

Allow this to flow into your base of your spine. Focus for as long as needed to fill up your original eight cells with liquid golden amrit.

Let your spine fill up now, at every chakra, every vertebrae, feel the golden light changing all the density into light.

Your spine soon becomes totally light and is not a physical skeletal structure anymore.

Feel your entire body changing into this golden light.

Focus on parts where you need to spend more time, and then bring back your focus to your heart. Allow your heart to fill up with the golden energy until it begins to expand and expand.

You are filled with the pure aumni-light of the aumni-universes.. This new aumni-light shall expand your consciousness into the Purest Divine Light of Consciousness. This is your special gift.

You are the Fountain of Youth, you are the Aumni-light that shall release all physical limitation and exist as pure love on this planet, walking this planet as pure enlightened beings of Aumni-light!

Soon you shall receive more such spiritual gifts! Always, remain in the love center, dearest ones, and focus on your Heart which is of course one with the heart of Gaia. Allow this beautiful light to expand from your/Gaia's heart to extend forward to permeate all layers of Gaia-light body!

This is a gentle reminder, beloved ones that we have a lot to do.. Our commitment is to go beyond what we have done upto now. Our commitment is to make a difference with the spiritual tools we have received up until now and to receive what Spirit is offering to us to assist in transforming the planet into the most beautiful Earth Star, Gaia! Let us anchor the Gaiadon Sanctuary wherever our energy rests... Let us leave our mark of Gaiadon Love wherever we go.. Let us touch every soul we come across or connect with, with the purest love vibration of the Gaiadon!

Are we ready to take on the mantle of being the Masters of this Universe, and the Multi-verses, in service to the whole human race? Are we ready to do what it takes to serve in whatever capacity we are required to, to awaken the entire human race into total God Consciousness? Are we ready to come together to help co-create the New Earth Star?

Are we ready?

How can we do that? Simply focus, my dearest ones, on being the personification of pure Gaiadon Love... Simply radiate this Heart Pulse from every cell of your being and with every breath you take..

Be the essence of the Gaiadon Love and we shall indeed transform all that our light body touches...or reaches!

Embrace the Now Age! Do not wait for things to happen! The Now Age is the New New Age! Change your life by simply Being and Doing instead of relying on only visualizations and affirmations! They work only if you get up and take action!

When we expect change around us, we must Be the Change...

Remember, we are not alone! We are One!

The new tools of this Now Age are being downloaded! The transformation is inevitable!

Let the old energy dissolve into the new! They shall not work when we do not act!

Let us Become the Spiritual Warriors that shall rewrite the Akashic Records for the New Earth Star evolution! Focusing on the past pain and destruction shall not serve us Now! But drawing on ancient wisdom is of course essential! Know the difference, my dearest Ones, and take each step towards a new reality with total Love Consciousness and Awareness!

Let us let go of everything that does not serve us Now! Let us embrace everything that does!

This is the way of the Lion-ess Hearted! The Path of the Gaiadon!

In the Eternal Love of the One Gaiadon Heart!

I am Gaia-Adonai

The Gaiadon Heart


Amazing Gaiadon Heart Journey to Atlantis! (November 19th to 23rd 2005)

Most Beloved Ones of the Gaiadon Heart,

So it is that once again, I connect with you to share with you the most amazing spiritual journey that was undertaken by the Gaiadon Hearts to Beloved Atlantis.

It was only Divine Grace that opened up the sacred pathway for us to fulfill the very divine purpose of our many lifetimes.

As we gathered with pure love in our Gaiadon Heart, in the idyllic Bimini, the road to Atlantis was opened for us.

We prepared ourselves with powerful encodements that were so amazing that it seemed we were building up the energies from Egypt.

The golden sun, the white sands, the turquoise blue waters, all transported us back to the ancient days where we had all roamed these lands as great masters of the Universes. It was a great joy to return home, and there was only quiet peace and love and joy...

As we were guided very strongly to go to the vortex, the heart gate of Atlantis, again, there were many many challenges as we were dissuaded from going. However spiritual will is stronger than mere inclement weather, and we focused on our intent to go.

As it became clear that the entire group could not go to the vortex, a smaller group of 6 went, representing the whole group to complete this mission.

The bonding was so great that we went as One Heart, bearing the Gaiadon Heart as a gift for Atlantis.

With hope and love and trust in our hearts, we went through a storm, not knowing what was going to happen, driven by our singleminded vision, and our passion seeing us through the long hours, of waiting, motivated only by love and the call of our Beloved Atlantis.

Oh, the delight and the love was something that cannot be described. Transported on the wings of hope and love, we followed the inner heart and lifted off into the heights of peaceful bliss, carrying all the Gaiadon Hearts into Oneness.

The strongest of winds carried us unfailingly into the vortex, the heart gate of Atlantis, at a time when few would venture into such an adventurous journey. Through the stormy seas we went, the six of us, (Saranya, Viren, Marva, Josef, Aumashar, and Melody) symbolizing the whole Gaiadon Heart, knowing not if we would return, so treacherous were the waters and the skies and all the elements, expressing our innermost tumultous emotions, as we ourselves sought the calm within. After endlessly being tossed around on the waves, the storm abated, and we moved through into the most idyllic warm waters of Atlantis, and completed our mission. We were carrying the Gaiadon Heart with us.

The rest of the group held the energies for us and supported us from the shore, and we went in service, completely humbled, overawed, overwhelmed and speechless by the magnitude of this task. There were many special gifts that were received and special initiations. We returned, physically shaken, but still as glorious spiritual warriors, bringing the gift of Atlantis to all of humankind! The greatest of gifts, being the gift of spiritual freedom!

The joy of sharing this amazing experience with the Gaiadon Hearts is unbelievable. The best part of the whole experience is that the entire group experienced incredible energies, when they visited the Healing Well and Bimini Road, ample proof that there was really no separation, and that the group was really One Heart! One Big Gaiadon Heart!

All that Atlantis shared with us was pure love! There was no memory of pain or disaster... It soon became clear that such thought forms are not a reality in Atlantis. Our experience was only of offering our Gaiadon Heart to Beloved Atlantis, and Atlantis rose in our hearts, with the supreme love consciousness that shall be seeded on the planet, to help co-create the New Earth Star, Gaia! The new story is being written of a glorious new era where the entire human race shall walk this planet as enlightened beings of light, with spiritual grace and divine light and unconditional love!

Soon, very soon, the new journey shall begin...

All the spiritual gifts from Egypt as well as Atlantis shall be offered to all the Gaiadon Hearts who walk the Path of the Lion-ess Heart!

Atlantean Love, Dearest Ones!



The Journey Home to Egypt!! (September 18th to 28th 2005)

What began as a dream has become a reality.. Indeed to return to Egypt has always been a dream for all of us, who have deep soul connections with this amazing Land that beckons us home always.

This Family of Light, answered the call and returned once again, to experience one of the most profound journeys ever made.

It was with hearts full of love that we set foot on the familiar soil, to be embraced and welcomed by our beloved brother Mohamed and his family at Quest Travels. We came on a mission, and no stone was left unturned to make sure that we accomplished this mission of love.



The Gaiadon Heart AK Module IIB Seminar:

With the great pyramids right outside our windows, we began preparing ourselves with the extremely powerful activations that encoded the Gaiadon Heart in our Hearts.

We received many powerful initiations and encodements, that transformed our light bodies and our physical bodies forever. Mother Earth also transformed into the Gaiadon Ultralight Aumkabah, bringing us all into a joyous celebration of love.

Paul Armitage lifted the already powerful experiences to greater celestial heights with his absolutely divine music, and his solos were so perfect for the Divine Feminine that was so tangibly present.

Carol (Melody), channeled Lady Isis and moved the hearts of all present.. every heart expanded to infinity, the tears of love were certainly a result of this amazing heart opening.

The haunting Song of Rebirth by Melody, was the climax of an incredible Gaiadon Heart Seminar.

Of course, no seminar is complete without songs and our Brazilian brothers and sisters delighted us with their songs – Mae Maria and Illumina.

Paul’s solo was of course the grand finale…

Every moment, unforgettable, enhancing upon itself….


The Gaiadon Heart AK Module IIB Activations:

The activations at the Sphinx, The King's Chamber, Saqqara, the visit to Old Cairo, followed by the journey to Mount Sinai, the trek up the sacred mountain, the activation at the Glowing (Burning) Bush, and the Red Sea remain etched in our hearts forever.

Reluctantly we made our way back to Cairo, and the half hearted shopping, getting hopelessly lost in the Hi-tech Hotel Inter-continental looking for your own room/floor, because the elevators had no controls inside, completed an absolutely divine two weeks. By the time we figured out how to use the sophisticated systems there, it was time to leave.

Remembering the love, remembering the care of our Family at Quest, and remembering what Mother Egypt has given to us all, so we can give this back to the world, all we can say is, Egypt, we love you and we shall return again soon.

Adonai, Beloved Egypt, Adonai.

The above transmissions originate from The Gaiadon Heart and hence all sharing of the above meditation must accredit the original source of this information. Thank you. Please feel free to share this with all your friends and other light-workers.



The Activation at the Sphinx:


This was a unique experience, with Lady Gaia presenting herself and offering sacred initiations for ascension within the inner chambers of the Sphinx.

To be remembered is the powerful channeling of Sekhmet by Marva, that completed the trinity of the Ultimate Feminine Essence, of Love, Wisdom and Power.


The Activation at the King's Chamber - Day One:


A most powerful channeling by Enoch. We were given powerful tools to release all physical limitation and density, and then were taken through a hyper-dimensional portal to an innermost chamber. There we were initiated into the Sacred Celestial Ankh. Further we were taken into the Core of Creation, where the Flame of Eternal Life was retrieved by the Gaiadon Family. Anchored in our hearts, this flame shall ignite the hearts of all mankind.

The chanting of Aum for 33 minutes completed this extra-ordinary experience.


The Activation at the King's Chamber - Day Two:


Metatron channeled through Saranya and once again guided a most amazing activation. The highlight of this experience was that we were released of the last vestige of physical density, and then also had the unique experience of completely merging ourselves into One Being. Merging into this One Divine Spark of Love and Light within the King’s chamber, we lost complete consciousness of our separate identities and for the time, it was just melting into the singular Divine consciousness. The initiation of the Celestial Ankh and the retrieval of the Core of Creation, were totally different from the first time, and we became the Core Essence itself. We embodied the Flame of Eternal Life and truly this was a special gift.

Again the chanting of Aum for 33 minutes awakened the walls of the King’s chamber, and we could etherically sense that the Eighth dimensional King’s chamber was fully activated. There were many initiations received within that realm.




Mere words cannot express how special this was. On arrival, our purpose was conveyed to Mohamed. Saranya told us how, long ago, Saqqara was this pure 'portal' to the Divine. It was like a direct station between Earth and the Stars. Many great, great Beings of Light came through this entry point. Anything brought into this most sacred vortex was hugely magnified. Mohammed was so much a part of this experience .. he did so much to make sure everything was just perfect. After he heard Saranya explain the importance of what we'd be doing at Saqqara, and after he spent all of Sunday night being entranced by the DVD images, he decided to try to work some magic on our behalf. And he did!!

Our purpose was to heal the ancient ego wars between the priests and priestesses from there ... the disharmony between them became so greatly magnified that it blew apart the temples there. Our purpose was to go back into those inner temples and using our magnified presence of Gaiadon Love to restore the balance.

It was for the first time in 27 years, that anyone was actually allowed into the Step Pyramid!! We had a 3 hour private visit from 5 to 8 in the morning. Even all the Quest people haven't been in before ... and though they've been to the Saqqara site probably hundreds of times, they've never had a private visitation before like this.

As expected, it was beyond our imagination to actually step into this ancient crystal complex, and we were overwhelmed by the magnificence of this structure. To physically step within and to activate the ancient computer network and the communication channels, and to restore the love grids, was a task that we carried out after first accepting three purifications and then offering our service with total unconditional love and light.

This was our soul contract, and we accomplished the task of love, so that Saqqara shall serve once again as a consciousness grid for the entire universe. There was the most incredible sense of joyful celebration resounding throughout the heavens after the Saqqara activation.


The Old Church and Synagogue in Old Cairo, and the Mosque:


Quiet reflections of history reaching through the centuries to touch our hearts once again, we just enjoyed the peaceful energies in silence, but then our irrepressible (hushed) Aums activated the sleeping walls, and we did leave our energies there, being the Gaiadon Hearts that we are!


Journey up Mount Sinai:


Again a promise fulfilled, a dream come true…a contract completed…This was also unforgettable in every respect.

Mount Sinai…The rustic rooms and the rocky landscape.. breathtaking…..the silent majesty of the mountains….rocks that hold secrets of ancient times… it was beyond anything that we had ever experienced before… The camels silhouetted against the horizon and the valley like a chalice, the rocks rising high into the roof of the world. On and on, we climbed, oh, what an experience!

The camels were gentle, and not a feeling except of total trust, kept us going. At one moment, we just merged with the camel, and felt that we were one rhythm, swaying gently in the upward movement, side to side, up and down, it was magical… Becoming one with Spirit and Gaia, it was easy to let go and become One with the Universe!

After a point the camels would go no more, and we had to walk up 780 steps to the very top. Every step, a prayer, as Emil says…

We reached the very peak at the crack of dawn, and were surrounded by at least a hundred people.. veritable cacophony… but we managed to find the silence in our hearts, and we did the most incredible activation… We activated the Infinity Frequency Ultra-Light Beams! We received the celestial Ark of the Covenant. We became the Arc of the Covenant.. As the sun came up, we anchored the Great Central Sun in our hearts. We radiated the Central Sun! We received only One Commandment!

The descent was another 3500 steps, some of us taking the 780 steps and then ‘cameling’ down, and some of us preferring to walk down the whole way. A profound meditative experience, that cannot be described easily, in words, not one of us will ever forget this sacred initiation.


St.Catherine's - (The Burning) - Glowing Bush:


We did the activation again, this time, but the experience was totally different. We could actually feel the bush glowing… there was a flaming sword of fire that came down and ignited a ring of light around the whole group. An ultragram appeared in the bush, with Moses and St.Catherine’s forms within, both of them overseeing the entire activation.

Truly worth waiting lifetimes for...


The Red Sea:


An unscheduled stop at the Red Sea, was managed by Mohamed waving his magic wand, and everyone had a swim for an hour and a half. Of course this joy is first nature to this Family, and we had a riotous time in the crystal clear waters. We simply had to do the activation where we encoded the crystal water matrix and focused on parting the Red Sea within our cells.