Dearest Gaiadon Hearts!

You are the Light of the World, blazing forth from your One Heart, radiating with the purity of the Divine that you are!

Your essence is of the combined frequency of the Gaiadon Heart Crystal Child that is now awakened and active within your heart.

You have arrived at this point in your evolution where you are spinning out of your third dimensional physicality with an accelerated beauty of your inner radiance.

Your soul radiates with the brilliance of a newly birthed star and you emanate the peaceful love of the One Re-turned… and indeed your star-light is the brightest of all the stars within all star-spaces.

Beloved Ones, it is a time for an initiation, that you shall receive from the Heart of Goddess-God.

This initiation comes straight from the Source-Heart, and the force of Spirit, moves through your being as you open and receive.

Know that it is time for a great purification process to take place that shall sweep through the entire planetary system within this universe and all other planetary systems within other universes that are of the same third dimensional frequencies.

Stay in silence, and prepare.

As you enter your heart chamber, and move deeper and deeper within into the sacred sanctum of the great temple sanctuary, know Gaia herself forms the great central chamber.

You allow yourself to be drawn gently into the sacred heart core. The planet revolves silently around you.

You are ready to witness a very powerful moment in the his-her-story of Gaia.

As you observe the entire saga of human history and evolution span before your inner heart-eye, you see your many lifetimes, and understand that you were many beings before you merged into this great being of light. As you integrate all of your lifetimes, I would like you to release all attachments to who you have been. There may be a great need to know different aspects of your past in order to know who you are now, but dearest ones, the sum total of who you are, is much more than any of those beings that you have ever been. Look at your light, look at your power, look at your wisdom. Integrate all aspects of who you have been into the single light master that you are…. Now!

Now you are ready. You are taken through 5 sacred chambers within the Heart Temple.

First Purification:
You enter the first chamber and you see before you the sacred altar where there is a Divine Flame. It is an Amethyst Flame which holds the essence of Divinity. Place the planet within this flame and expand this flame as the Aetheric Flame burns away the first layer of density and penetrates through the auric layers, moving all the way through to the heart of Earth Mother. Watch as the spiritual cleansing takes place as many awaken and purify their souls, preparing to realize their own inner light. Waves of Divine Light flood the planet and many human thought-forms are transmuted into higher light.

Second Purification:
Entering the second chamber, there is the Great Light that fills the space. A huge white quartz crystal announces itself as the Great Light-keeper of the planet, much like our physical sun.

It initiates you into great wisdom and illuminates your soul as you receive more and more light into your body cells. This light now expands from the Light-Crystal in your heart and penetrates the second layer of the earth’s light body, purifying the atmosphere and all light layers with great amounts of love and light. Assist this process, beloved ones.

Third Purification:

As you move into the third chamber, into the chalice of your heart, you sense a very beautiful fluid resonance, flowing in waves of liquid light from the core crystalline matrix, out into the universe.

A magnificent rose quartz Gaiadon heart appears before you and reveals itself as the Great Heart-Keeper, the Heart Crystal-Keeper of this Creation. As you merge with it, you are initiated into the One Heart Initiation, and the greatest force of love pulses out from you, Feel the Force of love, radiate from the core of your being in peaceful radiating, pulsating waves. Allow this love frequency to ripple out through your heart, your light body and out into the planet and the universe. Assist in the great purification of the water crystal grids and all the water bodies, within the planet, in your cells, as well as within the greater waters of this universe.

Fourth Purification:

The Fourth Chamber draws to your focus a wonderful Fire-keeper Crystal. As you consecrate it, you are again initiated into the powers of this Crystal-keeper as you become its guardian. You sense the soothing Flame radiating its light, and then begin to radiate its glow to expand and encompass the whole planet. This cleansing fire transmutes many human thought patterns, and transforms them into light. As the light of this flame sweeps through the physical layers of the planet, much suffering is released, many densities are dissolved and much light is created on the earth. It is time to use the process and the Great Divine Elements to purify the third dimension. And we must do this Now.

Fifth Purification:

Now you are ready for the final initiation:

In the center of the Fifth Chamber, you see before you the great Earth-keeper Crystal and you offer the Gaiadon Heart to it. There are 12 earthkeepers upon this planet and they are in attendance. The 12 Earth-keepers enter the sanctum and surround the Original Earth-keeper. Immediately you understand that you are the 13th Earth-keeper. Immediately you realize that you are the Original Earth-keeper. As the 1st and the 13th Earth-keeper merge, the circle is complete and you have Re-turned. You consecrate the Original Earth-keeper and it initiates you into deeper creation mysteries. The Earth-keeper now begins to glow with an ethereal light and it begins to sends out deep pulsing earth resonances that move through the earth grids. You may feel the deep throbbing, like a pulse begin, as the Purification of the Land masses begin. Very gently, and harmoniously you facilitate the cleansing of the ancient wounds of the planet, beginning with healing of the hurt of the original separation from Source. Allow time as you assist in this loving task.

Now there is a great ceremony as all the five crystal keepers begin to move into the center and merge into one. You are guardians of the One Crystal that is in your safe-keeping. You are the Gaiadon Heart Crystal-keeper. You shall continue to project from your One Heart the healing waves of love, that shall constantly raise the consciousness of the planet and all those that live upon it.

As the light quotient is expanded from your heart, you reach the light frequency of the ascended beings that have remained to serve Gaia, on the surface and also within, and you shall commune with them to fulfill the Divine mission of unifying all aspects of planetary polarities into balance and oneness.

Your heart fills with the purest love of Source-Heart that pours from every cell of your being.

There is a new pulsing frequency that thrills through your being and ripples out into the cosmos.

Earth and Source unite in this moment within your heart and you witness the grand liberation of this planet into Her true form of Light.

You are that One Heart. Rejoice in this experience. Witness the Earth re-turning to her original purity and perfection that she has always been. The innocence and divinity shines from her child-mother heart.

Your initiation continues….
From this Force of Creation, there emanates a very powerful, vibration of Love that is the greatest Love that you have ever experienced.

Feel the Force of love, radiate from the core of your being in peaceful, radiating, pulsating waves. Allow this love frequency to ripple out through your heart, your light body and out into the planet and the universe.

This love frequency holds the purest divine-essence as you allow these radiations to spread out and touch all of creation, and you touch everything with this love.....

Let your Gaia-Love sweep this beautiful planet and observe Gaia emerging through the chrysalis of her being, and you facilitate the meta-morphosis of the planet into the new Fifth Dimensional Gaia-Star.


Sharing my expericence with the Gaia-Love Meditation that Saranya posted!

Posted by Lynn Halverson on February 14, 2008
I have been guided to share my experience with this meditation.

As I was surfing the page I was guided right to this meditation. I dug my Gaiadon Heart Keeper and my Gaiadon/Kamadon Earth Keeper Crystal from my purse. As I unwrapped my crystals, I immediately noted that my Earth Keeper had a new formation in it. It is like a star burst. I felt the flood of the energy I always get when I pick up my crystals. The energy was so warm and peaceful and I realized I had not connected to this energy in some time, and it was so comforting, like coming home.

I got very quiet and sitting at my desk at work, all I could hear was the hum of the fan on my desk and I felt the warm waves of energy begin to envelop me. Immediately I was struck with the deep peace I felt.

As I entered the heart chamber I felt such love for Gaia. I focused on the graphic of the Blue Earth posted with the meditation.

I the felt the planet moving peacefully around me, almost in tandem with the hum of my desk fan.

I had that feeling one has when they are about to step into their destiny. I always feel this when I do Gaiadon work.

I saw my many lifetimes flashing before me, like super fast forward frames of a movie. They zipped by – faster and faster – almost as if I was a witness to the how my vibration had increased with each lifetime. I saw and felt that I had been indeed been many, many things before this life, from Whale to simple peasant to great rulers and masters of consciousness. Jesus/Sananda and Mother Mary stood on either side me before the altar. They greeted me with great love and care, like old friends. J (as I fondly call Sananda) hugged me to his side and kissed me gently, filled with love and I was so overwhelmed with joy to be with him. The great keepers of the Akashic came and opened the record book of my lives. I saw, coming from the book with parchment like pages of light, spaghetti – like filaments of my lives, trailing off the pages – and I knew that these were my attachments. I asked that they be severed – but I could feel fear enter at the thought of letting go, the harshness of cutting. AA Michael, who always comes to me to sever things when I call upon him with his sword of truth – came and severed – and the filaments dissolved into light – but there was more – another structure appeared from the pages of the book, closer to an octopus that was entangled and stuck to the book. I asked for help.

The angels came in and applied salve to the suction like cup where the octopus was glued to my Akashic record. The salve was of light, purple, pink, orange, silver, magenta – they applied the slave all around to loosen the hold and soon it dissolved, and the entangled octopus was released – swimming off and finally dissolving into silvery translucent light - transmuting my attachments.
I saw that I am much greater than the sum of even these lifetimes. As I had this realization I saw and felt my wings unfold behind me. They are huge, majestic wings of light, filled with power and grace. Their magnitude was immeasurable and I was struck with awe that these are my very own wings. I felt Mary and J nod to me, like yes, you are the queen of the angels. I felt my being as an Archangel of the highest order.

I became aware of J next to me. I love him so, and felt that feeling of wanting more of his kisses – and then I found myself in the kitchen at the restaurant where my estranged husband works. I went through the kitchen, where my wings were so big, they were bumping into the metallic shelves and appliances, but I could not feel it, only an awareness that I was too large for the space – as I went to the salad station where Ruben worked – I embraced him and kissed him so gently, so full of love and grace – it moved us both. I held him tight for a moment, feeling the love we once had, breathing him into my heart – we had a difficult child support court decision yesterday – and I have been feeling sad about how upset I know he is – because it is about lack and forgetting WHO WE ARE and walking away from the light….so the embrace was tender and filled with love – and it felt like a healing.

Then I found myself back at the altar, with Mother Mary and Jesus, who were morphing next me, one moment J was Jesus, then Enoch, then Sananda, then Thoth, changing at lightening speed. Mary was Isis, Shekinah, Iannah – morphing, both were like changelings – never static, fluidly reflecting the beings they are and have been – but there is no time – it is not easy to put into words. Then they merged with me into one being. Such joy at the merging. I felt the Oneness of ALL THAT IS.

As I entered the First Chamber of purification, I saw the sacred altar where the divine flame burned for eternity. I felt the eternalness of it’s burning, so peacefully, in just the same pace, this divine flame danced– it was purpley and I saw it penetrate all the auric layers of myself and the Earth. I was called to activate the great purple flame of transmutation with a breath – and I activated it to clear, cleanse and release all misqualifed energies from me and the whole planet. I saw the thought forms rising up and dissolving and transmuting into light. I was called to active Matter Muon Crystal light cell thought mind clearing for myself and all other beings with breath. I felt the assistance this was lending to all on Earth. And I watched the thought forms continue to rise and release and transmute.

As I entered the second chamber it was filled with white pure light. I met the Great Light Keeper of the planet and felt such joy at our reunion. The crystal and I immediately began to communicate telepathically as it greeted me like an old friend. I knew I had worked with this crystal for centuries. Thoughts and memories of Atlantis, and how we had compromised this Great Light keeper came flooding to me, and at first I became concerned that I held onto them, but then I realized they were being released. I actually apologized to the Great Light Keeper for my role in the destruction and I felt forgiveness and release. I actually hugged the Crystal. I felt the light penetrate every cell and then expand to the earth, to every blade of grass, every grain of sand, every piece of dirt. I saw the sky, the clouds, and the atmosphere filled with white pure light. I saw the Earth transforming into a star.

I moved through the Great Light Keeper, realizing it was also a portal. I emerged into a vast crystalline chamber filled with sparkling rose quartz. I greeted the Gaiadon Heart Keeper there – and it cracked me up a bit, because I saw Enoch/Alton standing there – as he always is whenever I connect to the Heart Keeper – he is like a tour guide there, waiting to show folks around the chamber – hee hee hee – and as I merged with the Heart Keeper. I felt the waves of love, so pure, so soft, so fast flowing to all the world. I uttered some light language, but the vibration was so fast, it could not even be expressed in the physical realm. I saw the Earth crack open, and the physical density fell off like a layer that was no longer needed, like a snake shedding it’s skin, like a nested puzzle, shedding the dense physical layer. I saw the light permeating all the grids, all the nodes of the Earth, shifting and transmuting. I saw the Cetaceans and the beings receiving the light. I saw the waters and the cells and molecules in the waters receive the light.

As I passed through the Heart Keeper into the chamber of the Fire Keeper, I felt the coolness of the flame. As I again muttered light language that was too fast for words – I felt honor at becoming a guardian. The chamber was filled with Ascended Masters and Guides. I again saw the physical part of Earth crack open like a shell and fall away to become dissolved into the light.

As I entered the Fifth Chamber and stood before the Earth Keeper, I was aware of the other Earth Keeper Crystal’s consciousness’ all around me. I was shown the portals on the Earth, the first being Stone Henge and then I was being shown the grids and the portals and the connections as the Earth Keeper flooded them with a soft warm light, that was the color of honey, smokey quartz. I saw the energy flowing into major areas of the Earth, starting with Africa, moving to the Middle East, and then the North and South poles, the United States, Europe and the entire Earth.

As the Masters oversaw the merging ceremony of the crystal keeper, I was aware of my role. I felt the waves of love and peace emanating from me. My great wings of light pulsing love from every part of me. I saw all at once why I was here, why I had come, and what I must do in service to this planet I love.

I felt the peace of wholeness.

I saw the Earth return to sparkling and pristine beauty.

I felt the force of love from the Creator fill me and it took my breath away. I felt the wound of separation erase in a breath. Tears rolled down my face.

I have no words for the beauty of this profound experience. I am thankful I was led to this meditation, and even more thankful that no one came busting into the office to disturb me – and that I am able to write this down and share it – as I was instructed to do.
Amen! Unlimited Love,