Beloved One of Gaiadon Light,
This Equinox is a most special one marking a turning point in the ascension agenda of the whole planet.
This period particularly represents the end of the old time cycles and the beginning of the new paradigm upon the planet.
We are to celebrate the most precious force that we have today upon the face of this earth, our life and our love.
As we connect across the vast physical spaces between our hearts, the illusion of physical time and space dissolves to allow us to simply move gracefully into the era of truth and love.
Let us begin by once again gently breathing into our heart-spaces, and entering softly, the stillness and the peace that we are.
Finding that source, that wellspring of love that we nurture within the deepest core of our being, we merge with the One Heart and realize fully the Self that has become One with the Original Source of Creation.
In this realization, there is an emptying of all the rivers of consciousness into the one cosmic ocean of love, and you swim in this state of liquid love for a while.
At this juncture you are ready for an initiation that shall tune the frequencies  of the planetary grid into the highest octave of love and at the same time calibrate this light grid with the light resonance frequencies that shall modulate the energies of all  beings within the physical paradigm into the same resonance frequency.
This resonance frequency shall function as a new waveform pattern that shall not only raise the love quotient of the entire human race and of all creation within the physical paradigm into the highest frequency that has already been reached by the light-workers around the world, but also maintain this ascending wave of love in its accelerated growth in a constant and harmonious way.
The Critical Mass of awakened souls has already been reached and the rest of the awakening ones are rapidly brought into the same frequency, by the gathering light.
Focus, dear ones, on the collective consciousness light grid around this graceful planet as you sense that the center of the grid and the planet are the same as your heart core center.
Begin once again by activating your Gaiadon Heart Light Body Vortex Holomatrix of Love with the Unconditional Love and Light Frequencies with your divine thought intention and a gentle breath in through your nose and a gentle breath out through your mouth.

Thought intention with breath:
Activate Gaiadon Heart Light Body Vortex Holomatrix of Love (Inhale)
Activate at Unconditional Love and Divine Light Frequencies (Exhale)
The Activation Codes are visual, energy triggers that shall fire the grid codes through the ley lines and the meridian lines of the planet, and are downloaded into your earth-light body and as you activate the meta-morphic, harmonic, and supra-morphic resonance frequencies, the light signals shall travel through the physical channels, the water channels, and the light cellular channels of the tangible universe at faster than light speed, instantly affecting the consciousness of entire creation, through the light bodies of the Family of Light,  penetrating through the layers of collected energy, all the way through the kingdoms of the mineral, vegetable, animal and human life-forms, then travelling up through the conduits opened up by the new fifth dimensional Tree of Life, to the Heart and to the Source.
Please focus on the activation of the transmutation codes given to you, and you shall sense these codes are the love codes of pure divine consciousness that shall transmute the old unserving patterns into new spiraling cycles of new creation.
Thought intention with breath:
Activate the Transmutation Codes (Inhale)
Transmute old Patterns into New Creation Cycles (Exhale)
Allow these codes to awaken long forgotten seed memories of the Divine Matrix of Creation, for you shall use this in your new co-creation tasks. The New Truth Matrix is the Blueprint of the New Paradigm of Love.
Thought intention with breath:
Activate Divine Matrix of Creation (Inhale)
Activate the New Truth Matrix of the New Paradigm of Love (Exhale)
You recognize the patterns underlying creation, and once again, recognize the sacred building blocks that make up the known universe.
As you silently absorb and activate these codes, a new set of multi-dimensional codes of ascension are offered to you and you receive them into your earth-light body.
These multi-dimensional key codes activate the ascension matrix of love and light.

Thought intention with breath:
Activate the Multi-dimensional Codes of Ascension (Inhale)
Activate the Ascension Matrix of love and light (Exhale)
Now your light body silently vibrates with the highly accelerated love pulse frequencies and you can sense the shift taking place of the whole physical paradigm within every cell of your being.
Alll of creation celebrates as the energy settles into a cosmic hum, a frequency that vibrates with the universal Aum, and you once again settle into the inner spaces within your heart chamber and become one with the Source of all being.
Silence is the New Music that resonates with the Language of Love.
Remain in this stillness and observe the whole truth as a single unified sphere where the center is nowhere and everywhere.
Your Aumni-perspective draws you further into the deepest sense of nothingness, and everything-ness. You enjoy the emptiness from which all form ensues. You remain in this void, this chaos, this nothingness for as long as possible until the urge to play once again the symphony of spherical music, to weave the tapestry of life, to dance the Cosmic Dance of creation cycles once again draws you out to outer manifestation.
As the innocent and pure child of the Gaiadon, you joyfully continue your journey, fearlessly blazing the trails of new unexplored pathways, and crossing new frontiers, climbing new peaks, and at the summit experience, once again, drawing into your innermost silence, the out breath and the in breath, and then in the illumination of the Supra-Self, you delve into no-breath, the zero-point, the shunya of existence, the pregnant void from which the cosmic egg is pierced to spawn new creation.
Gate Gate Paaragate Paarasam Gate Bodhi Swaha
Sense the New Star of Gaia pulsing like a radiant Sun, the Sol of Gaia, illuminated by the deep Prajna-Light that is coursing through your very cells.
This stillness is the point where you lose your identity as the self and yet where you know your Self completely untill  there is no Self to know. There is.. just the Being that is All That Is..
All you are IS the stillness….
This stillness is the stillness of being, before being, beyond all words or expressions.
These words are insufficient to describe this stillness between creation, no creation and creation.
Hence please simply be it, even if be-ing it does not explain fully the entire scope of being it.
Drown in it. Let it go… and step beyond the stillness…
The gift of the equinox is to allow you to find this no-time, no-space, no-breath, no-being self that you are.
Silence moves through infinity into eternity.
Silent Love…

Heart Sutra Commentary:
Buddha illuminated the five skandhas and saw that they are all empty.
The three lights shine everywhere,
permeating the three forces.
The one returns to the place of union,
yet the one comes forth again.
See that form is emptiness
and that feeling is the same way;
False thoughts are the shifting currents,
while formation is the arranger of karma;
With consciousness, which understands differences,
the five shadows are completed.
Mirror-flowers and water-moon,
beyond defiling dust:
Emptiness is not empty – the great function of clarity;
Vision is yet not a view – happiness indeed!
The three lights shine everywhere, permeating the three forces. “The three lights” are the sun, the moon, and the stars, which illuminate everything in the universe and thoroughly penetrate “the three forces” of heaven, earth, and humanity. The three lights are also the lights of wisdom: the light of the prajna of language, the light of the prajna of contemplative illumination, and the light of the prajna of the characteristic of actuality (The three are also said to be the symbolic red, white, and purple lights). The light of true prajna of the characteristic of actuality is the very deep prajna-light by which Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva illuminated the five skandhas and saw that they are all empty. With the three kinds of light he illuminates every place in the heavens and on earth, and the lights permeate the three motive forces.
The one returns to the place of union, yet the one comes forth again. “The one” refers to one’s own nature. The “place of union” is where one’s own nature dwells. Basically it is this: “Ten thousand dharmas return to one; one returns to unity.”