Dearest One,
As we re-turn to this sacred space, we re-member the true and original gateway in through the Gaiadon Heart Portal of Peace, and with our heart song leading us into the sanctuary of our heart spaces, our new Earth Temple opens up to lead us into the sanctum of Gaia-Heart, the inner temple where the light ones consecrate the living Gaia-Light and which safe-guards the continuum of light that is an illuminated pathway leading to the New Earth.
As you prepare to move into the most significant experience within all of your multi-dimensional lifetimes, you know that you are here for a purpose.
Now is a fulfillment of an ancient promise, a completion of an original divine original contract that you have initiated before time was naught.
As you begin to enter the silence of the moment, I would like you to gently begin to breathe into your heart. Let your breaths draw you gently into the deepest core of your heart and you let yourself into that inner sanctum that is your heart sanctuary.
Immediately and softly, the Gaiadon Heart meditation chamber forms around you and the Gaiadon Heart vibrates with the celestial love of Gaia and Adonai. It softly pulsates and radiates its love and light, into the inner and outer heart spaces within and around you.
You begin by activating your Gaiadon Aumkabah of Love with the Gaiadon Heart-Light frequencies of Love.
Thought intention with breath

Gaiadon Light Body of Love Activate (Inhale)
Activate at Gaiadon Heart Light Frequencies (Exhale)

Immediately you sense a pulsing sensation as you are drawn into a spiraling pathway of light energy that appears like a spinning matrix within your heart. It appears like a whirling cocoon of compact light, and seems very potent and packed with the light frequency of the entire universe packed into one single quanta of light. As you focus on this light, you are drawn into its nucleus and you sense that you are spinning now through a pathway of great light and beauty.
The passageways that open up are illuminated with light inscriptions and you have a feeling of deja-vu.
You are carried through into a portal that opens up to your elevated frequencies.
As you move through the sacred Light continuum of ascension, you begin to activate the most powerful codes of light that are gifted to us from the Heart of Gaia, and from Source Heart.
You carry the Light codes of Love in your heart, and your heart light pulsates with the most divine love, as you activate the Light Keys to The Gaiadon Heart Portal of Love and Peace. The Light codes are spinning sacred geometrical patterns that trigger the opening of the inner doors, and you can sense that not only do these Love codes activate your Light Body of Love, but they also at the same time completely illuminate many layers of light within the pathway of light, so that you can let yourself through into the New Dimension of Love.
The Light Codes also trigger an ancient memory of a sacred light language and stimulate a recognition of certain patterns of energetic flow-forms that draw you into a re-membrance of the precise pathway into the inner dimensions of light.
The Gaiadon Heart offers you several libraries of blueprints and codes that have been activated by the ones that have drawn them from their cellular chronicles and by those are ready with the inner knowing,
Activating these multi-dimensional codes shall lifts everyone to their soul purpose and each one carries a piece, and it is time to unite.
It is known that the master builders have already come together.
The Temple of Gaiadon is manifest already in the consciousness of those who enter this sacred Gaiadon Heart Portal of Peace...
It is the purpose of this amazing light sanctuary to serve as the portal of ascension of many who shall seek its light.
The Gaiadon Heart Portal's existence is to bring peace and love to this planet through the mastery of all the spiritual sciences of those who guard its light and preserve the wisdom of the earth chronicles for the future races that shall walk these earth spaces in the quest for universal intelligence and a freedom to evolve with love and joy.
All the light keys are written, and coded and they move through higher dimensional visual art. music, dance and poetry and the heart turns inwards and outwards in the sheer joy of re-membering exactly what each one's origin and merging destiny is in the unfolding divine co-creation.
Breathe deep, beloved family, and rejoice in the unity of all light beings, aligned to the higher resonance.
Peace returns to the earth and its peoples as many awaken to the unity of the heart of all beings as the Heart of Gaia and the Heart of Adonai.
We are the One Heart... the One Gaiadon Heart...
Peaceful Love from the One Gaiadon Heart,