My name is Graciela Leiva and I am one of the pillars of these powerful energies coordinating events in Latin America and my main commitment is to assist expanding this Light, transmitting it so that it can be anchored deeply on Earth. As my native language is Spanish, my work is focused in order that these Gaiadon Heart frequencies downloaded to Earth by Saranya Zaveri, be received and encoded by all the Spanish speaking family worldwide.

I express my deep gratitude and unconditional love to my ancestral fellow traveller, our impeccable channel Saranya Zaveri, and I mention to her once more that she can count with all my support and all support from our Spanish Speaking family sharing together this huge project of Light servicing entirely to the Great Major Plan.

I feel deeply honoured by her confidence and love with great joy
because this allows me to be of service to Humanity and to Gaia, our mother; and thus I can fulfil with part of my soul’s purpose.

I express to our beloved Saranya a message from the Spanish speaking community: that we love her, respect her and give thanks immensely for her huge and dedicated Heart and the impeccable way that she meticulously takes care that all information reaches to people, holding the most pure and divine powerful frequencies that Hierarchy requires, to create celestial light bridges that really is what we are becoming in, when practicing these incredible teachings.

Soon we will have the Spanish forum to share and socialize enjoying reciprocally.

Celestial Real Love from my Heart to yours.

Graciela Leiva

Beloved Gaiadon Hearts and Grace,
While thanking you for this divine love, I wish to make it clear that without a doubt, all this is possible only because of the support of each and every one of you. I love you too, my true family...
Thank you for bearing with my obsession for perfection that makes you wait for your dvds, but in the end everyone is happy because the result brings the greatest of joy to all.
I want to specially mention here, about the Pillars of the Gaiadon Heart. While every Gaiadon Heart is unique and special, we must appreciate that these co-ordinators have given their all to support and spread this wisdom.
As I thank these ones for all that they are, my heart fills with love and overflows with joy.
How do we spread this love even more so that it reaches the farthest corners of the planet, and touches and awakens the hearts of every soul craving to realize her/his divine self?
Maybe we must take a leaf out of Grace's book...She literally has a group of over a thousand (maybe more) of the Spanish speaking family with her, and she keeps this group actively involved all the time, by constantly holding weekly gatherings, meditations, healings etc. It is a pleasure to see the way she keeps on going... Crystalynah, the center she runs, is like a sacred temple for all who seek the light. The Spanish Gaiadon Hearts are presenting seminars all the time... I am sure facilitators would like to ask: Grace, how do you do it? (Hard work, a never-wavering focus, courage, determination, patience, a constant smile and loving words and not letting any opportunity slip by to create an awareness) Sorry, Grace for answering that - I just had to appreciate your commitment and tell everyone how you work. I am sure you can add more to that.. everyone will want to know....
I am so glad she is here so we can all meet the rest of the family, a very large part of our growing family indeed... Our Spanish speaking Gaiadon Hearts.
So, once again, Bien-venidos, dearest Gaiadon Hearts..
Muchos Gracias y Muchos Amor (Am i right?)