Dearest Gaiadon Hearts.

Please send Gaiadon Love and Healing to all those affected by the incidents in Mumbai and especially those who are responsible for this. As children of Goddess-God, let us transmute emotions and Judgement into Love and Healing! May there be peace in the hearts of all humankind.

At the same time, we know that there are such losses to human life in so many parts of the world, caused by both humans and nature. Thousands are dying in Lebanon, Palestine and Israel , bloodshed in the Holy land. Hundreds in Kashmir, spilling blood on the pristine snow!

Our hearts pulse with love and go out to those affected by the Tsunami in Indonesia. Imagine having your child torn from your arms and disappearing in the waves. Imagine watching your loved ones and your home washed away!

Many children are dying in many parts of the world, before they can live.

It is important that we spend a little time, sending our energy to these areas of our beloved planet. Let us open our hearts as much as we possibly can, beloved ones, and project the aumni-frequency laser beams of love and light to ease this suffering!

There are a countless ways in which we can make a difference, by going out there and serving, by contributing to one of many organizations that exist to do what they can to help. Please let us do whatever is in our capacity to assist Gaia.

It is time to give back to the Earth now. Let us meditate and send love and healing, knowing that this energy is magnified a thousand times more as it reaches those who need it, as this is the time when all Divine energies are escalating!

Beloved Ones, this is a time of Great Shifts! A time when new Ascension Portals are being opened up! The period from August 8th 2006 till September 9th 2007 is an intense time for those on the spiritual path. As of August 8th, many karmic cycles will be completed and there will be a new emotional realignment taking place, and you will achieve a new balanced threshold from where you can perceive all changes without much distress.

The last year of tumultuous shifts has been an emotional roller coaster for many, and now you can experience a very calm and less testing time for the next 13 month year as we remain in ascension mode!

Emotions will be released rather quickly as they are transmuted into love and joy than spilt! That is a blessing for those who are committed to the path of ascension!

And so, Dearest Ones! Let us continue to shine our light, and radiate our love! For we are the Gaiadon Hearts!

Aumni-love and Aumni-light,


A Heartfelt Message from Sue of Mallorca to the Gaiadon Hearts!

Sue's friend in Thailand made up this lovely picture for healing


A Heartfelt Message from Sue of Mallorca to the Gaiadon Hearts!

Since my son's wedding on June 17th. He and his wife Hayley went off to New York on honeymoon leaving Gracie Rose my 18 month old Grandaughter with me.

Unfortunately a few days later whilst they were walking near Times Square to see a new play called the 'Faith Healer' with Ralph Fiennes. They were on the sidewalk and were mown down by a car whose driver we think had a heart attack. Only the two of them were hit on a crowded sidewalk, The car then went on to decimate a phone box. They are really positive and know that it really is a miracle that they are still with us. ( we went through five hours not knowing if they were alive or not so this was quite a challenge especially as a few weeks previously I had adopted a new phrases from Eckhart Tolles new book' the New Earth. It is 'I dont mind what happens) My daughter Becky flew out to be with them whilst they were hospitalized. For my daughter in law Hayley who broke her scapula and had to have two ops one to replace part of an artery in her left arm and another a big skin graft on her elbow, this was over two and a half weeks. For my son Tom who sustained compound fractures to his right arm and has had to have a plate inserted it has not been so bad and he was home after a week to be with his little daughter. Hayley is now home and they are recovering well. Neither of them can lift Gracie and Hayley's recuperation and use of her left arm which has nerve damage it will take its time the healing process, so any healing and love will be appreciated.

It is a strange happening after such a halycion wedding but I know good is to come of this. It seems almost like a fast tracking that we all going through and in some way this is a group kharma thing as so many of the young people who were at this wedding and who have heard this news are reevaluating what is important in their lives including of course Tom and Hayley who were anyway into the spiritual path but maybe it was a bit of a prod to stop window shopping so much and start to buy! I have always felt they were to play a big part in the formation of this new world and Gracie definitely, she will be guiding them! I have been with her many times before. She is a strong one These are my feelings so we shall see how things unfold Meanwhile I am living day by day and being there for them with very little time to do a lot else. I am so looking forward to seeing again all the other Gaiadon Hearts in UK .

Take Care, Aumni- love and light