We are pleased to introduce the new Help Line, with our beloved sister, Alidah, (Barbra Ball) handling all questions through She is more than happy to do so. You must all appreciate this lady, who traveled to UK to take Module IA, and then to Tibet to take Module IIIA, and also visited some of the monasteries, however challenging it was for her. She never missed one moment of the excitement for all of Stage I, and her presence made us all feel all is right in God-Goddess’ world. In short, Alidah is an example of love and integrity.

She has put in years of hard work and is so totally committed to this work, that she deserves a special place in each of our hearts.


Beloved Family,
I feel it is time for me to reach out to you all from my heart and our oneness.
We do not have the opportunity to all gather together in a physical form in the same place at the same time due to many reasons. Distance, finances, work commitments etc. prohibit this happening as often as we would wish.
Please bear with me while I reminisce.  I remember our experience in Egypt in 2003 when those 212 of us who were able to be a part of that journey, firstly with Alton and then the second stage was taken without his presence physically.  I feel confident in saying for all of us,  the experience was one of being cradled in unconditional love and unity for 17 days and this while the Gulf war was on!
The energy that we generate as an individual through doing this amazing work is remarkable.  Gather us all together and that energy and experience is magnified and amplified so that the unconditional love and Oneness that is manifest is awe inspiring.
Our dearest sister, Saranya, has worked tirelessly over the years since 2003 and continued, at times against the odds, to share the energies from Enoch/Alton with The Gaiadon Heart teachings.  This has been done at great cost both physically and financially and I know we love and  honour her for her commitment  and dedication to carry this work, started so many years ago by our beloved brother,  forward, into today and the now.
In furtherance of wishing to assist Saranya in my own small way, to help carry the message on, I will be traveling and teaching again in 2008.  At this point I do not have dates set so please watch this space, as the saying goes.  I am in contact with the Gaiadon Heart Facilitators in the various countries, consulting with them as to times etc. and which Modules to present. 
This will hopefully allow Saranya some time out to bring through 111B more leisurely.
Sharing the Seminars or Modules is a joy for me and I truly love it when we connect in re-membering who we ARE through these teachings.
I am always open to hearing from any and all of you if you feel you would like to contact me.  This also gives me great joy as I consider all of you to be such an important part of my earthly family.
It is my heartfelt wish that we may again gather in numbers in one place and share the love and unity that this work and journey is all about.
Till next time………In honour and love unlimited,          


Hi Dearest Family of Light,

I’m back!!! Saranya, our divine sister, who has taken on the important mantle of channel for the new information, has asked me to take on the role of being at the other end of the Helpline just as I did once before. I am honoured to do this. I will, to the best of my ability, be there to answer your questions should you have them, regarding the practice and facilitation of this wonderful work of The Gaiadon Heart teachings.

It is time now for this work to really move forward and to be used to spread the high vibrations of love and light of Mother/Father God, ALL THAT IS, and assist our beloved Mother Earth and all humanity.

There is a birthing process taking place and we are all a part of that experience……how exciting is that!! How blessed are we to be here at this time and have the opportunity to assist this Great Being, Mother Gaia.

We can all help this process by raising our love and light quotient and we can do this by the practicing and/or teaching of the Gaiadon Heart Techniques.

Should you come across anything that you would like clarification on in doing this, please contact me at or you can call me at 61 2 4625 2637. I will be very happy to help.

In Aumni- love and service and in the One Heart,

Alidah Chera