We are now completing our 26,000 year Grand Cycle of the Equinoxes, thus opening up a portal of change to seek the next Divine concept of life. This new concept of life is of a higher vibration of love through light and will indeed bring us closer to the Divine Goddess-God vibration of All There Is. As we begin experiencing this increased vibration our cellular structure is activated to ignite its natural metamorphic change to create the next body of eternal life experience. That body is known as the Adam Kadmon light body. As it manifests within us, our ability to attract and understand the higher concept of wisdom and knowledge automatically gives us the ongoing tools for ascending back to Source. We are creating our own future moments continually. Now, the time has come for us to embrace the higher vibration of this Adam Kadmon light body, known as the Gaiadon Light Body.


Light Body - The Holomatrix of Love:

Your Light body is your Divine Consciousness, and in its subtlest state, manifests as a field of light around and through your physical body. Activating your light body will open your awareness of the potential of the Human to become Divine. This is the very purpose of our creation and existence. As we evolve spiritually,our light body takes on a beautiful holographic structure that is the complete blueprint of our soul, ascending to merge with our Divine Self.

In its simplest state it begins as a Flower of Love Pattern, a complete matrix of our genetic potential. The petals represent the DNA strands that when activated, re-form to their perfected state instantaneoulsy.

Your light body is a complete holographic matrix of multiple holograms that radiate the Unity within all of Creation.

The Aum-Ka-Bah of Love:

Originally called the Mer-ka-Bah, the light body continues to transform and evolve into a fascinating holo-matrix structure, which is called the Aum-ka-bah, by incorporating the frequencies of the Divine Aum.

The name Aum-ka-bah is given to our Gaiadon Light Body and it resonates to the highest vibration of divine love. As one progresses on the spiritual path, and the Aum-ka-bah of Love is activated with ancient-new wisdom, constantly received from Spirit, the Keys of Ascension are revealed and the Pathway opens up to allow the Higher Light to pour through and completely enfold the planet and all its inhabitants wih divine love, ushering in the New Paradigm of Love.

The various pathways that the soul undertakes in its spiritual growth, are akin to the inner ascent mentioned in the Qabbalah and also similar to the awakening of the Kundalini, mastery over many sciences like astronomy, astrology, numerology, vedic knowledge and the completion of one's education through many inner schools known in ancient times as mystery schools.

The Significance of Gaiadon:

Gaia is the sacred name of the Divine Mother, personified as the New Earth Star that we are co-creating within the third dimension. Gaia exists in the 5th dimension as a brilliant star of great beauty, and peace, and love and joy. As we move towards the culmination of our ascension process, we are ready to awaken the Great Earth Mother, Gaia to her fullest potential and glory.

‘Adon' is Adonai, which also means ‘God' or ‘Lord of Light' in Hebrew. The Gaiadon holds within its name vibration the combined, balanced female-male, Goddess-God vibration. As the gentle energy is encoded within your cells, you also feel the power of the Ultimate Feminine Essence, the Mother completely balanced with the Ultimate Masculine Essence, the Father within your being.

The Gaiadon Heart:

The Gaiadon Heart is the Crytalline Divine Consciousness which results from the alignment of Gaia and Adonai, and it represents the re-turn to your Original state of perfection, innocence, purity and divinity. This assists in raising the consciousness of the human race to the same state through the evolution of all those who committ themselves in service to the spiritual awakening of the whole human race.

You totally experience Unity Consciousness as your Light Body Holomatrix, the holographic multiple flower of love pattern radiates the unity within all of creation. Through the virtual experience of this inner journey of exploration, with sound, light, colour activations, you totally become One with your Higher Self, your I AM, and your Goddess-God Self.





"Awakening the Crystalline Heart-Light Body" is an introductory seminar that all Master Facilitators and Facilitators may present to anyone who is interested. It is not necessary to attend this seminar as a pre-requisite in order to attend the Gaiadon Heart Module IA four day seminar, which one can attend directly and become a facilitator.

This is a unique and simple two day seminar that gently leads one into an understanding of one's light body and offers very easy techniques to activate the Crystalline Heart-Light Body, to transform one's life. The seminar includes:

•  The Crystalline Heart Light Aumkabah of Love Activation

•  Gaiadon Unity Consciousness

•  The Wisdom of the Earth-Keeper and the Heart-Keeper Crystals

•  Crystalline Inner-Sense

•  Gaiadon Abundance and Healing

•  Gaia - Awakening

•  Gaiadon Joy and Celebration

This seminar manual and dvd set are still to be released as the dvds are in production.