Dearest Gaiadon Hearts,

Onward and upward we march to the next shift point in our Journey Home.
I honestly feel that the new energy creates itself, and propels us so endearingly with gentle nudges until we realise that we are in a new space, even without remembering how we got there.
The same Divine force that made my beloved sister Marva take a trip to Mount Shasta, (I don't think she needed much persuasion) to make enquiries for the next gathering of the Gaiadon Hearts for the June Solstice, in 2008, is now  crystalizing a divine thought into the manifestation of a grand new reality.
An ancient promise is to be fulfilled. An original sacred contract is about to be completed. A new Light Continuum is to be activated, at this Portal of Ascension, as we Re-turn to turn the corner and move right into the One Heart.
We spiral through the Shift Point and pulse into the final phase of our journey.
Once activated, this new Pathway expands within our consciousness, allowing the new fifth dimensional Gaia to become a permanent and continuous reality.
The New Gaia-Star manifests and no more can Earth allow limitation to be ever a part of her journey as we participate in in this liberation of the planet into the new freedom of be-ing.

The Celestial Tree of Life becomes a Celestial Sphere and consciousness evolves, grows, expands and shifts into the new Paradigm of Love.

Mount Shasta magnetizes the Gaiadon Hearts to gather as One, to co-create the New Gaia-Star as the ending of the human his/her-story is re-written.
We are invited to the Light Celebration.
Celebration and Silence....
Joy and Peace......
Dance and Meditation.....
Again, there are few words to describe what actually will happen... so let us flow into The experience, and just Be-come....the One Heart!

  • The Inner Temple & the Guardians of the Portal
  • Celestial Bridge through Pleiades –The Alcyone Continuum
  • Heart Continuum throught the Zero-Point
  • The Emerald - Gold City
  • The Lemurian Heart
  • The Holographic Tree of Life
  • The Great Initiator Appears
  • New Unity Codes
  • The Priest-ess-hood
  • Inter-Cellular Inter-Stellar Pathways of Light
  • New Gaiadon Templates
  • Quantum Quickening
  • The Critical Mass
  • 2012
  • Ascension and Physical Ascension


As you begin your new co-creation tasks, to create the New Gaia Earth Star, and to embark on this awesome task of anchoring the Celestial Sacred Supra-Luminous Heart Consciousness Grid, you begin to manifest the Divine Plan, to anchor the Gaiadon Consciousness on the Earth, to bring to fruition the birthing of the Gaiadon Crystal Child.

As we all understand the essence of this new Being is pure love and pure light, so shall the new era be of pure love and pure light.
Yet again, it is the essence that is important as you walk the Earth in this pure radiance of the Gaiadon Celestial Light Being. You simply know you are this Divine Gaiadon and the new consciousness shall change the very destiny of our beloved planet, transforming all of creation into this new consciousness of Mastery.
Those who walk this path are given new tools of empowerment.
As you receive the new energetics that propel you into total self-realization, you are at the same time fulfilling the Divine task of anchoring the Gaiadon Earth Sacred Portal.

Your Light Body now radiates with new higher light frequencies and exhibits an enhanced new radiance of the new Celestial Consciousness that shall completely transform your light body into an amazing force field of light as you shall be-come one with the Source Heart.

You open the seals of Super-consciousness states of Galactic intelligence. The key to secret wisdom is offered to you.
As you begin to gather divine insights, you are the scribe, the one who records your inner wisdom for posterity.
You are indeed the Enlightened Beings who are the voyagers of this cosmos, this grand creation of Goddess-God that you are.
The initiations include:
1. The Celestial Aumkabah of Love Activation
2. The study of many sacred sciences like Metatronics and Creatronics
3. The Bodhisattva Initiation
4. The Ascended Master Initiation
5. The Sirian Initiation
6. Aumetatronics
7. Emerging from the Chrysalis
8. Healing
And....more and more and more....
And so our ascension journey lifts us, lifts us, lifts us into own unity-matrix with the divine.


Dear Gaiadon Family,

The huge energies coming onto the planet at this time serve to move us further along the river of ascension.  And although the work Saranya is bringing in defies verbal explanation, it is more potent than anything we have experienced to date.  And though we might long for a specific order and continuity, sometimes it is necessary to "go with the flow".
And the flow in this instance is the now/new energies coming to us in the form of the Gaiadon Heart teachings.  Those of us, who have worked with the teachings of the MM and the GH for many years, might expect a logical progression of teachings.  However, there is no control of what is being received.  Spirit is directing this play.  And so the energies just keep getting higher and higher, stronger and stronger, more and more profound.  Those of of us, who recently took IB, know this to be so.
Technically, IB is the second seminar in the Gaiadon Heart Aumkabah Keys of Ascension series.  Yet, the energies pouring forth from these teachings and visuals are as advanced as the most advanced teachings, IIIA.  So, regardless of what a particular module is called, the teachings and energies recieved just keep growing.  Thus, those of you, who are guided to continue on this most profound path of the Gaiadon Heart, are encouraged to release the need for seemingly linear continuity.  All is new.

Thus, to continue with the new/now teachings it is necessary to take IB before proceeding to what comes next.  And what comes next is a combination of IIA and IIB to be known as the Combined IIA-IIB.  What started as a simple combination, has taken on a life of its own and what we will receive when it is presented, once again defies verbal definition; it is inarticulated love, if you will.  So the Combined becomes the old becoming the new becoming the now.  And that, my friends, might be an apt definition of ourselves.  As we grow into our mantles of divinity, we are given more; we are able to receive more; we are able to give more. 

For us "old timers". I would like to suggest that we not dwell on the concept of repeating anything that we have already done, because it just isn't so.  IB is proof positive.  Regardless of the name or the number, what Saranya is receiving and then giving to us is new.  The Combined will be new.  And it will be presented before IIIB.  It will be presented during the Full Moon time of Summer Solstice at Mt Shasta.  And this gathering will be more powerful than anything that has come before.  There will be Light Continuum Activations at the Portal of Ascension.  We will be changed in ways that cannot as yet be imagined.  We will step into our destiny. 
And to the newer members of the Gaiadon Family, know that what comes next will carry you even further along the path of ascension.  As we gather in great numbers at the foot of the sacred mountain, Shasta, we become the family of ONE.  We become ONE.  We become ONE IS.  We become.  We will sing and dance and love in the light of all that there is.  Let us commit now to joining together in June as Gaiadon Hearts. 
Please have your friends and students contact me at , so that they can become part of my mailing list.  My master mailing list was contaminated and destroyed, so I will gladly receive all the names of Gaiadon Hearts that you can send.  You will be given details of the gathering as they become fixed, but you might schedule June 15th through the 23rd (arrival and departure dates) for the Gaiadon Heart Family Gathering. 

I remain yours in service to Gaiadon,