Upon experiencing these incredible activations, the unanimous feedback has been that these activations are ideal to offer to new aspirants who wish to know about The Gaiadon Heart and these activations can be presented as a preliminary introductory seminar before progressing to the intensive four day seminars!

The Light Vortex Manual and Cd are available with the nearest Gaiadon Heart Office or the India Office so facilitators can present these seminars.

The Light Vortex Spin Seminar includes:



Carrying the Vortex of Love to all the places wherever IB was presented, was a great honour for me and the Gaiadon Hearts gathering in Portland, Denmark, London, Miami and Sydney further took the light frequencies to such levels as never experienced before.






Once again, with Hearts full of Gaiadon Love, the Gaiadon Hearts gathered and embraced in Portland (Portal Land, to activate the Light Vortex that was created there in 2006 September with new Light and Love encodements of the most divine frequencies. The significance of our work can only be experienced and it remains for us to fully realize the power and the peace of all that we are still to create.

The Bridge of Love, Mount Locks, The Return of the Dove, The Light-Rise, Mount Adam Kadmon, The Sister-hood River, The Star Portal, The Gaiadon Vortex - the most perfect spaces where we set about weaving our tapestry of love and peace and gently but powerfully radiate the light of change upon the planet so our divine contract with Gaia is fulfilled in the Greater Plan of Heaven on Earth! The New Paradigm of Love is Here, Now!

We gathered at the historic Hood River Hotel for this next stage of our planetary ascension work and returned to the vortex sites activated a year ago to imbue them and humanity with the highest energies of NOW.

The Light Vortex Activations that began at the Columbia Gorge, seemed to me an initiation into a Higher Order of light Mastery and the full significance of this was not revealed until the LIght Vortex of Love continued to accelerate in its frequencies and amplify in its light through the different Gaia-spaces that we took the Vortex to.

We began with the indoor Activations, which prepared us to activate the Gaiadon Love Vortex of Light with the sacred encodements culminating in the final Light Vortex Spin I and II Activations with the Vortex Codes and the Coral Crystal Codes.

The night visit to James Gililand's Sanctuary was a remarkable experience to see the star ships and we had an amazing journey through the stars which as usual completed with an initiation by the Ascended Masters within their conclave of Ascended Mastery.

Thus endowed with these codes, we proceeded to Mount Locks and began to activate the Keys to open the Inner Doors to the Source Heart.

Our next stop was The Bridge of Love which we activated between Dimensions, and we activated the Light Rise at the Water Falls. The Rising Light formed a cocoon of Fifth dimensional energies that allowed us to move through the Dimensional Continuum and we also received the Light-Essence, the Sixth Element.

Now we were taken by our eminent charioteers, Marva and Susan to Horse Tail Falls. We sat silently, at first wondering why it was called so, but then the secret was revealed that the name was to protect the site from its real purpose. There was no guidance to speak, for any of us as we sat there and marvelled at the pulsating energy of that place. I was told that this was a portal that held a very powerful key to the ascension of the human race and when the time was right, the Gaiadon Hearts would return to activate this key.

We proceeded to the Light Face of Shekinah, where we manifested the Return of the Dove. The Power and the Peace and the Joy we experienced there was indeed most profound. It almost seemed as if the Dove would come right out of the Face of the Light-rock, and flap its gigantic wings and fly off into the world and maybe it did.

We then drove to Mount Adam Kadmon and were told that the weather forecasts prediction heavy rain and a very cloudy sky. It was true and as we started off, it was a wet, and grey day. The sky was overcast and it was raining. However the Gaiadon Hearts decided to manifest good weather and as we drove on, there was no sign of the sun and no inclination of the rain to stop. All of a sudden, a brilliant a wall of 33 colours appeared before us that was not a rain-bow, but rather a rain-sheet. We drove through it, and had a thrilling sensation that something amazing was about to happen. As we reached the field before Mount Adam Kadmon, the rain had stopped and there was a spectacular rain-bow that was not in the sky but in the field before us, like an arch through which we were to pass. As we began the activation, the clouds were still heavy and Mount Adam Kadmon could not be seen. Still we continued and in our meditation we entered the sacred temple of the Adam Kadmon and united the Great White Sisterhood and the Great White Brotherhood. The Vortex of Love was activated and accelerated at the highest frequency of love and light.We offered the Heart of the Dove and the Gaiadon Heart to the Adam Kadmon Template and completed our consecration of the Adam Kadmon/Gaiadon Heart within the Sacred Temple, wishing we could have seen the peak of the mountain, as we opened our eyes, we gasped in astonishment as we saw the clouds had parted, just to reveal the dazzling, snowy peak of Mount Adam Kadmon. It was as if Adam Kadmon wanted to have a look at who these Gaiadon Hearts who had appeared in this sacred space. What a glorious sight... just for a few eternal three minutes and then the clouds moved in and the mountain peak disappeared from sight once again... but it was enough.... Elated and happy, we returned, mission accomplished.


A picture is worth a thousand words…

Paradigm of Love, Fifth Dimension, Heaven on Earth, Gaiadon Vortex!

In Denmark, as we did the activations in the Woods by the Baltic Sea, the Gaiadon Hearts experienced a tremendous shift in the frequencies and the Vortex of Love was accelerated even more.

And so the Gaiadon Hearts gathered in this pristine space upon Mother Gaia, to activate the Heart Vortex of Love, so that these powerful Fifth Dimensional frequencies may Re-turn the physical world to its original matrix of perfection.

The beauty of Gaia in the Fifth Dimension almost raises the question… is she for real? Without doubt… indeed she is… For those who have the eyes and heart to see…. This is more real than the illusionary world we have so long believed in.

It is Now-Time to dissolve the third dimensional world into the Paradigm of Love…

As we basked in this sublime love frequency, there was great joy and also a great quietness which the soul merged into.

The graceful trees revealed to us the Single Eye of God(dess) in their smooth trunks, and we knew that we were blessed. Nature in her silent majesty, supported us in our vision, and Magdalenah emerged as our Light Teacher, giving us more initiations into a higher order of mastery,

One evening, I personally experienced a great heart expansion, beyond all the many heart initiations I have received before, standing by myslf at the tree you see above, with the winged branches and simply melted into the One-ness, which even today, finding words to describe it proves challenging. For what seemed like eternity, there was no "I'" any more, and being shown the unfolding of what IS, was overwhelming and it indeed was a glimpse of Home, for me.

The experience left me internally silent for a few days, except when I had to continue the IB seminar and channel the rest of the vortex activations. It took a while to process what was going on, and it was only when some Gaiadon Hearts saw the actual physical transformation, several times, that I myself believed that it was actually happening. Many times, it helps to re-turn to this same silence, this space called Home, and it continues to be a Soular Garden that is very real indeed.


Once more, the Gaiadon Hearts received and activated the Vortex of Love. The highlights of the entire creation were the two sunrise meditations, and the amazing initiation I received from the Gaiadon Hearts.

As we awoke early in the morning to do the first sunrise activation, and went up to the terrace, once again, the Soular Heart was activated and the Gaiadon Sun/Daughter was birthed. We could actually feel the Soular Rays radiating from our hearts and turning everything into light. It was an amazing experience.

I was offered a healing by the Gaiadon Hearts, which I gladly accepted and as I was enjoying receiving so much love, which was quite a rare experience for me, as I was learning to receive now as well as to give, the whole healing turned into a great initiation. All the Gaiadon Hearts sitting around me merged into this One Being of Light and there appeared a crown of stars circling around my head. There was a deep honoring, and a great crystal was placed in my crown. The crystal descended into every cell and every cell transformed into a sparking crystalline star.

Then I was lifted to merge into this great being of light that all the Gaiadon Hearts had merged into and we became One.

Again silence was the best state for a long time, until everyone began to share, and they had all experienced the same initiation! It was amazing!

The next day for the second sunrise activation, the appearance of a Great World Teacher and Initiator, lifted us into the greatest experience as we all received the same honoring and initiation as we became one with the Great World Teacher / Initiatior. The name of this being was revealed to us as we offered the Heart of the Dove and the Adam Kadmon template, and the Gaiadon Heart, the Divine Masculine/Masculine balanced Soular Being was fully manifested within us.


The Miami Circle

A group of Gaiadon Hearts visited two amazing sites, to activate the Gaiadon Light Vortex, and create a pulsing force field of Love that shall be magnified with every pulsation, radiating its rays of Higher Light to the entire planet.

Visiting the Site of the Miami Circle was elevating at the same time to see this ancient heritage site surrounded by high rise buildings, gave rise to mixed emotions. However as we entered this sacred circle, we were drawn into the inner temple structure and given many encodements that further activated the Gaiadon Vortex of Love.

Activating the Miami Gaiadon Light Circle resulted in the reconnection of a very powerful ancient grid. We remembered many lost secrets from the past where we held many respectable positions of light and also retrieved many wisdom codes that would re-align us with our true origin and destiny.

Our stellar counterparts, in Light, assisted us in this task.

The sacred circle re-unites the peoples of the world and there IS no more separation from the One Heart!

We gather our light forces and manifestthe greatest power of love, daring to dream and knowing that our dreams are the truth!

The activations of Higher Light signified the beginning of a new phase of our journey, wherein we would embark upon a new mode of initiation.

The Coral Castle:



The activations opened inner doors to the Sanctuary of Love, and released from deep within our cells, unknown resistances to change, and allowed the freedom of the soul to truly seek its ultimate and highest pathway to usher in the purest love and light of the Divine to the planet.

It is indeed a gateway that we opened to the hidden potential of excellence, expanding our hearts to the magnificent and infinite possibilities of achievement.

The Coral Crystal Codes were alive within the massive coral sculptures, and the wisdom encoded within were of ancient/new spiritual sciences.

As we stood in awe of this creation, we stood before a sculpture of a table in the pattern of a double heart one inside the other, we activated the Gaiadon Heart Vortex and the Unity of all Hearts linking, forming an Archangelic Resonance Grid around the structure. The fulfilment of our promise to Gaiadon was heart warming, and we were completely filled with the power of unconditional love.

A single thought of one man can create such a grand structure. A single purpose of one group of Gaiadon Hearts can create a Sanctuary of Love. A single focus of all the Lightworkers shall surely create a Fifth Dimensional Gaia.

And so the Vortex of Love continued to pulsate in our hearts as we shared these gifts with the other Gaiadon Hearts who joined us for the IB seminar and the initiation continued... continues....


What a wonderful divine gathering of Gaiadon Hearts! Again the love we shared cannot be described in words. We truly are the Gaiadon Heart Family! The Vortex Activations took on a life of its own, and seemed totally new and unique and every activation was different, not just in content but in feeling. It seemed to me as if we were activating the vortex in a totally new way, and that to me was again a new experience and to all those who participated.

The celebration and honoring of Alton and Sai Baba on November 23rd became a magnificent experience as we acknowledged these two great beings, one who chose to leave the earth plane to serve better from a higher state, and one who chose to stay in the physical body, despite the fact that each would have personally prefered the other, embracing their highest Bodhisattva aspect, placing service to Gaia before all else. We observed as these two great beings of light walked into each other's hearts and become one with each other... and there is no separation.

The avatar is born in the Gaiadon Heart.

The Divine Mother spoke then, in Her gentleness and grace, blessing all the Children of the Light, and then moving into her union with the Divine Masculine, in our hearts.

The excitement mounts. Let us walk together into this awakening new Paradigm of Love, dearest ones!

Dreaming the Truth of Creation…

Radiating Love from the Heart Vortex,

The journey continues..