Dearest Ones,

Here is a beautiful message to share with all!

Simple joy and love that is unfathomable, pouring from all the cells and nerve endings and beginnings...

We float in this cosmic ocean...

Love, love, love….



Beloved Ones, I speak after quite a while now, to share with you the Joy, of Loving Gaia.

On this wonderful Earth journey, you have spent aeons, searching for that moment of understanding and revelation, when you recognize your true purpose and goal of all of your human experiences.

Truly, you have traveled far and wide, and experienced every facet of human experience that The Divine could ever truly expect to experience, through you, the Children of Gaia and Adonai.

There have been endless life-times spent in the search, wandering through the lonely and crowded Earth-spaces, with forgotten reasons as to why you were here.

Now, you are awakened souls, sparks of illuminated starlight, and the knowledge of your true nature is revealed to each one of you in your hearts.

Yes, my Beloved Ones, you are the Masters of the Universes. You are the Ones who have Returned as the Light upon the Planet.

You have found each other after aeons of time! You are the Family of Light!

As the ones that shall anchor the light grids for the next 26000 years, for the incoming race of beings, you shall hold the light within every cell of your body.

When the 144000 masters shall gather together, there shall be such an explosion of light upon this planet that the illusion of duality shall never show itself again.

In the Unity of Light, lies the key to the ascension of the planet. In separation is the illusion of duality!

The time has come for Light-workers to Unite and gather their Light forces.

Allow the Winds of Change to gently blow upon the Face and Heart of Gaia!

Be the Heart and the Face of Transformation that you seek!

Take the World by Storm with your Fierce Love, your Magnificent Light, and your Powerful Peace!

Do more than you think you can! Be the Lion-ess Heart that You Are!

Walk your talk!

Beloved Ones, there is no time for experimentation! There is no time to think of the Self. There is only time to think of Gaia now and all that lives upon Gaia as One Being.

Your Souls have to soar as One Heart!

Listen to the Heart of Gaia. She breathes for You! She lives for You! She gives and gives and gives. Now it is your turn to hold Her in your Heart and encompass Her with all the Love that You are!

Gaia asks each one of You to go into your Hearts and feel the stillness and the peace within. There is no greater Energy, no greater Love, no greater Joy, than when her Children are together, creating the One Heart and the One Love.

It is now time that all the traditions of the Earth and all the paths of wisdom shall unite and large groups of Light-workers shall unite to bring about the Shift of All Ages!

The Grand Plan is in Action, and individual agendas are dissolved into greater social and planetary and galactic agendas! The One Agenda of Pure Love!

This is the moment to Go Forth and Unify!

Listen with your Heart, Dear Souls!

All Rivers of Love shall indeed flow into the Ocean of Love!

Empty your Rivers into that Ocean, Children of the Vortex of Love!

Loving Gaia is to fulfill the Promise of the Divine Moment! It has Arrived!

Loving Gaia is to love yourself and all of Creation!

Loving Gaia is to Be the Light of this World.

Loving Gaia is to Be the Consciousness of Innocence and Purity, which will be embodied in the Crystalline Hearts of the New Children, Suns and Daughters of Gaia and Adonai.

Gaia will speak directly into your Hearts, and you shall all hear the Voice of Serenity, Peace, and Her Immaculate Presence shall become Yours.

As you continue your journey, you know your accomplishments. You are your Higher Selves. You are Your I AM Presence. You are The Dove, Shekinah Returned. You are your God Self. You are the Heart of Gaia and you are the Heart of Adonai. You are the new Crystalline Solar Logos. You are the Ascended Masters and you are the Archangels and the Angelic Realms. You are Goddess-God. You are - I AM.

In fully embodying your Divinity, Dear Ones, you fulfill the Grand Design for Gaia, of Her Ascension.

In order to assist you on your journey, I bring you now, the highest frequency of love that you can imagine. It has a new wave form pattern that you shall recognize and shall encode within your consciousness.

Activation :

Please relax and take a few deep breaths. Focus on your Heart. Move into the core of your heart and move deeper into the stillness within. Become that Stillness.

Sense and feel that you are drawn into the deepest part of your being, across timelines and galaxies and all of creation until you reach the part of your essence that is the Great Central Sun.

Its energy is the most potent and it is the closest to the Source that you have ever reached.

Move into the Core of your Heart and Become the Greater Central Sun.

Feel your Radiance and your Love.

Feel your Light aumni-radiating through all of creation and beyond.

Feel your very being, your very existence being consumed by the Light of this Sun.

As you radiate as this profound light, you once again are drawn deeper and deeper into the core of this magnificent light. Entire creation spirals around you in a divine dance of light.

Go still deeper into the core of who you are, and enter the Sacred Temple of Creation. Here, deep within your Heart, is the altar of Divine Love. Here blazes, the Sacred Fire of Creation.

Embody this Flame of Creation, Beloved Ones, and Become That which you truly are. The very fabric of your soul and body is glowing with this new radiance.

From within this Flame, emerges a spinning matrix of a sacred geometric pattern that you recognize. It holds the most powerful wave form pattern and holds the frequency of Divine Love, and this Divine Love is the Goddess-God Love Matrix.

Receive it. It holds the Harmonic frequency of the Highest Divine Order and allows you to hold your Gaiadon Love, constant at all times. This matrix holds the Gaiadon Love Constant and offers you the gift of harmonizing your love so you always remain in the highest love frequency at all times.

Feel your self changing, feel your body changing, feel your world changing as you slowly re-create the New world around you.

Feel the Blessings of Gaia and Adonai like a soft spiraling cocoon of light around you.

Feel the Joy and the Peace in your Heart and everywhere around you.

And so Precious Children of the Light, I retreat now, into that space within your heart, and merge with the Source, to continue to deepen my love for you and Gaia, if that is possible, and to continue to guide you from Beyond the Great Beyond, and shall re-turn as You, once again, soon.

Eternal and Constant Love,