The Maiadon Fifth Day Breakthrough Celebration Event :



The Maiadon Fifth Day Breakthrough Celebration Event May 22 & 23, 2007

Fort Collins , Colorado , USA

Beloved Family of Light,

In today's fast paced world, where the entire planet is speeding on the highway of progress in every field, the human race is also at the same time, waking up to a great inner revolution. The age-old quest for understanding the origin and the destiny of human-kind is now being answered, on so many different levels of awareness.

Consciousness as we know it, is an ever unfolding, expanding inner realm that opens up to newer and wider scopes of revelation, as the spiritual seeker goes within and seeks to know the truths of creation.

Today, many are awakening to their inner divinity and accepting that they are not mere mortals born to suffer. The true goal of a human life is to overcome the limitations of human experience and seek and embrace the Goddess-God within.

There are many paths to the One Truth, and yet in a cosmic perspective, there is only one sacred path, the path within. The path inwards into one's own heart spaces, where one finds the haven of peace, love, wisdom and power, and divinity, is the one that one must take to find the treasures of joy and abundance that shall spill out into one's daily life.

The Mayan Light-worker group has been working with the deep spiritual wisdom of the Mayans and has an understanding of the key codes and the sacred initiations that are so ancient and yet so new, as they are the very keys that will unlock physical time and lead us through the portal that awaits us into the new era of peace and harmony. The Mayan Time Matrix is the one that holds the secrets of time, and is a frequency matrix that resonates with the pulse, the heart-beat of Hunab K'u, the Source-Heart. This truth was known by the ancients, and we, as the ancients returned, shall reveal the truth for all mankind to know and understand and to release the time-locks to shift the planet into freedom from limited time cycles into a greater spiral of evolution.

The Gaiadon Heart symbolizes the Heart of Gaia, the Earth, and the Heart of Adonai, God, unified as one within the Human Heart. As the human heart seeks to embrace the Divine within, there has to be an integration of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within.

The Gaiadon Heart presents The Aumkabah Keys of Ascension, which are the inner keys that open inner doors to the inner realms of Purity and Divinity. The perfection one seeks outside, is within one's own inner consciousness. When one has truly attained this perfection within, one creates perfection in the world outside. The Aumkabah Keys of Ascension offer a series of Light Body Activation processes that propel one into self-mastery. Through meditative practices, encodements, and activations, one is initiated into the mysteries of the universe and is offered a deep understanding of the mechanism behind creation, time, life, and beyond, and more importantly, an experience of the universe, the cosmos and the multi-verses.

As we stand on the brink of a glorious shift in consciousness, it is an unprecedented event that is about to take place. Imagine two groups of spiritual lightworkers coming together in a marvelous sharing of energies, to focus on one of the most pivotal moments in Earth's history!

These are times of exciting new transformations, and as the Mayan Fifth Day has begun on November 24 th 2006, the Rays of Light are bathing this planet and transforming much of the unserving energies; much clearing is taking place.

Now we are at the pivotal point where we stand at the mid-point or the turning point. This turning point is a spin point in the spiral of ascension and will determine the pace and the velocity with which the human race would shift out of limitation into freedom and progress. There have been spin-points before, in the history of human evolution, but this is by far the most significant and in fact symbolizes a revolution, an inner revolution.

There is no better time than now for us to unite and join our light-forces together to create the vortex of love and light, as we celebrate the Break-through of Higher Light. By Higher Light is meant, the Light that balances the polarities and unifies all duality into Oneness.

It is Now-Time! The energies are at the peak and it is a crucial instant when there is much speculation and talk about many changes that shall take place upon the planet. It is Now-Time, when we need to focus on the Inner Light and continue to charge it with the Higher Light that is drawn from our Source, our Hunab-K'u, our Soular Essence, our One Love, our One Heart! It is Now-Time, to re-affirm our commitment to this Higher Light, and to continue to hold this Flame of Love and Light for the remaining period of third dimensional reality, until All There Is, is the Higher Light and Love!

It is the sacred light of divinity that elevates the soul into pure Goddess-God consciousness. There must be a deep honouring of the Divine Being that we are and also the One that we are Becoming, the One that is Becoming Us. This is the grand Be-coming!

The Maiadon Fifth Day Celebration Event, would be not only a Celebration of the Breakthrough of Light, but also a sharing of new energies.

As we walk this path together, you and I, let us take a moment to pause and acknowledge and honour how we are indeed the ones that have climbed on mountains of faith, and we can see, without a doubt that we are the Ones we have been waiting for! We can clearly see the Re-turning Light breaking through the clouds, bursting upon this beautiful Gaia, bathing Her with this Limitless Light. As we understand with a deep and innate knowing, that this Higher Light, this Limitless Light is only seeming to appear from outside of us. In reality this Light is within us and we shall indeed draw it from deep within the Core of our Being, our Soul, our Heart to pulsate out and Become the Only Light there IS.
The Breakthrough of Higher Light is now already achieved!
We have indeed as One Heart completed the most incredible Breakthrough of Higher Light and we are now ready to become the Anchor Points through which this Limitless Light shall radiate.
The core group that represented the entire Family of Light has manifested a most incredible Light Vortex in Denver, by giving of themselves to the Greater One that We all are, so that in this great sharing, there has been created, a new grid of Higher Light for the entire planet.
It gives great joy to recapitulate and re-inforce what really happened.
The Maiadon Fifth Day Breakthrough of Higher Light is very clearly not a one-time event.
As this small but determined group of light-gatherers assembled in Fort Collins, there was only a guess as to what was meant to happen. The space however was already empowered by the Ascended Masters and the entire area seemed to be waiting for the Maiadons to arrive. The sensation, as we arrived, was one of feeling lifted into a band of light as soon as we physically appeared in this place. And this sensation of buoyancy truly seemed to be an indication that Gaia was supporting us in our light-plan.
We, the Maiadon group could immediately feel that the entire area was actually an aetheric portal and there were many ley-lines passing through this region, forming a sort of a triangular grid, which are held by three Gaiadon Masters in three Light-points. Of course with the energetic link to Heaven and Earth, this forms a double pyramid octahedron that is an amazing Station for the Higher Light to pour through and continue to generate the divine frequencies until the human consciousness has completely been reformed to its original divine perfection.
We prepared the stage for the Re-turn of the Higher Light, by first honoring and acknowledging who we are, for in doing so, we understood our roles with more clarity. It was also a commitment to continue to walk this path, to complete the last few steps up the mountains of faith, together, hand in hand, in unity of heart, and breath.
Here we paused to know without a doubt that the larger Family of One was very tangibly present, to support and walk with us, to facilitate the breakthrough of light.
Light Masters such as Thoth/Enoch, Sananda (who appeared twice), Metatron, Maia-Gaia, Maiadon-Gaiadon, were tangible and audibly present.
We believe that the manifestation of Higher Light has to continue to be re-inforced and amplified until Nov 23rd and even after and even beyond 2012!. This creation is eternal as you can feel, and as there is truly only Now-Time, the Maiadon activations are available to all Hearts to acquire and practice, from the nearest Gaiadon Heart Office.
The actual energy we experienced through the transmissions of light will be also available as the activations are presented along with the set of manual and DVDs.
Another unique realization is that that these activations can be done by anyone who has not done any of the modules, and actually can be offered in conjunction with Module IA. Many of the concepts discussed in Module IA are actually experienced with the Breakthrough of Higher Light Activations, and hence are vital in so many different levels of understanding.

Special Maiadon Breakthrough of Higher Light Activations:

  1. Honoring who we are
  2. The Return of the Mayan (We are the Ones we have been waiting for) and the Gaiadon – the Unity Matrix
  3. Activation of the Unity Matrix
  4. Activating the Soular Heart
  5. Uniting the twin souls Maia and Gaia into one Heart Flame
  6. Dissolving the third dimensional veil with the Higher Light
  7. Graduating from the Maiadon Schools of Wisdom
  8. The Original and the 13th Earthkeeper and Experiencing Omni-perspective
  9. Releasing Time Locks
  10. The Galactic Gaiadon Heartkeeper
  11. Changing Life-force (prana) into 5th Dimensional Love and Light Force
  12. Reformatting the template of limitation of the human soul group to freedom
  13. 33 Maiadon Initiations by Activating the Mayan Key codes
  14. Celebrating the Breakthrough and The Grand Becoming.
  15. Gaia-Star Awakening

The entire experience is unique for, in creating the Unity Matrix, our souls will align to the Unified Field of Consciousness and the Uni-matrix of Love. As Light-workers committed to the agenda of assisting Mother Gaia, in her ascension, in honouring Her for her assistance to ours, we acknowledge the Oneness and the inseparable Unity of our Hearts.

It is Now-Time to fulfill our Divine Destiny and to rewrite the Programs of Planet Earth for her New Embodiment as a Fifth Dimensional Planet of Light and Love.

The activations are channeled and presented by Saranya Zaveri, and there would be a manual accompanied by unique and extra-ordinary visual journeys.

And so the journey continues….
Journeying together into the Continuum of Divine Love,