Please share the experiences of our Gaiadon Shasta Group:

Beloved ONE of the Gaiadon Heart.. are we back or is some greater part of us still in Shasta? I will need some time to understand all that happened while there... what gifts we we given and what heart openings took place.. never has there been a greater journey, as we became ONE with all that there is!

Let us stay in touch and keep track of one another as we put our new found mastery to work for the benefit of human kind and Gaia.

Blesssings, Marva

Dear Marva, amazement and wonderful moment have lived in Mount Shasta, the unit was conducted, we have roads in other dimensions and our hearts began a late unique. To be eternally grateful yourself by the organization and for giving us the opportunity to be in a place so special in your country.

With unconditional Love.
María Inés Mmines BaH

Dear Maria Mine,
You put that so well! Roads in other dimensions, roads less travelled yet familiar as every step takes us closer home to the one Heart!
Thank you for your love, dear master sister,
Love you!

Dearest Marie Ines MMines BaH,

Oh, sweet sister of the light, I will never forget your hugs and the light you carry with you. Thank you for sharing yourself. The Condor and the Eagle met and all is well.

Namaste, Marva

Hello, My dear friends, I am back in my house but I still feel that in M. Shata, this place so special and warm, I remind everyone here and I hope that we can share many things with words that are difficult to explain. My thanks to Marva and his assistants for the organization so beautiful event; to Susan to offer all of it; to Saranya for showing other realities and the initation once again in the Light; to Barbara and the Masters Gaiadon Heart of Australia for help ; to group of laughter, tears, discussions. For all his love and kindness, we can begin to share images and photos, here I leave them one. Kisses and hugs from Argentina.
María Inés.

I have returned from Mt. Shasta and am still in a wonderful place of awe. At this event we wittnessed the greatness of one another, and the personalities that we call Nature. We spoke with the trees, we listened to the fairies, we were honored and initiated by the Masters to our own status of Ascended Master. Just one of these connections would have been amazing and impressive, but we lived and breathed in this new awareness of who we are and who lives on Gaia. It was a trip beyond words. I hope many more of the Shasta group will take a minute to write something down so we can continue to share this deeper connection. Love and Light to all.
Susie Dahl

Dear Maria Ines,
Thanks for inviting me, hope to learn more about Mount Shasta
Love and Light,

Sweet Sister Sekh,
I finally have found a few moments to thank you properly for all that you are.... in frankfurt airport with a 12 hour layover! However you know all that is going on and imagine, we are going to meet again, soon, this time without any seminar to organize or present... I think we owe each other this time to just be friends and spend a couple of days!
I look forward to that...
And, what a gift you have given us all by bringing us home to our beloved Mt.Shasta!
Love you,

Dear Ones of Gaiadon Heart,
I have arrived back home after a further journey in the US which took me to Sedona and Phoenix after Mount Shasta.

Mt Shasta to me was such an awesome experience which had so many levels to it. The presentation of Module 11 was the generator of such deep love and sharing and this engendered the true sense of The Oness of All That Is.....the deep love of The One Heart. We truly are a FAMILY OF ONE and although I have said this before, for me this is my an individual we make a difference just in our being, but, gather us together in numbers and the experience is truly wondrous. The energy and love manifesting from 30, 40, 50 or more beings of light is something else again.

I truly love and honour our beloved Sister, Saranya for the amazing journey that is continuing and for what she is accomplishing in the realms of the production of the DVD's and Meditations and Initiations that brought together the gathering of souls in this Sacred place of Mt Shasta. The visuals are amazing and very beautiful and Saranya created most of these herself. Accolades of love and appreciation for her dedication.

I feel I am still integrating so many things that happened in that space, some planned and also those magical, spontaneous unplanned happenings which manifest in the NOW energy/

I can only finish with LOVE IS ALL THERE IS, and so I send to you all, SUPRA LOVE!

Beloved One,

I speak now from Buenos Aires, after another overwhelming MII seminar, with 70 GHs around me, whose love weaves with the love of all of our family and somehow it feels like one big heart pulse of love that reverberates around the planet. I just know that what is being created is a very new consciousness grid that is holding the Heart of Gaia in the highest light and love and right now, every cell of creation is vibrating with this love.

Mt.Shasta continues to be the gentle guiding light, and keeps opening the endless portals for us.

For those of you who feel you have missed something, please do not feel so, the frequencies are sweeping the entire planet and your heart is one with the Gaiadon Heart. We did not go alone, we went as One Being. We returned (did we?) as One Being.

Mt.Shasta comes to you... through the waves of love that are embracing all right now and through the activations that you shall not miss.

My sharing:
After a long flight to Portland from India, which I spent mostly sleeping, I was met by my sister Sekh, (Marva)and we drove straight from the airport to Mt.Shasta stopping only at Ashland town for a quick Thai lunch. The drive was beautiful, and long before we entered Mt.Shasta City, we saw the mountain! The first sight was breath-taking and I could feel we were actually moving into another dimension. Mt.Shasta captures your heart and then you know.. what a joy it has been to re-member. Everywhere you go, there is the mountain and again, words fail to express how exactly this mountain gently influences your heart to expand more and more. But soon, your heart beat synchronizes with the heart of Mt.Shasta and you understand.

Waking up everyday with the first sight of the mountain is a vision I will not forget for eternity.

The experiences we shared during Module II were beyond imagination, as the Gaiadon Family co-created once again, something so extra-ordinary, that I believe we shifted in some way deep inside, so profoundly that what we did does not matter so much as how we transformed. Paul´s music is again so celebrative of the love we carry in our hearts and truly it has been soul-elevating. Lynn shared her amazing songs with us which were as beautiful as this divine soul.

One evening, Marva and I drove around looking for sites to do the activations, and it seems more appropriate to say the sites found us rather than we found the sites.

The ancient land called to us and the lakes and the mountain opened to us the perfect spaces for us. Everywhere we went we could hear the pulse of Mother Gaia and the mountains had their own music. The flutes and the drums could be heard etherically everywhere.

Buedi Siebert´s Pyramid call music simply echoed the same sounds coming from inside the Heart of Mt.Shasta.

There was however one place which was really mysterious. As we drove around very slowly, the energy of a particular place in the woods was very powerfully magnetizing. We had to stop and walk into the woods here. The trees here were totally different from the other ones, they had darker trunks with strange brown tufts on them.
Walking in, this place seemed like a very ancient Lemurian temple with crystal walls and many doorways opening into many pathways. We knew immediately this was to be an activation site.

We also found a clearing to do the full moon activation, in view of the mountain, but later our hotel chef, guided us to an even better place. He actually drove to this place to find it for us.

On the night of the full moon meditation, we arrived early and had to wait until the moon came up, but it was well worth waiting for, and the ships came out as we were waiting and the flashing lights from the mountain were proof enough that we were being welcomed.

We were guided into the inner chambers and initiated as light masters by the guardians of the Inner Earth Portals.

The last two days of the indoor activations for the Light Continuum took us deeper into the Heart of Mt.Shasta and we began feeling more strongly the purpose of why we were there. The excitement was mounting and we were ready to begin our real inner journey into the mountain.

The visit to Stewart´s Mineral Springs, to experience the Native American Sweat Lodge was an unforgetable experience. We were welcomed by the Native American drumming and prepared to go into the sweat lodge. This was my first time and I was really excited, though sweating is not a new experience for someone from India!

We were asked to go into the tent and sit in a circle on the floor, and in the center was the pit with the coals. The chief and the other Native Americans sat around the pit and began drumming and singing their songs. Nothing prepared us for the first time they closed the tent flap! Total darkness and the sudden rise in heat, was a real shock. Then the singing kept our attention off the rising heat. The door was opened only after 10 minutes and then there would be 3 or 4 sessions as we could take it. We lasted for four sessions and it was incredible. I felt cleansed and prepared for the next phase of our journey.

The first activation was at Lake Siskiyou, with a view of the mountain. There was a crystal gateway underneath the lake and this opened into a continuum that went all the way to the center of the earth through the portal of the mountain. We activated this gateway and also found there were many underground pathways, in fact a network of them, moving through the inner cities of light. One pathway led to the Castle Lake that we were to visit next, only this one was underneath the lake and was holographic. We remembered creating these subterranean pathways and traveling through these, in our inner states of consciousness.

At Castle Lake, the guidance from Spirit was that some of the beautiful souls present would come forth and allow the masters to speak and indeed it was fascinating to experience this unfold. Ken stepped up to channel the Grand-Mother of the Lake, and she was as wise and ancient as the Lake itself. For the first time it occured to me the meaning of the word Grand Mother - that is right, the Grand - Mother. She was happy to see us and honored us and guided us to walk through our fears and to see nothing as dark or light but as simply the duality that came out of oneness. She was also very pleased and said we made her laugh by our innocence and child-like natures and our playfulness. Archangel Michael spoke to us through Joanna, and then Louise had us all singing along to a wonderful Native American chant, which was joyous and lively. This made the Grand Mother laugh even more.

Then we went to the mountain, and drove as far as we could to a point where we could park the bus and car that held all 53 of us, and walked to a clearing where we had the most incredible view of the valley and honored the initiations and gifts that Mt.Shasta offered to us. The mountain reminded us to connect with all the sacred mountains and also asked us to heal Mt.Kailash and Tibet.

Then we drove back, in search of the magical woods and it almost felt like we would not find it, and I wasnt even sure if it existed. It was elusive for a while and then all of a sudden, the energy shifted so dramatically and we could feel our breaths catch as we knew this place would be found.

The woods drew us into the midst of the incredible trees with their brown patches and strange combinations of twos and threes forming clusters, and once again we were guided to recognize the ancient Lemurian Temple. We silently roamed inside this sacred space, some of us finding old altar places, and secret pathways and vaults. The trees had the single eye on them, and everywhere we could see doors and arches, of what remained of an ancient legacy of wisdom and love.

The elementals were awake all around us and whispered to us, sang their songs and danced in joy. It was with reluctance that we left this place. Even now, sometimos I dream about this place and wake up feeling I have been wandering there.

That evening some of us chose to return to the Mineral Springs to experience the mineral bath, and it was a different experience. The baths are private, and you first soak in hot / cold mineral water from the springs, and then a sauna, followed by a dip in the icy cold spring water or a shower is the sequence. Three such sessions are recommended. (The mineral spring water feels soft and silky but has many minerals in it, so we are asked not to rub the skin. Even so, the skin felt rough and itchy for days afterwards, which was not very pleasant, but it felt like a necessary cleansing, so not focusing on this was the eay to heal, and for me it was easy to focus on preparing for my South American trip, so I hardly noticed the roughness of my skin. Would I want to repeat a mineral bath again? Definitely no! Would I want to repeat the sweat lodge again? A Definite yes!)

Ok and so to continue, the last day of the activations took us to the war memorial where we paid homage to the ones that gave their lives in the war. The sun greeted us with an amazing circular rainbow around it. Ken shared his story about life and death and how it feels to face death and then to live again. It touched our hearts as we heard how once again one finds the meaning and the purpose of love as the only one to live for.

Pluto´s Cave: An unforgettable stepping into this space which held the energy for us to reconnect in a way we had never done before. It was startling to move into this incredible space, we know it was a prophetic moment, and we were fulfilling the Gaiadon Heart destiny, of the final integration. The cave was filled with holograms and orbs and can be seen from the photographs that were taken there. This space was filled with presences and we could feel many Light beings in attendance to support our gentle entry and our powerful task.

Archangel Michael appeared in his total strength and power and was magnificent as he showed us his desire to unite with his counterpart, and that darkness and light could no more be kept separate if we hoped to be divine. In our hearts we merged the two angels of light and allowed the higher divine light to pour into our hearts, and stepped into the highest aspect of our divinity.

The next stop was at the Stewart´s Amphi-theater, where a healing was offered to Sue and Maya, and many of us in the circle held the energy of Archangel Michael and the Gaiadon Heart, so the powerful healing was done collectively and not by one being.

The completion and the honoring flowed into a new beginning as we knew that we would never again be separated and we are of the One Heart, and that the journey continues.

The initiations have been so powerful that many of us are taking a while to return, and indeed some of us are still integrating the effects of what has happened on so many levels. The love we have created, the light that we carry, radiates now to eternity. Mt.Shasta has touched us and changed us forever. Blessed mountain, we are fortunate we have been with you, you have been an inspiration to us and we carry you in our hearts wherever we go. We are one, and are grateful for this encounter and this learning and this love.
Thank you.

I am sending my Divine Unconditional Love Who have returned and Done Module 2 of Gaiadon Heart Ascenssion Program.
I love you all who has gone there or not, Because we are One and We feel Toghetherness always. WE are specially Blessed Light workers on this Planet Earth. I go through Sarany's Experiences today and felt her presence with me through out with me.I could Feel One Heart & One Mind.
With Lots of Love and Full of Radiant Golden Light.

I read about the experiences and felt that i have really missed a wonderful experience of my Life.Any way when you all have enjoyed I am very happy that you are sharing in such a way that any body who is reading will also feel the feeling of oneness and togetherness with you all, because we are not separate.
Dr. SohiniBen Shukla.

Thank you for your invitation Maria. Its good to feel your heart connection. A big grin to all my Family out there, and love to you! For all the dear ones who arranged and attended the Mt Shast event, and those apart also, who supported it and attuned themselves, thank you for your commitment, service and love. So much has been done, so much has changed and renewed or been birthed. I know this earth plane is vastly different and our future is absolutely now. As Blane says, we can do anything! Love is unlimited.

I had such a glorious time with the powerful mountain and I missed it`s presence and impulsations when I moved away from it, but I sure am sleeping like a newborn now! I know I can reconnect to the mountain any time, but I have been resting.

So much happened, so much was transmuted, so much huge new energy for me that I`m sure I`m still coming to terms with much of it. I surely have beautiful memories and powerful love of your all. What beautiful acts we performed in that circle! What Mastery we have become. And what a beautiful family. We can now offer this family love to others and invite them to join us in the One Heart as never before.

I`m radiating who I am, loving you all and holding the Mt Shasta vibration of heart connection.

Let`s go forth and multiply our light.

Supra Love Spheres to you,

Amazing photos and experiences, I wish I could have been there to share with you all, but I am sure the time will come:)
So wonderful to see and hear about your amazing and wonderous time at Mt. Shasta,
Love & Light to all:)
Sabrina xx



Dearest Gaiadon Heart,
Finding words to describe our Shasta experience is like trying to put the ocean into a bottle... particularly while being on the move...
A real return hasn't seemed to still happened for me, at least. Focusing on preparing for my South American trip, getting the Spanish dvds ready, with the help of the Light Ones of my family of course, near and far, and setting off once again.... Minutes, hours, days, weeks don't seem to make any sense anymore. As you have seen, Module II and the Light Continuum Activations created themselves and the joy of remembering what we manifested, seems more than a memory, it is as if time itself has rolled into one reality of Now-Time, and it is all happening simultaneously, if you know what I mean?
Precious ones, thank you for keeping this space expanding in its love, and light....The Gaiadon Heart love is fractally amplifying in ever growing circles (well, holograms, really) of radiating light...
I carry within my heart, all of you divine souls, to merge with the hearts of our wonderful Spanish speaking family and know how deeply we are all connected, how we are all one....
So the light continuum continues....
Gaiadon Heart Love,

Hi , Everybody ! Since Ive been back Ive been practicing dematerializing as much as possible. Sometimes its a little scary, but we havent been brought to where we are at energetically now I dont think just to sit around and feel good, although there's nothing wrong with that either. But for me I feel very driven at this point and the possibilities of what is and what can be are truly infinite and very very real. So this morning during meditation I began to feel very light and 3d land began to kind of wobble, so I thought, ' this would be a good time to try teleport ', but I didnt know where to go. So I thought of the wonderful people I had met at the sweat lodge in Mt Shasta, Walking Eagle and them, and I began to concentrate on the area just outside the sweat lodge. I began to feel/sense/hear ( its hard to explain) a kind of rushing, like water kind of ( I seem to be very connected to water) ...But I realized I was sitting there in my boxer shorts bare footed and with no money or anything and began laughing at how stupid that was to think about and it completely threw off my concentration. So I didnt fully go anywhere. But I know it can be done. I know anything can be done. When we were all in the cave of Pluto I got the the very real sense that we were at a important turning point in the rejuvenation and regeneration of our physical bodies , opening up possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. Ive known this for a very long time , due to the fact of my past participation in manipulating physicality energetically. But that is not really , in my estimation, true spirituality. We all were touched , at least I was, by the Divine on this trip to Mt Shasta and in the daily initiations etc , and this far supercedes and transcends and went farther than any practice , magickal operations , religious pursuits etc that Ive ever experienced before. The key ingredient which changed it all for me was "Love" at a level I had yet to encounter. This Love allowed me the capacity and ability to surrender in a way that was new to me. It also produced a longing to be of service , and an example to others of what might be if they only would let go. And I certainly dont mean some kind of fundamental fanatical rabble rousing of any kind. But rather a steadiness of mind and purpose, and a commitment to really allow things to unfold as Goddess/God dictates. So there ya have it . I really want to thank our dear Saranya for the work she has done to make this all possible , for following the direction of Spirit and just doing what she was led to do even though it didnt make any sense to her and she had no idea how some of this stuff would be received by others. "You go , Girl !!!!" And thanx to Marva , and Susan and everyone else that was there and shared from their hearts, as well as allowed themselves to receive fully so as to give at a later time as Spirit so moves. We are at the advent of superb possibility infinitely. And I am very grateful to have such a wonderful family of Light to be aligned with in this Now-Time.....Oh yeah - practice , practice , practice, and practice.....Love and Light to All.......Blane

Hi thee Maria, was delighted to get your email:) I do not know where to click to add on to list of Mt Shasta sight. I have been missing you all, it was such a special trip, and yes there is intergrating to do to understand the gifts we were given and the opportunity to shed so much of thngs that no longer serve us all, personallly and collectively. It was a such an honour and privielge to be apart of you all,and so wonderful to meet some of my Brothers and sistersI llok forward to sharing so much with you all
Love and light Inca

At present i am in Canada,at my daughter's home in Ajex.I came here on11th of june, i wanted to join for Mt.shashta event but any how i could not manage to go there.the persons who could attend ed i may not say lucky but this is the Divine Plan and they were selected by the Divine.Time is the very important factor. We all are together here for the common cause,we all are strongly connected so if we have remembered them when they were doing meditations, we could have experienced. Mental and connection at subconcious level is very important. i was all the time thinking about Saranya and the whole group who went there. For the whole week i was busy with our Light work only may be 9 to 10 hrs a day.I have seen photos of maria ines and read about her experiences.Every body has very fascinating experiences. God bless them , and Saranya for this wonderful Event and the work they must have done for our Planet Mother Earth.
Dr.Sohiniben Shukla.

Dear Lynda,thank you very much for you to integrate into this group. I am glad that might soon go to this place so special, for me it was an honour and a privilege to be able to travel from Argentina to take the Master Module II and receive many gifts, special encoding and healings of teachers. I would like to continue living there, is a place where I felt like being in my own house. The Lemuria is our old home, perhaps for that reason that all of us back there.

Thank you so much Maria for the invite, and I gladly accept. I didn't make the Mt. Shasta event, but it is wonderful to be able to tune-in, receive and review the information and photos here. I"m sure a wonderful time was had by all, and that you are still feeling the affects and shifts. I love reading here all about it. :) I hope to make a quick trip to Mt. Shasta very soon - I know it is a very special place indeed and Saranya's classes are always so special. Blessings to you and everyone that attended. :) Love, hugs and healing, Lynda

the love which we all shared is expanding more and more... i have been with my true family.. and shared a divine time .. what greatest gift can i expect now.. that i have all your love in my heart..i am waiting to be with my gaiadon family again.... love to you all.. keeran

Dearest Gaiadon Hearts,

Onward and upward we march to the next shift point in our Journey Home.
I honestly feel that the new energy creates itself, and propels us so endearingly with gentle nudges until we realise that we are in a new space, even without remembering how we got there.
The same Divine force that made my beloved sister Marva take a trip to Mount Shasta, (I don't think she needed much persuasion) to make enquiries for the next gathering of the Gaiadon Hearts for the June Solstice, in 2008, is now  crystalizing a divine thought into the manifestation of a grand new reality.
An ancient promise is to be fulfilled. An original sacred contract is about to be completed. A new Light Continuum is to be activated, at this Portal of Ascension, as we Re-turn to turn the corner and move right into the One Heart.
We spiral through the Shift Point and pulse into the final phase of our journey.
Once activated, this new Pathway expands within our consciousness, allowing the new fifth dimensional Gaia to become a permanent and continuous reality.
The New Gaia-Star manifests and no more can Earth allow limitation to be ever a part of her journey as we participate in in this liberation of the planet into the new freedom of be-ing.

The Celestial Tree of Life becomes a Celestial Sphere and consciousness evolves, grows, expands and shifts into the new Paradigm of Love.

Mount Shasta magnetizes the Gaiadon Hearts to gather as One, to co-create the New Gaia-Star as the ending of the human his/her-story is re-written.
We are invited to the Light Celebration.
Celebration and Silence....
Joy and Peace......
Dance and Meditation.....
Again, there are few words to describe what actually will happen... so let us flow into The experience, and just Be-come....the One Heart!


As you begin your new co-creation tasks, to create the New Gaia Earth Star, and to embark on this awesome task of anchoring the Celestial Sacred Supra-Luminous Heart Consciousness Grid, you begin to manifest the Divine Plan, to anchor the Gaiadon Consciousness on the Earth, to bring to fruition the birthing of the Gaiadon Crystal Child.

As we all understand the essence of this new Being is pure love and pure light, so shall the new era be of pure love and pure light.
Yet again, it is the essence that is important as you walk the Earth in this pure radiance of the Gaiadon Celestial Light Being. You simply know you are this Divine Gaiadon and the new consciousness shall change the very destiny of our beloved planet, transforming all of creation into this new consciousness of Mastery.
Those who walk this path are given new tools of empowerment.
As you receive the new energetics that propel you into total self-realization, you are at the same time fulfilling the Divine task of anchoring the Gaiadon Earth Sacred Portal.

Your Light Body now radiates with new higher light frequencies and exhibits an enhanced new radiance of the new Celestial Consciousness that shall completely transform your light body into an amazing force field of light as you shall be-come one with the Source Heart.

You open the seals of Super-consciousness states of Galactic intelligence. The key to secret wisdom is offered to you.
As you begin to gather divine insights, you are the scribe, the one who records your inner wisdom for posterity.
You are indeed the Enlightened Beings who are the voyagers of this cosmos, this grand creation of Goddess-God that you are.
The initiations include:
1. The Celestial Aumkabah of Love Activation
2. The study of many sacred sciences like Metatronics and Creatronics
3. The Bodhisattva Initiation
4. The Ascended Master Initiation
5. The Sirian Initiation
6. Aumetatronics
7. Emerging from the Chrysalis
8. Healing
And....more and more and more....
And so our ascension journey lifts us, lifts us, lifts us into own unity-matrix with the divine.


Dear Gaiadon Family,

The huge energies coming onto the planet at this time serve to move us further along the river of ascension.  And although the work Saranya is bringing in defies verbal explanation, it is more potent than anything we have experienced to date.  And though we might long for a specific order and continuity, sometimes it is necessary to "go with the flow".
And the flow in this instance is the now/new energies coming to us in the form of the Gaiadon Heart teachings.  Those of us, who have worked with the teachings of the MM and the GH for many years, might expect a logical progression of teachings.  However, there is no control of what is being received.  Spirit is directing this play.  And so the energies just keep getting higher and higher, stronger and stronger, more and more profound.  Those of of us, who recently took IB, know this to be so.
Technically, IB is the second seminar in the Gaiadon Heart Aumkabah Keys of Ascension series.  Yet, the energies pouring forth from these teachings and visuals are as advanced as the most advanced teachings, IIIA.  So, regardless of what a particular module is called, the teachings and energies recieved just keep growing.  Thus, those of you, who are guided to continue on this most profound path of the Gaiadon Heart, are encouraged to release the need for seemingly linear continuity.  All is new.

Thus, to continue with the new/now teachings it is necessary to take IB before proceeding to what comes next.  And what comes next is a combination of IIA and IIB to be known as the Combined IIA-IIB.  What started as a simple combination, has taken on a life of its own and what we will receive when it is presented, once again defies verbal definition; it is inarticulated love, if you will.  So the Combined becomes the old becoming the new becoming the now.  And that, my friends, might be an apt definition of ourselves.  As we grow into our mantles of divinity, we are given more; we are able to receive more; we are able to give more. 

For us "old timers". I would like to suggest that we not dwell on the concept of repeating anything that we have already done, because it just isn't so.  IB is proof positive.  Regardless of the name or the number, what Saranya is receiving and then giving to us is new.  The Combined will be new.  And it will be presented before IIIB.  It will be presented during the Full Moon time of Summer Solstice at Mt Shasta.  And this gathering will be more powerful than anything that has come before.  There will be Light Continuum Activations at the Portal of Ascension.  We will be changed in ways that cannot as yet be imagined.  We will step into our destiny. 
And to the newer members of the Gaiadon Family, know that what comes next will carry you even further along the path of ascension.  As we gather in great numbers at the foot of the sacred mountain, Shasta, we become the family of ONE.  We become ONE.  We become ONE IS.  We become.  We will sing and dance and love in the light of all that there is.  Let us commit now to joining together in June as Gaiadon Hearts. 
Please have your friends and students contact me at , so that they can become part of my mailing list.  My master mailing list was contaminated and destroyed, so I will gladly receive all the names of Gaiadon Hearts that you can send.  You will be given details of the gathering as they become fixed, but you might schedule June 15th through the 23rd (arrival and departure dates) for the Gaiadon Heart Family Gathering. 

I remain yours in service to Gaiadon,