Download Harmonic Resonance Frequency Audio File

by Saranya Zaveri, Music by Paul Armitage



The New Earth Harmonics is Love. It is the frequency of the Heart of the Human/Divine resonating to the pulse of Gaia. This creates the combination of the harmonic octaves of celestial musical notes, creating divine music of the Heart Awakening.
In tune with the waves of Gaia-transformation, the cells of the body align with the cells of Gaia and are sensitive to all the movements and forces sweeping this planet right now.
Focusing on radiating love, and only love, shall indeed harmonize all of life and creation, and through the resonance of harmonic love, illuminate the inner harmony and peace within the core cell of every heart. The harmony of the inner spheres vibrates with the Love of Gaia and she sings her sweet song of transfiguration into light... with this music, we are lifted, lifted into the Oneness that we truly are...
Harmonic Love,

Please sit quietly and relax and focus on your heart.
Move into the core of your heart and access the single cell within your heart center.
Embrace the silence within.
As you merge with the very core cell of your being, you sense an overwhelming stillness and yet through that stillness you sense a pulse that holds within, the music of the spheres.
This frequency emits its energy in the form of wave form radiations that silently transmit the messages and codes of love and light to the other cells, creating a kind of silent music, the language of love and light.
Observe the illumination of this original cell, with the purest love and light of the Divine. Draw from the Source, infinite waves of love that simply fills up your cell and pulses it out to the receiving world.

The new frequency contains within the sweet melody of creation, and the resonance of harmony and as one cell is illuminated, this resonance transmits it to the others, sharing its 'enlivened' state with all the other cells.

When enough cells are activated in this way, every cell matches the same frequency, and the critical mass is reached. You know with an inner knowing that you are creating the same harmonics within as the harmonic ratio of musical notes creating a beautiful melody which is based on this same frequency.

Share the light, through love, as the cells demonstrate a harmonic resonance, reverberating through your thought, word and action, and hold the balance and peace in the core of the cell, in the center of your heart, so that the waves of transformation shall pulse out in harmony and transmute all imbalances into one great symphony of ascension.

You create celestial music as you ride the ascension wave... the harmony of the spheres.
Each cell in your body vibrates with the music of the celestial spheres which is harmonic resonance.
Feel the peace and the harmony.
All the living light cells are interconnected through the consciousness grid with all other cells, as all light beings are interconnected through the same grid of light that is the beautiful holomatrix of love around this graceful planet.
In this interconnectedness, feel the oneness with Gaia and sense how her ascending frequencies are the same as yours.
As you merge your heart with Gaia's heart, you sense how the same harmonic frequency is pulsing from her heart in the same strong peaceful waves as yours.
Feel the oneness with beautiful Gaia. Hear her heart pulse creating the music of the inner spheres.
The combined harmonics of love frequencies create celestial music, the divine music of ascension, the symphony of new life emerging to realize the dream of the caterpillar that yearns to fly, of the human to become divine.
It is time now to create the cellular melodies of co-creation as one being, one planet, one heart.
Remain in this state for as long as you are guided, enjoying the celestial creation of music and the celestial music of creation, the harmonics of love.