Greetings, My Dear Children,

Once again, it is with such an over-powering feeling of love that I speak to you. I speak now, straight into your hearts!

Dearest Ones, know that you, as the Gaiadon Hearts have accomplished much, as you have traveled highly encoded and sensitive pathways, working with very accelerated energies, and charged with pure Divine Love and Light, to the ancient sacred vortices, to activate the crystal computer grids at Saqqara, Atlantis, Light-henge and Avalon, and Tibet-Kailash.

As you entered Saqqara, you activated for the first time in aeons, the ancient crystalline grid, that in turn opened up the portals of communication, further connecting this crystal with the ones at the other sacred vortices, and furthermore with the galactic crystalline computer grids. You offered your Gaiadon Heart to this sacred temple and returned, carrying the new encodements to share with all of humanity. This was the moment of the thought creation of the new Crystalline Consciousness that was to birth upon this planet, of the new Gaiadon Crystal Child.

The next phase of your journey has been to go to the ancient Atlantean vortex and activate the Atlantean Crystal Computer Complex, and the Atlantean Fire Crystal. You once again anchored the Gaiadon Heart within the sacred Fire Crystal and received many new codes and initiations to share with the rest of the human race. Here you downloaded the perfect energetic frequencies that would facilitate the manifestation of the new Gaiadon Consciousness upon this planet.

Once again, as the Gaiadon Hearts, embodying this crystalline consciousness, you journeyed to Light-henge, and Avalon, and activated the dormant crystalline computer complex connecting the sacred vortices, and reactivating the dormant energy grids that connects this great subterranean crystal computer with the Atlantean Crystal and the Saqqara Crystal.

As you physically ascended with your light body vehicles, you came before the Temple of the Source and received the pure distilled essence of the Gaiadon Crystalline Consciousness, and as you downloaded these divine frequencies you experienced the awakening of the new blood circulatory matrix and the new meridian system for the new Gaiadon Child consciousness from the red and the white water wellspring of creation itself.

And as you walked the labyrinth of your holographic consciousness, you ascended The Tor, and entered the sacred heart womb of The Earth Mother herself. There you facilitated the Birth of Innocence, of Purity and Divinity.

Next you ventured, as brave warriors of Light into the unknown, into the wild beauty that is Tibet, to face every aspect of your being, and your physical body co-ordinated its steps, whether strong or weak, to allow this butterfly to emerge from its cocoon, and you emerged as the pristine light of pure God consciousness, holding the rarified pure essence of the Gaiadon.

You activated the portals in this great Tibetan plateau, which was not just a crystal computer complex, but the entire subterranean area was a huge crystalline computer kingdom, if you can perceive of this as the hugest complex you can imagine!

Every monastery was a reminder of this ancient wisdom, and many of you experienced tremendous down-loadings and initiations, and as the ancient grid points were activated. Words could not be used to describe the immensity of what exactly was received since the initiations were on multi-levels of your consciousness. Indeed, mere words cannot describe how much you have received, and given, individually and collectively.

You indeed activated the massive crystalline computer complex that is Tibet, by walking through this ancient land and sharing your Gaiadon Love.

Your very footsteps have left imprints here that shall continue to keep the energy activated.

As you found the secret doorway to the main sanctum on the second day of your drive to Kailash, you entered the hallway of the mystics and the masters and experienced many encodings. Sacred geometrical patterns, symbols, and codes were downloaded into your consciousness. Your expanded Gaiadon Heart was filled with more love than you have ever experienced in your many lifetimes, and you became One with this amazing Presence that filled this vortex. Many of you lost all physical or body awareness and recognized the Love Essence that you were being filled with.

This was the place you knew you helped create before even the most ancient of structures was created on this planet. You were one of the architects of this sacred place.

You once again activated the portal at the sacred Lake Manasarovar, at the perfect time when all the Ascended Masters were in conclave.

You walked these rugged mountain paths, to weave the Aumni-light Hologram around Kailash, and to anchor the Gaiadon Heart within. Kailash, the marker crystal that signifies and holds all the potent energy of the Tibetan Power grid, has been activated. It is an important link between all the crystal computers that you are linking. For those who made the walk, Dear Ones, it was your physical steps that activated this link. For those who stayed behind and meditated and radiated their love, it was their thought intentions and loving hearts that activated this link.

On a much subtler frequency, you can liken this activation to the sacred breath of the new Gaiadon Crystal Child. As you breathed with the unity breath, you infused precious life-force into this new consciousness.

As has been said before, you are working in multi-dimensions (or is it playing?) and hence many layers of your experiences may be on deeper levels of your consciousness, but they shall surface certainly, to be of benefit to this planet.

Groups of light workers must gather in sacred vortices, and then you accomplish the task of Re-turning the Light to Gaia's Heart, the light which already exists in the higher dimensional Heart of Gaia, thT shall return to the Earth, as never before..

To be sure, you have reconnected the giant crystalline computer complexes of Saqqara, Atlantis, Light-henge, Avalon and Tibet . All of these are reconnected and connected to the Galactic Crystalline Grid. All of these are now to be connected to a new Thought Grid, a new Concept Grid and a new Creation Grid.

Beloved Ones, in these times of great turmoil, simply be the Gaiadon Heart and send love to those who are in the world of illusion and limitation. It is your role to radiate the Love that you are and observe how you can heal those who need it.

Allow your love and light to transmute all that does not serve the light. Do not forget to send healing energy to the ones that are in great pain, every day, and know that your Gaiadon Love can heal, and transmute all emotions into love.

You have a responsibility too, to truly hold the mantle of light and to disseminate this Light, you must become aware of many more steps you need to take.

You must be ready to accept many more initiations, to receive which, you go through the process of purification. There is no more any need to suffer or go through physical pain. Now focus on your emotional body and do not give them power over you or anybody. Allow wasted emotions to drop away, and you know the way to transmute emotions into joy before they do any harm!

Free yourself of all limiting thoughts, and beliefs. Release yourself from your past roles and know that you are much more than the roles that you are playing today! Gently guide others who are in their role-playing to understand what it is that Spirit really seeks of them.

Re-dedicate yourself to the Divine Design and know that you are to be given many divine opportunities to serve the planet.

Know that, for those that are ready, the shifts will be huge in terms of consciousness leaps.

And at the same time, through many multi-dimensional states, shifting at the same time, Gaia too shall ascend, with you into the Highest State of Being. We shall embrace our true form of light together as we are indeed One.

And now, I would like you to focus on your Heart and go deeper and deeper within. As you enter the deepest part of who you are, see yourself as this aumni-versal being, completely light body.

Feel the core light of pure divinity begin to pulsate and expand, filling your heart space and radiating from your heart, expanding and expanding until it fills up your aumkabah with a brilliance that is unmatched.

There are few words that can describe this being that you are… No more can you be the same. Simply bathe in this profound state, the highest soul state that you are, and as you merge with this light, you hold the highest frequency of light within your body.

Feel yourself breathing the unity breath automatically. All beings shall breathe with this same synchronized breath, soon!

You can immediately feel yourself at one with all of creation. You may have a sensation of many dimensions moving through your being. It is as if you are this Great One Being, larger than creation, and everything is a part of you, as much as you are a part of everything.

You begin to truly experience aumni-vision.

Multi-dimensional journeys and experiences begin, and you can remember whatever you choose to.

What rich and wonderful creation would be your destiny, how interesting your life would become, when you now begin to use your fullest potential as an aumni-versal being!

Share your wealth of spiritual treasures with everyone, Dearest Ones, and you shall soon know the unbearable lightness of your soul; know the exquisite joy of loving, as you move further into your heart space and embrace the One Being!

My heart is yours. You are my children, I am your Mother.

Know that my love and my protection are always with you.

And so Beloved Ones, I take leave for now, to return again, to give you messages from Spirit, that shall comfort you, and assure you that true peace is within your heart, your Gaiadon Hearts.

May Eternal Peace and Love Become You…