Beloved Gaiadon Hearts!

The Return of the Love/Light Brigade from the Roof of the World! The whole Gaiadon Heart Family must be eagerly awaiting for all the news about our exciting and adventurous journey!

There’s lots of news, and memories of Tibet to share, and though this has taken some time to assimilate, you know that most of us are still integrating all that happened, and trying to write all our experiences has taken this long! Seriously, sleep seems the most interesting of all, especially as it brings back visions and memories!

Now, it is time to share with the rest of our Family all that we experienced.

And so, we meet again in the physical, soon!

Love flows freely and openly, always, like a river flowing…

Oh the beauty of our souls, far more profound that what we imagine! Move into your inner heart spaces as often as you can, dear ones and find your Core Love, gentle and sweet…

Spiraling tornadoes of light constantly spin around your heart and your light bodies…

Tibet… so much to say and no words to really say all that needs to be said…. It is that part of the ones that Tibet took and Tibet gave back that is now struggling with mere words to speak about what we have seen of our Gaiadon Light!

Even if we are one breath away from home, the joy of that single fleeting glimpse of our true being, a flashing revelation of truth, and our knowing… the almost imperceptible ray of understanding that is now our truth, our being, our heart gift, and that we cannot ignore that which is becoming… us…that which we are becoming…

Rejoice, dear Gaiadon Hearts, and just be… the fragrance that you are…

What a joy to spread only joy….reaching….across miles and dimensions…. And the love expands and multiplies exponentially! The love of the higher realms is unequalled in its power and the joy is unparalleled. We are already there. And when we merge more into that bliss, there is no more separation. All there is home…

Sing Your Heart Song, and sing the Song of the Divine as if it is the Divine Herself singing… and not you… And through ends and new beginnings, this Heart and this Song will go on and on….

Love… Pure love….Exponential love… Fibonacci Love!

We hope you enjoy this fascinating journey through the heart of the Gaiadon


Precious Hearts,

Waking from dream-filled slumbers, dreams of Tibet, and the lifetimes lived, strangely also lifetimes in Egypt, Atlantis and Avalon, I reluctantly come back to this beloved planet. And though there is much work to be done, there seems to be no hurry, everything is in sweet, slow motion.

There are so many memories coming back, memories of Alton, memories of us, it almost could fill a book… maybe it will be a book, maybe it is meant to be a book. I find a few chapters already written, don’t know when that happened…

Piecing together these last few weeks, it feels like we have done this before, each one playing out a role well rehearsed in a drama repeated!

Dearest Ones, the magical thing we have created is the Gaiadon Heart Love and what we have done has changed destiny forever… of course we reach another threhold of realization of who WE ARE, because that is the natural next step.

And as in every divine effort to create a new energy, we have succeeded in climbing on mountains of faith, to rewrite the endings, to know that our peaceful wills are stronger than all else.

The Star Song of Remembrance has allowed our Soul Light to blaze more powerfully and yes, we are recognized by our Light more than by our faces..

To state that our entire adventure was without physical or emotional challenges, would not be the truth, but which spiritual journey has ever been without challenges? What is significant is that the sum total of all our experiences has only brought joy, and love and unity and indeed a leap into the next level of consciousness!

Already the next step is being revealed… the workings of the Divine Design….Are we not blessed to be alive and conscious at this time when the veils have disappeared and we are so fully in tune with the energetic shifts and alignments that shall take this planet into the incoming dimension of pure love?

Soon, we shall take the next step together in the glory of ascension, fully conscious and aware and alive… Isn’t this in itself an incredible thought?

How can one resist the onward and upward surge of love energy that is sweeping through our cells right now, raising all the Gaiadon Hearts into one beating, pulsing Heart of Love?

Aumni-light, Aumni-love, Aumni-Smiles and Aumni-Laughter!