Dearest Gaiadon Hearts!

You are NOW poised on the threshold of new beginnings! You witness the dawning of a New Galactic Gaiadon Year of the NOW!

The previous year has been a time of great shifting and many have faced the greatest of challenges and re-dedicated themselves to their solar destiny!

This destiny has been slightly modified to include the evolution of our soul group, not just to the Great Central Sun, but to the Greater Central Sun, and to the Greatest Central Sun!

The birth of the Gaiadon Heart and the Gaiadon Crystal Child is now celebrated throughout the universes as an event of great joy as you have watched the celestial child soul awaken and stir and begin to breathe its life-force into the hearts of all human-kind! This is the most profound event since the birth of the Christ two millenia ago. Today the Christ consciousness and the Gaiadon consciousness have merged into the Gaiadon Christ consciousness, and you witness the most remarkable awakening of the Gaiadon Heart. The Gaiadon Heart begins to pulsate with the newest frequencies of love and light as you have ever experienced, and you remain in anticipation of receiving the most undiluted and purest wisdom of the Source that is to be shared with all of the human race soon!

As you have mastered Time and entered the Now-Time, more and more insights into Now-Time shall be revealed to you, in this Galactic Year!

This is the time when you shall enter the stillness of the Now Instant, staying in the beauty and the peace of the Moment Now, understanding and experiencing that Physical Time is Not, and All Time is Now!

As you prepare to receive the new encodings, the Gaiadon Heart combines the most exalted wisdom with the most profound love, and projects this into every corner of the world, to synchronize the consciousness levels of all of creation so that the entire human race shall continue the ascension journey together and in total alignment.

You simply cannot be the same anymore. Once you have been touched by this love-light-power-wisdom, you simply cannot slip back into the old way of thinking, for the old ways shall not work anymore.

As dimensional veils have been lifted, the key word for this new energy is speed and acceleration! Paradoxically, it is this acceleration, in the Now Time that lifts you out of all your physical issues and assists you and the planet in your ascension process, and releases you from limitation!

And so my dear Gaiadon Crystal Children, in this time of speeding up, there is a greater inner stillness, as you understand the mechanics of Now Time. You remain in the perfection of the Now Time, even as you seem to be racing forward in your evolutionary process. As you understand this, you shall no more delay the process of the planets ascension, by applying the old laws!

The new and revolutionary frequencies shall indeed change all the ways of the old, and usher in a completely new way of thought, perception and action! You shall master these new Time mechanics, at the same instant as you explore the new worlds within the infinity of your consciousness!

You shall tend to the Garden of Eden, within the Gaiadon Heart, and allow this Sanctuary to spring to life with the Gaiadon Love! You are the Gaiadon Crystal Children of the NOW, roaming these vast multi-verses within and without, laughing and playing and growing, FREE from all conceptions and FREE from all restraints, not influenced by human thought or behavioural patterns. Innocent and child-like, you hold nothing of the energies of the moment gone in your energy fields! The child in you forgets all else and remembers ONLY LOVE!

You shall honor the God-dess within every cell of creation by living the life of the Gaiadon! You shall seed the new Tree of Life, and many such Trees of Life, within this Sanctuary of the Heart!

Beloved Ones, Brave Warriors of the Light, who have faced the storms and battles of your past, Now is the time to Stay in the Peace of the Moment when the Light, and the Love that you are shall blaze new trails in the Now Age!

It is time to rededicate yourself to the Divine Design!

The Divine Design is the one that you have re-designed to accommodate every living creature in the Ascension Plan! The Divine Design is the Sacred Contract, the Original Divine Plan, that you re-patterned to erase the laws of suffering so that we learn the lessons of love in a new way! It is the First Covenant between You and Source, that you re-activated, so that you choose, for yourself and for your planet, ascension in this life-time, with full and conscious awareness!

This is your gift, your mastery, your service!

Oh, how you are loved, how you are honored for who you have become, and who you are!

Blessings to You, Oh Ones Who Hold the Mantle of the New and Pristine Aumni-Love - Light!

Gaia- Adonai!



Greetings, My Beloved Children!

And now it is time to share the greatest gift of Aumni-love that is lifting us into a new octave of experience.

The time has come for us to move into a new energetic, totally releasing all the patterns of the past, and to create a new NOW!

Let the cool winds of change re-arrange the molecules of the dust as it settles into new designs for a new tomorrow.

As we walk the beaten path, roam the ancient tracks, the echoes of the bygone eras, the mystery and magic of the past shall add to the love and the light that we shine forth as we return as the God-dess awakened, to weave the new synergetic tapestry of a grand new life... yes, it shall be the return of the glory of yesterday, but with the wisdom born of many lifetimes, and many many returns... with the innocence of a child, untouched by the harshness or bitterness of past suffering, eyes shining and hearts expanded with the excitement on this awesome journey of self-discovery.

Come, my Beautiful ones of the White Brotherhood and the White Sisterhood, let us roam once again those dear lands and make this a Re-Turn to the NOW!

We shall simply carry the Gaiadon Heart to touch the Heart of the God-dess and awaken Her within us, and to receive in gratitude the powerful initiations that will carry us into our true Home of the Divine... The Sanctuary is waiting... deep within the stillness of Avalon, we shall find the core of our being, that essence, that sweet space that shall touch and ignite the innermost power of our being, yet it is so full of grace, that it shall quietly radiate and implode within our hearts, carrying us into the silent bliss of re-membering and re-newing and re-uniting...

Once again, the crystalline waters of the River of Love shall spring forth from our combined hearts, and flow into the Ocean of Love...

The crystal pyramids shall be reconnected, and shall throb with the cosmic pulse of creation.

The power of love and wisdom, the love of wisdom and power (self-mastery) and the wisdom of love and power have never before been experienced in such a gentle way...

We know we are inextricably a part of these ancient lands, and so beloved ones, let us walk once again this labyrinth and reach the point within this sacred maze, moving towards the deepest part of our souls, and illuminating the final doors, coming at last to the most profound Light of all, merging with it, and becoming it, the Aumni-light that we are... the purest Soul Light, soothing, and all-knowing!

The magical lands of Avalon welcome you!

I remain, in aumni-light and love, to greet the God-dess in you, so we can all be elevated into this sacred experience...

I offer to you the Chalice of Aumni-Love,





Dear Gaiadon Friends!

First of all I wish to thank all the beautiful Gaiadon Souls who brought in the NEW NOW Year for me with such a gesture of love and gratitude, with the most unexpected gift of love. Yes, indeed, the gratitude journal that was gifted to me took me totally by surprise, and yes, I did not dream that so much love was possible to be expressed by so many divine souls, and yet of course I know it is...

My beloved Gaiadon Hearts, this gift is returned to each one of you multi-fold, with the most expanded heart that I am experiencing now. The joy is immeasurable, and beyond words..

Yes, the time has come to re-dedicate ourselves to our purpose on earth, and to re-commit ourselves to the vision, and the New Divine Design! A complete new blue-print is being given to the Earth at this time! We are about to re-write the galactic records and the earth chronicles so that the New Gaia Agenda can be envisaged, for the New Gaia Earth Star to be co-created!

I am happy to inform you that the creation of an entirely revolutionary and totally divinely inspired modality is taking shape, as Module IA is getting ready! The entire experience is now totally channeled and presented through new and revolutionary concepts and encodings! As we usher in the New, the total elevation of energies is inevitable!

The visuals are extra-ordinary, and no effort is being spared to present the most unique way to share new wisdom that can bring as many beings as possible into a new and higher octave of experience.

I would love to give a date when this will be ready, but again, as perfection demands more 3D time, I request you to please join me in playing this interesting game of patience, and focus....it will be soon, NOW!

While keeping in mind the urgency of many of the Gaiadon Hearts to receive and transmit this to humanity, we are moving through all 3D challenges, including time, money and energy to see to it that the work is completed.

Yet another gentle reminder, to please focus on preparing yourself physically, mentally and of course spiritually for the new sacred adventures that will lift us to a summit experience!

As Avalon beckons, to connect the cosmic crystal computer communication network of Saqqara/Egypt, and Atlantis, with this divine crystalline grid-center, we know we are on this awesome venture, in the quest of spiritual perfection, of body and soul, and that this experience will carry us to the pinnacle, to the roof of this world!

Let us focus on the unified goal, dear Gaiadon Hearts, and remember ONLY LOVE!