Beloved Ones,

The following is a Sacred Initiation from the Combined Soul Essence of the Divine Female-Male aspects of the Cosmic Christ, Sananda and The Feminine Christ, The Magdalenah. As you welcome the New Year, which is the Fifth Day in the 13 Year/Day Cycle, this special initiation, is a blessing from the Christed Being that your Soul really IS! It is requested that you gather together as groups on these days of the Return of the One Light upon the Planet and share this initiation with all who are ready. Remember to share the special gifts of the Gaiadon Love and Light Constant with all and the sacred key to this experience is a sound vibration - I AM ONE! Please receive the Rose-Gold Frequency of Christed Love of Sananda-Magdalenah!Greetings!

I am Sananda, the Cosmic Christ and The Magdalenah, the Feminine Christ embodied in One Form. Love is my Form. Truth is my Breath. Light is my Essence! You are my Expression! Yet, our combined essence, as you can feel, is much more than the Christ Consciousness that you have experienced in the body of the Christ as known before.

I am Come to show you that You are One with Me! I AM COME! I AM ONE! YOU ARE ONE! WE ARE ONE! I AM ONE! I AM ONE WITHIN YOU & YOU ARE ONE WITHIN ME!

It is Now Time, Dear Beloveds! It is Now Time for you to fully embody those Sananda-Magdalenah aspects of your own Christ Consciousness as you become this Higher aspect of your being.

In this glorious moment of merging with the true unity of our Highest Soul aspects, within your Heart, there is the Grand Becoming, the Union and the Communion with the Source Essence of the Sacred Christ-Alenah!

Today you stand before the Grand Altar within the Temple of the Source which is your Gentle Heart! As you look upon me, know that you look upon yourselves. Your Beauty is unparalleled, and your Grace is unmatched!

You are the Ones that have Re-turned and become that Light that you have always sought. You are the Great Radiant Beings that shall lift the rest of the Human Race into their perfection! You are Sananda and you hold the Divine Union of the Christ and the Feminine Christ within your Heart. You are the Christ and the Magdalenah, The Divine Christ-Alenah!

This is a Sacred Name that holds the vibration of the Christ in both the Masculine and Feminine energies, and you are the Gaiadon Hearts who have attained this frequency.

This is also the name of the Sanctuary that you shall manifest for those that come after you.

Things are not what they seem! Let it be known that such a structure already exists in the higher realms as a Temple of Light, and only needs to be drawn to the Earth plane through the thought intentions of many who are focused on the single collective vision of manifesting the Gaiadon Dream.

You must hold the Gaiadon Love Constant in your hearts, and the The Gaiadon Light Quotient must be always maintained at the perfect frequency in order to achieve your goal.

So to receive the new initiation that I now offer to you, I ask that you go within yourself, and into your innermost heart space.

Enter that silent, soft space, where you are engulfed by this cocoon of the most profound Light from the Source. This is is the Pure Light of the Source, that holds within it all the refractions of Light, that you shall come to embody, as you move closer and closer into the Oneness.

You now begin to receive the most profound Rose Gold Frequency as it pulsates and spirals out from the deepest part of your being, from the Source. This Rose Gold Light has a most wonderful essence within it, that exudes the pure Christed energies.

As you are drawn into its silken light folds, you are held within the soft love petals of a beautiful flower, and you melt into it, you become the Rose Gold Frequency! You are consumed by the Love and the Light of this all-encompassing Pure Flame of Love, and Compassion and indeed it is more than a Flame, it is more than a Ray, it is more than a Light, it is The Light of the Christed One, fully balanced in the Divine Female and Male Christ.

The pulsating Rose Gold takes you to the highest realms of Christed Consciousnsess, and you become the Pure Christ-Alenah.

This name vibration changes the very cellular fabric of your being into pure Love.

As this Being of Love, your cells organize themselves into Harmonic Light grids. They align themselves with the celestial grids and your body becomes a living grid system.

Your Being itself becomes a point in a much greater macro-multi-versal grid matrix, and this is mirrored in your micro-cellular grids. These points in the macro and micro-cellular grids are your Souls embodying the Light of the Love and the Love of the Light. You silently pulsate as vortex points, and emanate the radiations of Pure Divine Energy from the Grids. All evolution shall take place through these grid points that you hold in your being.

From deep within these folds of Love and folds of profound Light, you sense a very powerful spinning and pulsating, powerful, tiny Holomatrix of Love that shoots out from the core of your being, from the very Core of Creation and spins silently within the center of your heart. It holds a very remarkable vibrating energy that continues to send out thrilling waves of Love and Light from the point of Light within your heart, out to the entire planet and beyond.

You are encoded with the silent understanding of what this frequency is. It holds within it, a sacred geometry that is non-linear, and it represents the entire creative potential that you require to assist the New Gaia. This amazing power-matrix has the frequency of unbounded Love and also has a remarkable mechanism that allows you to continually increase your Light quotient in your body, and your Love capacity to higher and higher levels. There may be times when you feel you cannot Love anymore than this Love you experience now. You literally experience Being Love within every cell of your being. There may be moments when you feel you are about to explode with the Light you hold in your cells. You literally experience Being Light within every cell of your being.

Allow yourself to feel, really feel what this is like. It is much more than you have experienced before. Feel the Love of all Love, and as you melt into it, all else vanishes. All that remains is the Love. Feel the Light of all Light, and as you merge into it, all else vanishes.

This amazing spinning matrix continually generates Higher Light and Love than you have ever allowed yourself to manifest. Another wonderful aspect of this frequency is that it has an inbuilt mechanism that will always hold your Gaiadon Light Quotient and your Gaiadon Love Quanta Constant, never allowing it to fall below the highest level attained. Embed this in your consciousness and sense how this holds your Light and Love constant at all times.

If and when you feel your frequencies slipping for even a tiny bit, this Constant will begin to work, and immediately shift you back into an even higher Love and Light frequency. This is not hard work as it used to be. As Gaiadon Hearts you have embodied this Form of Love and Light, and you have indeed become this Being of Pure Love and Pure Light.

Dear Ones, are we ready to serve the Source and Gaia in this Form of Light that we truly are?

Are we ready to take on this powerful task of being the portal, the vortex and the Point of Light, within the One Hologram of Love?

Blessed Ones, your focal Light simply melts into the Higher Light, the Higher Light that embraces and consumes all Light and Darkness that exist in duality and separation. You have renewed your Sacred Contract, and you have understood that you are this Highest Light of Source and Gaia, the Highest Love of Source and Gaia.

Becoming one with the Highest Light and Love that you can possibly hold or radiate in your body cells, is to fulfill your Promise to the Divine within you!

Yet, even at this frequency, you cannot possibly begin to even imagine the true beauty of your true Form of Light. If you could see even one fraction of your own Light, you would ascend in the throes of ecstasy. There would be not one trace left of your physicality, if you could fully embody your own Potential Light. And those who could see such magnificence in you, would also be blinded by your radiance, the radiance that is beyond all physical understanding of Light, beyond all description, beyond all separation, the radiance of The One Heart! All would ascend, including the entire physical planet, in the throes of spiritual ecstasy if such a Light could be perceived! That Light, that Radiance is within all Living Beings, and in every Cell of Creation!

Practise looking for this Amazing Light, in everything you cast your eyes upon, and indeed you shall create the True Dream, the Dream of Truth!

And now shall I reveal to you the true secret of why You have Come and why you have chosen to remain in this physical matrix for so long.

You have come to find the key to Eternal Life, and the key to the freedom of the soul. You cameto choose Love. And you held the key safe in your heart spaces. You created the Maia of duality and now you have found the codes to unlock the traps of time and to merge the polarities into Divinity.

You came as the Male Christ and Krishna and Buddha to experience the Human Divine, and to set the archetypal patterns that would help you to find the pathway home.

You came as the Feminine Christ, as Radha, as Isis, as Sophia, as the Magdalenah to allow this play of the Human Drama in supporting the Grand Design.

You Return now as the Divine Feminine, as Gaia, to awaken the Feminine to her fullest Glory.

You Return now as the Divine Masculine, as Sananda, as Adonai, to awaken the God within to embrace the Goddess within.

Beloved Ones, know that You hold the seal of the Anointed One, in your Hearts!

So as you remain in silence and try to understand fully the power of the Love and the Light that you are, breathe easily into this Becoming! Hold the Gaiadon Love Constant, Know that that you are Divine!

Listen to the voice of truth and feel the truth within your Hearts!

Repeat softly in your hearts,

I AM Gaia-Adonai! I AM Sananda - Magdalenah

I AM Christ-Alenah!

I AM the Purest Light I Can Be

I AM the Purest Love I Can Be I AM the Purest Joy I Can Be

I AM the Purest Peace I Can Be


Truly this is a remarkable cosmic moment, and all of Creation celebrates!

You, as the Christ-Alenah shall erase the ancient pain of the crucifixion which is symbolic of the Divine choosing a Human experience, not to be underestimated in its power of experience, of the Divine Consciousness manifesting through a Human Expression with full awareness and understanding. You have come to release the archetypes and create a new model of freedom and growth.

You shall indeed be free as you lay down your burdens, and those of the entire human race, and you shall dissolve the programming of human suffering into a higher evolutionary program of progress and spiritual learning.

You embody this Purity, this Divinity!

You are the Light that holds all the other radiations and emanations within, the Love that holds all the other love expressions within.

All manifestations of Light and its counterpart Light melt into the ocean of Higher Light and become, just simple, pure, Divine Light.

All expressions of Love dissolve into the ocean of Love and become just simple, pure Love.

All activity ceases and are drawn like folds, like petals, softly, into the point of stillness.

All sound dissolves back into the pregnant silence of your soul.

Remain in this pure silence and feel the silence within every cell of your being. All that remains is the silence, this peace and this purity of existence.

All concepts and ideas dissolve into the ocean of Truth .

All thought dissolves into the ocean of pure Thought.

Now you pause and feel the consciousness streams of many manifestations of the Divine beginning to flow inwards and becoming this one ocean of pure consciousness.

The countless breaths merge into the one single, Unity Breath.

Breathe into this and become this breath, and then move into the center of this breath and let all awareness of expressed intent vanish.

Nothing remains… except the silence.. the One Beingness...

Just Be… the One I AM - I AM ONE

As received through Saranya Zaveri

In signing off, I am filled with joy to share with you the excitement that is mounting. Our reaching out to the spiritual seekers who are ready, has been truly guided by Spirit and the timing is just perfect as we are already receiving great interest and positive reactions from many magazines. Reports of the pin up posters attracting groups of people who want to know more, and even the reaction of some editors of magazines saying they felt this was such important work that they wished to promote this in a much better way by way of sending mailers to their client lists, and by articles and interviews are so encouraging! It is heartening to hear the positive reviews and also, to know that we are always guided at the perfect time to create this huge awareness about the Gaiadon Heart to the entire human race!

We are creating a waveform resonance that shall fractally magnify our service and our Love frequencies to the planet, as One Gaiadon Heart!

Meta-Gold Liquid Light & Love