Beloved Ones!

When we experience shifts and changes, we always see a Divine Plan unfolding. 

At this special time of the September Equinox, we are to begin a task that shall be the first part of an amazing journey, that the Gaiadon Hearts shall undertake! We are being told that the work we are doing in Portland is the “Creation of The Gaiadon Heart Vortex”, and it just happens to be in the perfect place, at the perfect time, heightened by the Equinox Energies. Our journey just begins with Portland . If you notice, the word Portland is an anagram of the word 'Portal' and 'Land'.  

How could it be made clearer than this, that though we will periodically travel in the future to existing sacred sites and powerful vortices already activated, we will also take the combined energy to many virgin territories and activate our Gaiadon Heart Vortex, creating Portals for all who come into that area, much like the vortex site we accessed on our journey in Tibet! The reason for this being, these are already vortices that we, as light workers, have already created in the ancient past, and we are merely being guided to find them once again and discover and activate them once again.  

Also the reason for our gathering would be not just to activate these power spots, but also to create a Gaiadon Crystal Heart Holomatrix of Peace and to create a powerful core matrix in the area, and expand this with the Gaiadon Crystal Heart Love to encompass the entire planet. We will also focus on the areas specifically that are completely devastated by war, and project our healing heart's love and healing. Our efforts to project peace on Earth will certainly have an impact as we meditate and activate the Gaiadon Crystal Heart Holomatrix of Peace!  

Beloved Ones, please join us in these group activations, so that the energies of conflict and violence shall dissolve into love and peace!  

Gaiadon Crystal Love,


Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Gaiadon Heart,

I am writing to let you know that there is still space available for Saranya's IIIA Seminar and the Vortex Creation Event during the Fall Equinox in Hood River, Oregon. And I am pleased and excited to inform you that after spending many days looking for appropriate out door meditation spots, I have discovered some amazing energies in this part of the world.  So if you have been hesitant about what could possibly draw you to the Columbia River Gorge and its environs, please reconsider.

I have been drawn to Mt Adams, knowing that it is the site of much UFO activity, but not until a meditation in a meadow facing it yesterday with Laurie Petersen, did we discover that the mountain is filled with huge crystals!  It is beginning to appear that having to cancel the gathering at Banff was no accident.  It appears that Gaia is calling us to this part of the world for purposes we have yet to define.

I knew the Columbia River Gorge had energy because I have felt small vortexes, while hiking, but never did I dream of what I am now finding.  And the water falls...  I have gone back several times to seek the most energetic spots and am delightfully amazed..  It is as if the water, the rocks, the mountains are calling to us..  The energy is strong enough to alter our consciousness by just standing and looking.  I am truly astounded that this is happening in my "back yard' and will be so delighted to share the special activations Saranya has received with you here.  We are going to have vital connections with Gaia.

Namaste,  Marva



Greetings, Dearest Gaiadon Family!!!

*The Gaiadon Heart* is delighted to announce that Saranya's

Module IIIA Seminar


*The Creation of the Gaiadon Heart Vortex* Event

will be held In Hood River , Oregon

 on September 19th through the 24th 2006

  ( See registration form above )

As the energies keep building, we find ourselves creating new paths into the Heart of the Source of all that there is.  Once again Saranya is bringing forth the highest divine energies…  

Module IIIA

September 19th, 20th and 21 st 2006

Will introduce you

 to the

*Akashic Aumni-versal Aumkabah of Love*


  *Akashic Consciousness*


*Aumni-Versal Consciousness*

to the

*Crystal Solar Logos*

to the

*New Divine Design*  

to the

* The Dream of Gaia*



*The Creation of the Gaiadon Crystal Heart Vortex*

September 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2006

imbibing the sacred energies of the Equinox

This 3 day event is open to Gaiadon Masters of all levels.

Introducing the *New Gaiadon Crystal Heart Aumkabah*


The activations to be done are:

1.     Higher Light Integration (Emotional Re-alignment)

2.     Entering Inner Temples of Light

3.     Programs of Light (Cellular Redesigning, Redemption of light into Light)

4.     Empowered Ascension

5.     The Divine Umbilical C(h)ord Connection

6.     Creating the Gaiadon Heart Vortex of Light


Outdoor Activations:

1.     The Gaiadon Crystal Heart Holomatrix of Peace

2.     Keys to the Secret Heart Chamber

3.     Bridge of Love – Galactic Continuum

4.     The Gaiadon Love Constant

5.     Re-inforcing the Portals to the Gaiadon Heart Vortices in key, pivotal and focal places, and setting the codes for activations.