At this special time of the September Equinox this year, this unique activation may be done individually or in groups so that the Gaiadon Hearts may weave this web of love and create the irresistible force-field of light that radiates the most profound sacred frequencies of pure divinity around the planet.

Beloved Gaiadon Souls!

I am Maitreya!

As I appear before you, know that I come to you from a time beyond time, and am your future self, your enlightened avatar self, manifesting in the Present as You.

With great joy and love, let us open our hearts, and embrace creation itself with all the sacred love of the Divine Essence pouring from our One Heart.

Your soul is prepared once again for yet another significant journey towards the fulfillment of your soul’s longing to know and be-come the purest aspect of who you are, you recognize that this journey does not end with any level of awareness or understanding or experience.

Your continuance on your path towards Source, is a journey that takes you Beyond Enlightenment.  You shall indeed find that all that you have attained as spiritual goals shall simply dissolve into another fascinating goal and as soon as you achieve it, you shall manifest another one before you. And so it goes on!
As we walk this path together, you and I, we take a moment to pause and acknowledge and honour how we are indeed the ones that have climbed on mountains of faith, and we are now where we can see, without a doubt that we are the Ones we have been waiting for! We can clearly see the Re-turning Light breaking through the clouds, bursting upon this beautiful Gaia, bathing Her with this Limitless Light. As we understand with a deep and innate knowing, that this Higher Light, this Limitless Light is only appearing to appear from outside of us, we know that in reality, this Light is within us, and we shall indeed draw it from deep within the Core of our Being, our Soul, our Heart, to pulsate out and Become the Only Light there IS.

With this manifestation of our Soul Light, there shall indeed be Nothing but the Light upon this planet. All that is not of the Light shall be dispelled, dissolved into this Higher Light.

You shall in this journey travel in your consciousness through many sacred sites and vortexes of light and activate the Earth Grid of Love and Light, igniting the grid points which are formed by the Hearts of all the Lightworkers around the planet. You are indeed the point of light within this sacred sphere of love and you are the sphere of limitless love.

Sacred Light Grid Activation:

  • So we begin.
  • You tune into the consciousness of all your light brothers and sisters and invite them to join the Gaiadon Family in this worldwide unity activation.
  • In the beginning, I would like you to simply relax and begin to breathe into your hearts, and enter the silence within. Let every breath take you deeper and deeper into the Source, until you become the Point of Creation. Become that Point of Light from which all Light emanates.
  • First activate your light bodies with the Unity Breath.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Gaiadon Light Body Matrix (Inhale)
    Activate at Unconditional Love and Light Frequency (Exhale)
  • Now you are ready at this time of the Equinox to embark on an incredible journey to activate the Earth’s Sacred Vortex Grid as you appear in your consciousness at 13 sacred sites and enter through these light portal gateways, the inner heart core of Mother Earth. You shall ignite the creation codes of the heart matrix of Gaia and Adonai, and connect all these grid points, so that you weave a light tapestry of love around the planet.
  • Imagine the power of all the Gaiadon Hearts and other light-workers focusing on all the major sacred sites through your soul connection and creating this amazing light grid around the planet. The wonder of this connection, is that you shall gather your light forces, and activate all the vortexes through your consciousness. A journey of lifetimes, dear friends.
  • Now you are completely ready to undertake the sacred consciousness journey to activate all the sacred vortex sites and connect these grid points within the Planetary Light Grid.
  • 1. India: Your journey begins in India. All of the Family of Light shall unite in spirit to scale the heights of Mount Everest at the Himalayas with accelerated ascension frequencies of love. You then pass through the sacred living temples of this ancient land, drawing the ancient wisdom and initiations. You activate the undying monument to unconditional love, the Taj Mahal. You dip your light bodies into the Pushkara Lake of the Blue lotus. Then you move to the tip of this peninsula, where the three great oceans meet, the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea and then gather in the presence of Baba, to complete this phase with the quiet and loving meeting at the land of the Gaiadon Sanctuary.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 2. Europe: You travel in your consciousness to the Time Temple of Rosslyn and activate the Unity Time Module. The Unity of Time shall reveal the sacred keys of ascension through conscious awakening.  You proceed to Light-Henge and Glastonbury where you activate the Light Body of Mother Gaia and unify her Heart-Womb, expanding the light to birth the new consciousness.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 3. Egypt: You move gently to the Giza Plateau, where there is the Gaia-Matrix of Light, which you shall activate with the divine frequencies of Gaiadon Love, and align this Matrix with the planet's grid system.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 4. You move to the Sacred Land of Jerusalem, Palestine and Israel and through your heart radiations, thought create the much needed Vortex of Peace.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 5. Atlantis: Your next visit is to the Atlantean Vortex where the Fire Crystal is activated.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 6. Mexico: You are teleported to the Mexican Soular Temple and activate your Soular Heart. The Pyramid of the Sun, the Moon and the Pyramid of Man are unified to form a sacred triangle of light. You create a new crystal spiral step pyramid which shall be an ascension stairway for all beings to find within their higher consciousness and they can ascend through this light portal to merge with their Source-Heart.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 7. Peru: Your next destination is to Peru where once again you access the ancient cities of light and activate the gateway to the stars. You activate the Macchu Picchu gateway to the temple of creation. You activate the cities of light and manifest them in the New Gaia.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 8. Easter Island: You move then to Easter Island and connect with the guardians of the celestial realms. Star Portals are opened up to bring in new stellar and galactic initiations.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 9. Sedona: You then proceed to Sedona and activate the Heart Vortex of Gaia, and a sacred Inner Temple of Ascended Mastery is founded which many can access to be initiated to higher wisdom schools.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 10. Hawaii: Then you go to Kauai where the Earthkeeper is consecrated within the Shiva-Temple of Light. The Earthkeeper is connected to the Heartkeeper and you become a powerful conduit of these sacred energies.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 11. Japan: Next you are carried forward to Japan where the Great Life Force Vortex is activated.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 12. Australia: You move to Uluru, in central Australia where you activate the inner cities of light by allowing your signature of light to encode the Planetary Light Grid with the ancient symbols of ascension, keys that will open new pathways to many celestial realms.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • 13. Tibet: You reach Tibet, and once again come to the Roof of the World. You find a lost portal and open another hidden vortex. You dip your light bodies into the lake of eternal life and circumambulate the sacred summit. You reach the point where you began, Mount Everest, and receive the initiation of the greatest heights to which your souls can advance. It seems like a completion, but it is a new beginning. There are more journeys yet to be taken, more experiences to be experienced, more light to be shared. The circle takes off like a spiral into an open-ended pathway that shall take the Gaiadon Heart to newer vortex points.
  • Chant Aum for 33 seconds.
  • Now that the 13 grid points have been activated, you are converted into human conduits and as you hold the portal open for the dispersion of light, the Gaia-gatekeepers will recognize your soul's purpose to complete this sacred transmission and open the inner temples to allow you to enter and to align these codes into the higher programs within the Inner Temples of Light.
  • Entering the Inner Temples of Light, you receive the Higher Light Encodements that shall raise the light quotient even more, expand your hearts so you can complete the activations with the greatest light as you can accumulate and hold in your cells.
  • Tune into the Planetary Light Grid and know that as you have connected the sacred vortexes of the Earth, you shall raise the Planetary Light Grid to the highest octave of light and connect to the Galactic Light Grid of super-consciousness.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Planetary Light Grid (Inhale)
    Activate at Super-consciousness Light Quotient (Exhale)
  • A powerful pulse frequency begins to resonate within your heart, and it ripples out and touches awaken the hearts of all of our light family. Many who are unawakened spiritually too, are awakened by this pulse of love.
  • There is a Collective Pulse of Love. This Collective Pulse of Love will divinely pierce the light grid of the planet, through the unity access point of the heart on September 23rd at 12 noon at the precise Equinox time at mid-day in every time zone on Earth.
  • One set of binary codes, written into a frequency pulse by the Creator, has been introduced to this world that is about to be decoded at this time.
  • These codes have entered the planetary grids and acted as a key set to gracefully unlock the truth of humanity's origins and awaken greater levels of mastery through enhanced awareness.
  • The binary number system (base 2) represents values using two symbols, typically 0 and 1. Computers call these bits. A bit is either off (0) or on (1). When arranged in sets of 8 bits (1 byte) 256 values can be represented (0-255)
  • I AM LOVE: 01001001 00100000 01000001 01001101 00100000 01001100 01001111 01010110 01000101
  • I AM LIGHT: 01001001 00100000 01000001 01001101 00100000 01001100 01001001 01000111 01001000 01010100
  • 01001001 00100000 01000001 01001101 00100000 01000100 01001001 01010110 01001001 01001110 01000101
  • This key vibrationally establishes a connection with the all-knowing soul to align an activation of multiple seeds of recognition that lie beneath sacred seals that exist within the genetic coding of every strand of human genetics.
  • Repeat in One Heart Pulse:
  • Pulse 1: I AM LOVE…
  • Pulse 2: I AM LIGHT…
  • Pulse 3: I AM DIVINE…
  • This key will encode the sacred binary code into the Light Grid and awaken the Collective Pulse of Love.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Collective Pulse of Love (Inhale)
    Activate the Vibrational Key Codes of Light (Exhale)
  • The sacred origin of humanity was written into the genetic coding of humankind in the beginning by the Galactic Masters of Light, whose influence was and still is aligned with the spiritual progression of sentient beings that are evolving on this world.
  • Each of these declarations of humanity's commitment have merged into the gridlines of this planet and then coalesced at various special sacred times. The culmination of this grand shift is at midday on September 23rd 2007 in each time zone.
  • This key shall assist in a global awakening by allowing embedded master genes to activate and emerge in ready humans. Activation of these galactic genetics, which have always been a facet of humanity's identity at this divine timing shall shift the human soul group collective consciousness into the next unified spin point and immediately into the next octave of light.
  • Now you receive infusions of the Light of Higher Consciousness into creation under the supervision of Thoth to bring forth Form in the luminous Light Realms.  
  • These light infusions are from the Source of all Light and are received into your cells so that you may manifest physically in the Light Realms, and to also birth into the New Paradigm of Love without death of form. This technique will allow you to maintain the light quotient required to activate the Light Grids through your heart cells.
  • The Higher Light quotient is enhanced 144000 times to reach the vibration of the Ascended Masters.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Receive Divine Light Infusions (Inhale)
    Activate at 144000 times Higher Light Quotient (Exhale)
  • Now you receive a new frequency that will activate the light grid when a new Gaiadon Love Pulse is be introduced to the grid that has the potential to uplift the awareness of the collective soul group to a new level of consciousness that will surpass the total light intelligence quotient of the entire human race. It will touch the level of awareness that existed when the wise and ancient ones of ages gone by consciously manifested their divine connection through their transformational expansion.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Gaiadon Love Pulse (Inhale)
    Activate New Higher Light Intelligence Quotient (Exhale)
  • This transcendental pulse will be comprised of many sets of codes coupled with a Cosmic Wave of codes that are calibrated to pierce the higher grid system that lies energetically around the planet and is aligned with the electromagnetic Christ Grid. The wave of recognition and re-membrance of one’s divinity will enhance the frequencies and let the energy codes work on subtle dimensional states to bring the whole consciousness of the planet into unity and love.
  • When a full set of the codes is first introduced to the massive system that is the Gaiadon Light Grid, this will ignite a Higher Cosmic Wave that will illuminate every major energy portal on the planet.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Higher Cosmic Wave of Light Codes (Inhale)
    Activate Gaiadon Light Consciousness Grid of Recognition, Unity and Love of Divinity (Exhale)
  • In great honour of your committed service, as the One Heart, it is universally acknowledged by the entire Light Mastery that this illumination will systematically align the Planetary Sacred Light Grid with and activate a new Galactic Matrix that will assist all beings to energetically link with a Universal Light Expansion grid that will support the collective expansion of the entire soul group as the human race prepares to ascend to the next levels of consciousness.
  • Thought intention with breath:
  • Activate Planetary/ Galactic Matrix alignment (Inhale)
    Activate Universal Light Expansion Grid (Exhale)
  • Now that you hold the grid points within your hearts and your cells, you understand that you are the Light Grid itself. You hold the balance of the polarities within your bodies, and by walking the path of non-duality and finding the zero-point within your hearts, you manifest the true king-queendom of Heaven on Earth. This is the perfect time of the Equinox, when the frequency portals are all open. The challenges of balancing the duality are done with and the path of spiritual peace and joy is spiraling and expanding, through the hearts of all those who are ready.
  • You need wait no more for signs from above, or outside, for you are the change you seek without. You are the New Children of Light.. born into your Light Ascended Forms, seamlessly and without death. The Portals of ascension are wide open.
  • The silent force of love that emanates from your heart continues to grow in its intensity and you remain in this field of peaceful love, reveling in the Unity of our Hearts and Souls. The One Being awakens to Eternity… The One Heart pulses to Eternity…The One Soul lives to Eternity…
  • You are the Grand Be-coming. You are the Ones you have been waiting for. You are the Returned Maia. You are the Cosmic Christ. You are the Avatar. You are the Future Buddha. You are the New Life on New Gaia.
  • Rejoice, Beloved Ones… It is Now, Time…. It is Now-Time.