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The Vortex of Joy.... Hear the Gaiadon Hearts Share their now

Thank you so much for the 1B event and the Vortex spin. It was all so wonderful. The  IB energy is essential for now time, and I can't wait to get the DVDs  I have been incorporating it into healings this week. The first meditation on the vortex spin, I have been playing again and again. I love it all and I feel such a mounting excitement by everything and such a feeling of calm and love since Denmark. I love the red shawl you gave me. The Essene women all wore red shawls I believe so it’s an obvious colour for the heart chakra as we know!  Anoopa I know feels the same way so we are now focusing our thoughts on India! The space ships and seeing such a beautiful clear Pleiades in the sky on our return to the house was just perfect! Harmonic Resonance Aumni love!

Hi, Saranya,
I attended IB with you at Hood River with you in October.
At first I thought it might be simpler, "less advanced," than IIA and IIB and IIIA. But I was wrong. It stands on its own merit as a profound, enlightening experience. It doesn't seem to matter what order you take the various levels in. Each one stands on its own, expanding your light body and experience of the infinite.
Thank you for another wonderful consciousness-changing event.
Donna Satterfield

Dear Saranya,
Thank you for simply wonderful days of instruction in the gorge!
I loved all of it and felt it was one of the most life changing classes I have taken. A few days later I went to Sun River with my sister and stayed on for five more days alone. Just flowing with the river in front of the house and the class information has changed many things and brought about a newness that is wonderful and more directed inwardly. I thought you would be happy to hear "Sacred Space" is taking on a more defined step. While I was there I woke up at 1:30 am one morning, knowing that I would, and looked at the bathroom door casing. It was this most beautiful and new violet color with a light orange that was so alive. The light coming out of the cracks around the door from the bathroom were a goldish/orange. I was asked to listen to OM and take my green laser and use it on my chest cavity and spread out the muscles and fachia. Later a long, angular face appeared and with it more light that was intense! I didn't get back to sleep until 3:30! This last weekend after the IIIA practice I went inside and saw a very large dragon (a first!) that was red and white and a tiger walking in golden light and path. That certainly tells it like it is. Since I thought dragons were just one color, I can't help but think this Christed Goddess/God metaphor is shining itself to me.
I hope you are pacing yourself, please say you are!!!!!!  Oh, yes I also wanted to say that I want to contribute a donation for the land. It depends upon WHEN it is collected. Let me know. May your week be filled with Joy!
Eternal Light,

Dear Saranya,
I want to thank you for the most wonderful experience attending your Gaiadon Heart seminar NEW 1B in Eastbourne.
I felt completely filled with unconditional divine love .  It is difficult to use words to explain this wonderful feeling.
I feel like I am born again.  Healed and ready for new experiences. Ready for service.  When I came home, people started asking me what’s happened to me.
They said I had changed.  They said they saw something new in my eyes they could not describe.
Even people on the phone could sense the change.
I have attended and facilitated all of the Melchizedek Methods levels before.  And they were great !!!
I feel The Gaiadon Heart is the continuation of MM, and that it goes even deeper within your body, your heart and your cells. And way beyond deeper into the divine heart Of all there is. I had many wonderful experiences during and between meditations. Close encounters with angels, masters and other divine beings!!!
I want to teach this new wonderful modality to everyone that’s ready.  Everyone should be able to experience this.
Again, thank you Saranya, for your wonderful, loving way of teaching.  Thank you for being you!!!!
Shana Elenah

Hello :)
And thanks for a wonderful workshop in Denmark!
Back in Norway I´m spinning and having a good time with what was revealed to me. Can´t thank you enough :) And am of course looking forward to do the other levels available! I´m so grateful for you and the method!
Looking forward to be hearing from you soon :)
Abundant blessings

The course I have just done was the most amazing experience of my life and this is because it gave me the tools I need to create harmony throughout the world and the multiverses.  It was a most wonderful time with Saranya and all those present because we felt at one with each other and that was beautiful.
The Gaiadon family of light and love embraces each other more closely than ever and it brings with it the joy and love of being in total harmony. 
We enjoyed so much the channelings by Saranya.  She told us how we are all to be archangels rising into the light with love spreading outwards to all.  It was a most moving occasion and one I shall never forget, as we gathered together listening while the dawning sun rose over the sea.
The combining of the gold light frequency of the Great Central Sun with the Violet Ray was so powerful the course had to happen now to accommodate these rays coming through giving harmonic resonance.
The time and space to be together again was wonderful and strengthening.  We were in harmony and even a shortage of the fantastic Great Central Sun essence didn't cause disturbance as we settled democratically who could have the last remaining bottles!
Thank you dear Saranya for giving so much and for receiving from us too and thank you Lindel for the wonderful venue and you and Carolyn for all your hard work.
In divine love
Deanne Lockhart

I went to the Gorge yesterday and had a marvelous time.  I was not aware of any specific initiation, but felt a deep, deep, connection with Mother Earth and her flow.  I first went to Horsetail Falls and felt the power and majesty of that spot.  I then felt the call to climb to the Cave Fallsfrom there.  Normally to make that hike I start a mile or so down the road and hike from the west to the east.  This time I started east to west just to the right of Horsetail and followed it by sight and then sound for a long time."
Oh Saranya,  I was giggling along the trail... it was so beautiful, and I was so happy to be alive, so joyous to be alone in the magical woods... no one else was present.  I had forgotten that the Cave Waterfall was so close...  I had forgotten that the cave waterfall is indeed UPPER HORSETAIL FALLS!!!  What you sensed... in part...when we were at Horsetail was the upper falls, which is just above the one we stopped at.  It has a face similar to "The Dove", but has a large open mouth (a cave large enough to fit 40 people) that the water falls in front of into a beautiful pool below.  I sat in the cave in front of the waterfall for nearly an hour and felt the pounding energy of the water and the beauty of its whole body vibrated and at one point it felt like the back of my skull had come off and energies down pouring into me.   
I then continued my journey heading west and came to a third falls.. Oneonta.  This one looks and feels like it could have come directly from Lumeria... everything is so lush and green.. huge boulders and rushing waters.. there is an actual bridge over the falls itself..  I sat there in the sunlight and felt a light connection pouring into me through my crown and 3rd eye...meeting in a burst of light in the pituitary.  Again no specific messages... just the knowing that I AM ONE with all that there is.  Such a deep sense of SELF, to the planet, to the cosmos. 
I continued my journey along the side of the mountain with a sense of wonder and joy.  I am not the same.  IB and the Vortex Spin Activations changed me forever.  I am a RADIANT ONE.  There is a deep, on going joy vibrating within every aspect of my being.  And I am like a moulting snake...shaking free of a skin that no longer fits.  Day by day, moment by moment, I release long held patterns that no longer serve.  Habits, that I didn't know I have, are brought to the light and set free.  These latest teachings, activations and meditations of the Gaiadon Heart are as wondrous, if not more so, than anything that has come before.
I stand in awe of the gifts we are being given and give thanks for your dedicated work on behalf of humanity.  Namaste.

Hello, Dearest Ones,
What an amazing time we live in! The greatest spiritual gift we have given ourselves, is this Family of Light that we have found after lifetimes! What joy there is in this heart connection and sharing of love! Traveling around the world with the Gaiadon Heart Module IB and the Love Vortex of Light Spin Activations has been the greatest of initiations for me and for all those who have participated in this great awakening into the brilliance of the Soular Heart that we are!

Living IB and the Light Vortex Spin, these are the words of love and appreciation from our beloved Gaiadon Hearts. Our  wish is that the rest of our family can feel how this new love vortex we are creating is changing everything within and without....I certainly feel renewed and refreshed... and spiralled and pulsed and harmonized and vortexed with all the love frequencies that we played with as One Family..

And the best part is, I feel, it doesn’t just last for a few days, it feels permanent and I just know all the challenges of the time before IB have just vanished into thin air. Even my fatigue is gone, and I am all charged and excited.... and peaceful inside... I feel so new and fresh - like a new birth...

Yes as Deanne has put it, I learnt to receive as well as give, and I accepted with deep humility and love, a healing from the group in London. An initiation that began at Hood River and by the Columbia River Gorge, that was revealed to me in its true higher significance in Denmark and reached a pinnacle in London, was actually given to me by the Soular Gaiadon Hearts as they merged with their Soular Heart, and embraced their innate soular resonance and radiance!

It was a wondrous time of great heart opening and expansion and I cannot find the words yet to  fully describe everything that happened, though I shall attempt to, in a while, to share this great initiation with everyone. It is the longest initiation that I have experienced, spanning over three amazing weeks,  and everyone receives the totality of this experience even if they attend just one of the Gaiadon IB / Vortex events.
Thank you beloved Gaiadon Hearts for initiating me!

It is being shown to us that Maya-me (Miami) is going to be a powerful completion of all that we have co-created, and in a way, the spin point to spiral off into a new beginning. There is an awareness of something unique and earth changing that shall take place, and there is a sense of excitement and joy as we move towards this ancient yet new Gaia-Space to experience human energies for the last time, and tangibly create the reality of divinity in our forms forever.

The Sydney IB and Heart Vortex event promises to be in essence, a crescendo of love, spinning into the new, beyond, drawing the essence and joy of the completion, into the freshness of the new dawning.

A special Vortex and IB has been woven into the scheme of events, in India, in December from the 20th to the 23rd, for those Asians and the ones who cannot make it to the others.

Expect miracles. Create them, Beloved ones. You are the Re-turned Ones of Light... and so it is that Gaia shall emerge with you as the Crystal Child that re-members and regains its innocence and purity and its Source heart connection, not allowing programs of limitation to erase this original memory. What a journey this is!

Thank you, Spirit, for this Harmonic Resonance Frequency.

Harmonic Joyful Love,

Acknowledging that the greatest spiritual gift we have is the Family we have found and gifted each other....everything that we share, our blessings,our journeys, our hearts, our love, can only strengthen our bonding... and so we continue....onward and upward...

Dear Saranya,
Thank you very much for your message and sharing. To-night I burnt my wrist while cooking dinner. I called upon the Galactic Zonalight to heal my burn and I felt lots of energy throughout my body. The pain stopped and I watched the redness reduced and faded away, now only a small mark is visible and it doesn't hurt even I'm pressing down hard. It is amazing!!
Much love,

Dear Saranya Light,
It is indeed great to receive New Meta-Galactic Luminous Zonalight Ray for the benefit of Mother Earth and Humanity in all Dimensions as it unfolds and blossoms onto multidimensional Creations.
Thank you. Love in Oneness

Dear Saranya,
Thanks to you and Viren for a wonderful trip. I recognize and appreciate the effort you both put in to making it a complete and total experience - including the making of the DVD's.
Glastonbury Abbey was especially amazing for me - I saw the tree of life grow into the L aoesh  Pillar of Light , watered with the energy of the AUM, at the High Altar. It remained there for a long, long time. My daughter, back in the USA ,  felt the shift in the energy with our work at Stonehenge .  I know we are doing important work.

Hello Saranya,
The Gaiadon Heart seminar was phenomenal and even began on the highest frequencies!  Marvelous!  There was more clarification and detail that was excellently presented.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
Much Love and Light,
Dorothea Lieberman

My Dearest Family of Love and Light,
It is with my heart overflowing with the unbounded love that we manifested in England during our Avalon journey, that I want to thank each one of YOU as one Family of brothers and sisters, children of Mother Gaia for showering so much Love and Light on the ancient Land of Avalon, Kingdom of King Arthur and Merlin. We have really shown our commitment and enthusiasm to the ascension of our planet and of ourselves and also to the new wave of Gaiadon Heart our heart. A particular thank you to  Saranya, Viren, Khamuhne, Natasha and Thelma without whom this manisfestation of Love, Light and Joy would not have been possible. You are all anchored in my heart.
Thank YOU for everything. Hope to see YOU in Tibet .
With all the Love and Light and Joy of the Universe

We had the class module 1A last weekend and it was fabulous! The DVD's were worth the wait, they we so well put together as were the manuals. The class was thrilled and so was I.
We were also quite honored to receive the first manuals and registration certificates. Thank you for all your labors on this behalf.
In light,


Dear Saranya!
Thank you for a beautiful level in Canada . I really enjoyed the Module 1A,and it really raised the energy on Module 2B,too. I had a beautiful experience when I came home and activated both Modules. I really realigned with mother earth, and felt I was her with all my cells. It was so beautiful.
From my heart- Thank you, I really love you, and I really love your work.
Am very dedicated to your work, and I just love it. The Gaiadon Heart has given me everything I need to exist in this turbulent 3D world.
Please answer soon
Aumni Love and Light


Dear Saranya
I wanted to write and thank you for all you did to make our trip to Tibet so wonderful. I know it took a huge amount of time and energy and organisation and it really was marvelous.  The course was so powerful and beautiful and my energy is still changing as a result.
Lots of love
Carolyn Williams


Dearest Saranya,

I am so happy for The Gaiadon Heart. Since I began workshops with the Gaiadon Heart, my heart has opened more and more and a lot of happiness, joy and unconditional love has come into my life and heart.  Also during the last 7 years when we have been working with Enoch and so the Gaiadon Heart -I have taken a quantum leap in consciousness and now feel that I understand how and why the universe is working as it is, with both my heart and mind. I can see everything from at least two angles or more and I am so pleased to send love to everybody and everything on Earth and beyond. 
All this was confirmed to me just before traveling to Tibet.  I met a medium/channel - Gregory Posman from Blue Ridge Mountains in US, and as AA Michael came through he told me, that I had finished my 26000 years cycle and did not have to be reborn on earth any more, because I knew everything that I had to know, and my heart was opened so much that I now was one of the 144000 Ones to change humanity and earth.  He also told me that I had to decide if I wanted to ascend or die when time comes, but that it doesn’t mean anything at all, as I had finished my lifecycles here on earth.     
All this wonderful work with the Gaiadon Heart and Enoch has brought me to the state, where I am today, and I want to express my gratitude to you Saranya and Enoch and all the other feminine and masculine Masters for having downloaded and placed this exceptionally amazing and wonderful wisdom and higher learning on Earth. 
Love beyond measure
Vivi Lizzi